Seems DBowe Was Paying Attention

From Arrowhead Stadium

Maybe the most encouraging news to come out of the Chiefs loss in the pre-season opener Saturday night was the play of Dwayne Bowe.

Fighting his way out of Todd Haley’s doghouse, Bowe was the top individual performer in the Houston Texans 16-10 victory. He caught five passes for 70 yards when he finally got in the game midway through the second quarter with the No. 2 offense led by QB Brodie Croyle.

“I think it was good for him to get out there and make some plays and kind of get his confidence going and get him rolling,” said Croyle. “He was sharp. He was sharp on his routes. I signaled a couple of things to him that he picked up. He really had a good game.”

After the game, Bowe continued his practice of keeping his mouth shut. If that’s what it takes, Bowe should keep doing it.

“I thought Dwayne came out tonight and really in the last two days at practice in training camp saw that he’s definitely started to show up,” said Haley. “In this game I thought he definitely showed up. That to me was a definite positive without a doubt.

“Like I said, we are going to play the guys that we think are doing it the way we want it done. That was the way we went tonight, but again that can change. But Bowe … definitely showed something.”

Certainly nobody else among the receiving corps got much done. Rookie Quinten Lawrence caught three passes for a mere 14 yards. Mark Bradley and Rodney Wright both had 22-yard catches. Starting receivers Terrance Copper and Devard Darling had two catches for 15 yards. Veteran Bobby Engram played, but was never a target. Veteran Amani Toomer did not play.

There’s a lot of work to be done this week in River Falls.

12 Responses to “Seems DBowe Was Paying Attention”

  • August 15, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    ‘check’ :roll: at Monday’s practice:

    “Alright – so you guys want to play like that and embarrass me? Now Rin’s gonna be making fun of me for another whole week until I get another chance to silence that dog.


    :cool: daddy-o

  • August 16, 2009  - Donnie says:

    Dwayne Bowe Coach Haley Is Pushing you Soooooo Hard Because He Can See the Untapped Tatlent you have !!And he wants to bring it out of you, Just like he did Larry Fitzgarld!! Keep your Head up 82# Coach Haley will Make you a Nfl Super Star Just keep doing what he ask’s of you!!

  • August 16, 2009  - wow says:

    Rin,as far as I can tell, no one as of yet has started a herm edwards fan club. Run on now, your calling awaits you….

  • August 16, 2009  - Mills says:

    No drops. Crisp routes. Sounds like he’s learning what he couldn’t learn in the last 2 years. Make it into a soap opera if you want. While you’re at it, Jason Whitlock needs a shoe-shine.

    Maybe Haley actually IS a WR guru. Yeah, he had issues with Terrell Owens. But Owens STILL lets a lot of passes bounce off his chest, incomplete. I really like the way D-Bowe is handling himself, and how he looked in last night’s game.

  • August 16, 2009  - Tim Geary says:

    Donnie, you are completely right on the mark!!

    Keep it up Bowe!

  • August 16, 2009  - ED says:

    Yeah very impressed with Bowe performance. With Gonzalez gone we have no security blanket at the receiver position anymore. Haley is trying to mold Bowe into that status. We can’t have Bowe perform like he did in the past being among the top 5 in the league in drop passses. Their is no Gonzo to bell us out. So I have no problem with Haley doing whatever it takes to get this guy to be that play maker on a consistent basis. I definately think Bowe can be a pro bowl receiver if he continues to focus and stay dicipline on the fundamentals of playing the position. Hopefully he works his way back in the starting line up by Friday.

    As for other receivers come on Bob. Rodney Wright did ok and Bradley made a nice catch. Copper and Darling didn’t see much of them last nite. Definately after Ryan drop that easy pass to the sideline lets not only see Bowe back in the starting line up Friday. I would like to see Cottam back in at starting tight end as well.

  • August 16, 2009  - truthfull T says:

    hey did you guys realize how much better croyle looked on the 2nd team offense than cassel on the first team obviously bob didnt. croyle looked alot better than cassel

  • August 16, 2009  - findthedr says:

    some of you all were getting waaay to freaked about OTA’s and training camp….even to the point about trading Bowe.

    Everyone wants Bowe to have better hands and run crisper routes, but the end of the day we have to play to our players strengths. Bowe showed he is, and always has been, the chiefs best wr.

  • August 16, 2009  - Rip 'em a new one says:

    The team’s D looked better than the last couple of years on defense most of, but not all the time. The offense needs lots of work, obviously.

