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Good Bye And Thank You

The day has come to say goodbye to

Over the last seven years, I’ve tried to bring you in-depth coverage of the Chiefs and the NFL. More often than not, I think the site provided clear and informative posts and always welcomed the participation of readers. Many of you have been with the site since those early days in training camp at River Falls, Wisconsin back in July 2008. Many of you have watched the site and my life go through many stages. The encouragement you provided was a gift I never took for granted. Even complaints and disagreements taught me something. Without a doubt, the readers of proved to be the most intelligent followers of football that I’ve ever been around. You guys have also been very sane, if it’s possible for anyone that’s a Chiefs fan to maintain their sanity. was a good idea, but there are landfills around the world filled with good ideas. I keep reading about all these folks that have made millions – billions even – from the Internet. Obviously my skills as a businessman leave something to be desired because the site never came close to breaking even. Closing down should have been done several years ago, but I was having too much fun. Then, the site became an escape for me during a heart-breaking time in 2013-14.

It’s now time for me to grow up and find a real job. Attending sporting events so I could talk and write about games and the people involved didn’t seem like such a tough job. It’s been so much fun hiding out in the toy department of life, from watching Jim Kelly quarterback his East Brady High School team against Brookville High School back in the late 1970s, to spending time at the Chiefs most recent mini-camp – those are bookends and what happened in between was a great ride.

Speaking of books – wasn’t that a great segway! — Tales from the Kansas City Chiefs Sideline: A Collection of the Greatest Chiefs Stories Ever Told will be available later this summer. You can pre-order right now on Plus, I have another book in development as they say. I think you’ll like that one as well. There will be other news later this month that should be of interest to the family. Stay tuned; the site will remain up for a while, but eventually will go dark. I’m not sure when but before the summer is over.

Special thanks to Dan Israel whose help made the site possible technically and provided advice and support from day one. Thanks to Enrique Siu our correspondent from Puebla, Mexico. What a huge Chiefs fan and one intelligent man. Thanks to Chiefs public relations folks, as directors Bob Moore and Ted Crews, along with their staffs always treated me with respect. That’s all an Internet scribe can ask for in this crazy 21st Century world of the media.

I’m not disappearing completely . . . you’ll be able to find me starting in training camp on I think you’ll enjoy the product that Herbie Teope is putting out on a daily basis. He’s a hard working guy, with his boots on the ground at Chiefs headquarters on a daily basis. I’ll be doing a few pieces each week. Here’s a link to the site.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Your humble Internet servant,

Bob Gretz

RIP Kenny ‘The Snake’ Stabler

Kenny Stabler was the type of character that does not occupy the roster of NFL teams these days, especially at the quarterback position.

Alabama born and bred, Stabler was known as “The Snake” and in his days as a quarterback with the Raiders, Oilers and Saints; he was liable to do anything on and off-the-field. All the typical descriptions and clichés of the swashbuckling pirate covered his approach to football and life. He was a gambling man, willing to take chances when others would not. Stabler’s life through his pro career was a party and he was always the last man standing.

But Father Time remains unbeaten; this week Stabler passed away in Alabama after a long-fight with colon cancer. He was 69 years old.

Over 15 NFL seasons, 10 of those in Oakland with Al Davis and John Madden, Stabler was the leader of the Raiders offense. His statistics were pedestrian compared to the numbers that any Tom, Dick and Harry passer can put in the books these days. But when it came to the number that mattered most, few could match his record as a starting quarterback. As the No. 1 man for the Raiders over seven seasons (1973-79), Stabler led Oakland to a regular and post-season record of 81-331-1, a .721 winning percentage. The Raiders won four division titles, made the playoffs five times and won Super Bowl XI after the 1976 season. …Read More!

Chiefs Swap One Cornerback For Another

It is vacation time in the NFL, but that doesn’t mean roster changes disappear from the league’s personnel wire.

On Friday, the Chiefs announced the signing of cornerback Kevin Short and the release of cornerback Kenneth Penny. Their roster sits at the league maximum of 90 players headed to training camp in several weeks.

Short, 6-2, 185 pounds, last played football in 2012 at Fort Scott Community College in Kansas. That year he had 29 tackles, five interceptions and a sack. In two seasons at Fort Scott, he had 10 interceptions with a pair of returns for touchdowns and 76 total tackles. He signed to play at the University of Kansas, but the NCAA ruled he could not play in 2013 due to academic concerns. Short attended classes in Lawrence and appeared to be working his way to making a significant contribution in 2014 for the Jayhawks. But on September 2, he left school for what was termed “personal reasons” that did not involve academic issues or team discipline.

Out of Florissant, Missouri and Hazelwood Central High School, Short has the type of size the Chiefs look for their corners. He was one of seven players eligible for this week’s NFL Supplemental Draft and was not selected by any of the 32 teams.

Penny was signed after taking part in the team’s mini-camp in June as a tryout player.

Chiefs Among 11 NFL Teams Going “Away” For Camp

It’s less than three weeks to the Chiefs opening their 2015 training camp when the rookies and a few select veterans report to Missouri Western State University on July 28th.