    And the special teams weren’t all that special, especially the punt and kick return efforts. Once the cutdowns are made around the league, look for the Chiefs to be active on the waiver wire, looking for love in all the usual places.

  • August 16, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    (Dateline) Kansas City

    “Different Year, New Promises, Expected Result”

    On a rainy and miserable night in Kansas City the only thing gloomier than the weather was the home team, their reddened backsides matching the color of their uniforms aft the visiting Houston Texans came into Arrowhead Stadium & walloped the Chiefs 16-10 Saturday night in a game that was not even as close as the final score indicated.

    Houston totally dominated Kansas City throughout the game which ruined the debut of the new Chiefs Head Coach Todd :roll: Haley. After a Texans 1st half wherein they produced nearly 200 offensive yards against the beleaguered KC defense – almost double KCs output – Houston was merely content to toy with the Chiefs the 2nd half, as replacement players dotted the field for Houston and littered it same for KC.

    With the maiden voyage of ‘check’s Chiefs having been a total disaster they do now look forward to actually ‘showing up’ for their next game Friday night at Minnesota vs the fierce Vikings. Yes, it can be cold in Minneapolis but bring your icepack anyway – you’ll need it.

    Beside the KC coach & his players, another man who had a shocked look on his face was the new GM, Patriot Way’s junior architect Scott Pioli. He had a fixed gaze :shock: aft the game but no more so than Jr. who had a questioning look :?: on his face after having seen just how much a dollar buys in today’s NFL world ’09. Not much would be a consensus based on the performance last night.

    New QB Mutt Ca$$ell got his feet (as well head, arm and backside) wet during his coronation as new starting QB for KC – - ’twas a big wedding catered for $63 million; alas the a$$embled if not grati$ invited guests went home unhappy.

    “$63 million … $63 million?” was whispered by some & cursed by others but seemingly ridiculed by all. Both Brodie Croyle & Tyler “The Little Big Man Fromst Coastal Carolina” outplayed the Patriot Way handpicked addition, Ca$$ell.

    The fans not $tuck on the number 63 instead were partial to “he said ‘any 22 will do’ right- that was what he promised us wasn’t it?”

    Promise give way to harsh reality…a chorus “we want Herm back” also could be heard in the night, as first ‘L’ a new regime become new expectation – heads with visions sugar plums & too Superbowls replaced by heads, well shaken.

    ‘Abandon all hope ye who enter here’ provides if not comfort than at least the rigor a rite – yet another Chiefs football season’s here to torment the faithful; some things ne’er change.

    “Unbelievable…just unbelievable” the mumbled words mixed with copious sobs coming from the
    huddled masses – heard too “aiyeeeeeees!” from fans seen jumping off the top of the bandwagon; others perched atop stadium tier desperation – searching for a way out and off a sinking ship.

    The fact is, if a new season is another reason for making whoopee, it might as well not even begin in KC.

    11 new coaches in the NFL for 2009 include two of whom were interim in 2008, another eight of whom are not, as the case in KC. Here in the ‘Show Me’ state Missouri where both teams made new hires, appears STL did better with Steve Spagnuolo who won in his debut, as did 4 more of the new ones.

    Pioli & Haley were (over)hyped as “the best GM & Head Coach candidates available” in this last NFL off season. After the debacle of last evening the legitimacy said sentiment is in serious doubt… which it already was in some quarters.

    Real Rin ® :cool: daddy-o told all ya alls so.

    :lol: – “Herm?”
    :razz: – “Yeah Rin?”
    :lol: – “I’m a pickin’!’
    :razz: – “And I’m a grinnin’!!”
    :lol: & :razz: “heh heh heh heh heh heh heh!!!”

  • August 16, 2009  - True Red & Gold says:

    Bowe looked like Bowe to me. Not sure what message he is supposed to be getting but what I saw was the same Bowe that has taken the field for the past two seasons. Even the part where he is in the QBs ear in the huddle. findthevet has been dead on about Bowe. I guess if there was one difference about Bowe last night, he kept his distance from the HC. The last 2 seasons he was always in the HC’s ear.

  • August 17, 2009  - Mark says:

    He was also business like, and was more interested in getting back to the huddle/line than putting on the D-Bowe show. Haley is doing a FANTASTIC job with Dwayne, and Bowe will be one of his soldiers, like Larry Fitzgerald was, and he’ll thank Haley profusely for getting him to the next level.

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