In all but two of the franchise’s previous 55 seasons they’ve gone away for the pre-season camp, working in New Mexico, Missouri and Wisconsin. Only in the 1961-62 seasons did the Dallas Texans stay home for camp, working at Southern Methodist University, the alma mater of owner Lamar Hunt and just a few blocks from the team’s headquarters. Once they became the Chiefs in 1963 they worked at William Jewell College for pre-season camps for the next 28 seasons. In 1991 they went north to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls where they worked for the next 19 years. In 2010, they moved to St. Joe and this will be the sixth consecutive season at Missouri Western.

The NFL trend has been to stay home for pre-season camp and that’s what 21 teams will do this year. Although more teams are combining for practices during August, but the Chiefs will not host or visit another team. It’s not something head coach Andy Reid likes to do with his players in the pre-season. …Read More!

RIP Jack Steadman

It’s safe to say that if there had not been a Jack Steadman, there would not have been a Hall of Fame life for Lamar Hunt and there may not have been the Kansas City Chiefs.

Steadman, the former general manager and president of the Chiefs, passed away on Sunday. He had been in bad health for the past few years and was in an advanced care facility. He was 86 years old.

Starting in 1960, Steadman was involved first with the Dallas Texans and then the Kansas City Chiefs. He authored the incorporation papers that set up not only the Texans but the American Football League.

(Right, Jack Steadman serves up a pre-game handshake with the late Al Davis.)

He became the team’s general manager in 1961 and served in that role and then club president through 1988 when he was removed from operations involving the Chiefs. He continued to lead the other Hunt businesses in Kansas City, including Hunt Midwest Enterprises that at various times owned and operated Worlds’ of Fun, Oceans’ of Fun, real estate, limestone mining operations and the Sub Troplis complex of underground offices and warehouses..

Over his long career with Hunt’s football franchise, Steadman operated in a manner that was opposite of the owner’s personality. Lamar was known as a soft-spoken owner, more a creative mind than the businessman running the franchise. Steadman was anything but soft-spoken in business affairs and during his long tenure with the team alienated many in the organization and in the Kansas City community with his sometimes demanding personality.

The success of the football team can be traced to the opposing personalities; they needed the other guy to even out the overall picture. Hunt needed Steadman to be his dark twin, willing to drive a hard bargain and be pictured as the bad guy. Steadman needed Hunt’s total support to handle all the business and he certainly had that over 28 years. Hunt certainly made Steadman, but Steadman made Hunt as well.

When Hunt moved the Texans to Kansas City in 1963, he did not come along. Lamar stayed in Dallas. Steadman moved to Kansas City and became the franchise’s defacto leader in K.C. When times were successful for the Chiefs, Hunt and head coach Hank Stram were in the spotlight. When losing roiled through the team, it was Steadman who attracted most of the blame.

Without a doubt, Steadman had trouble dealing with head coaches, especially Stram and Marv Levy. In his book, They’re Playing My Game, Stram wrote: “Jack was a good bookkeeper, however, he was not good with people and he had the ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time in the wrong way. He didn’t know the first thing about football or players. My understanding with Lamar was I ran the Chiefs and no one would ever interfere with us concerning anything related to the team. This didn’t seem to sit well with Steadman.”

Levy wrote in his book Where Else Would You Rather Be that he was bombarded by memos from Steadman, pushing for football changes when that was not his expertise. “I used to get letters from fans that were very close to matching the wording of most of Jack’s memos,” said Levy. “It was always change the offense, change the quarterback. They weren’t helpful.”

But Steadman had his own victories over the years, the biggest being the two-stadium concept that became the Truman Sports Complex and the building of football-specific Arrowhead Stadium. He led that effort and pushed for different stadiums because of the problems dealing with Athletics owner Charlie Finley. Before Royals Stadium was opened, Finley moved the A’s to Oakland.

“Finley was never interested in our stadium proposals, always saying he was upset and going to move,” Steadman said in the 1997 publication Arrowhead Home of the Chiefs. “I was showing a lot of interest and working it and ultimately we were staffing his work for the Sports Authority too. Aside from making me crazy, he made us realize that we didn’t want to be codependent on a team that might leave, which of course happened before the stadium was built.”

Chiefs fans can also thank Steadman for the football renaissance that came to the organization when he decided to step out of the power loop and Carl Peterson was hired as the team’s leader on both the business side, and in the football operations. What came next was the best 20-season performance in franchise history, including over 100 victories in the 1990s.

In January 2007, Steadman retired from all of the Hunt Family business.

Evaluating The Chiefs Defense Going Into Camp

For your consideration, here’s a look at the 2015 Chiefs defense position-by-position, where they stood on New Year’s Day and where they stand as the team enjoys a vacation before starting training camp in late July in St. Joseph. The rating system is based on the following:

- Not good enough.

- Improvement needed.

- Can win with them.

- Among best in division/conference.

The Chiefs defense is the strongest part of the roster going into the 2015 season. But there are big questions that remain to be answered with the unit’s best players like Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, Eric Berry, Derrick Johnson and Mike DeVito.

Here’s how it all breaks down: …Read More!

Evaluating The Chiefs Offense Going Into Camp

Unless one happens to be wrapped up in the Tom Brady-Roger Goodell soap opera of deflated footballs and inflated egos, this is the quiet time in the world of pro football. It’s vacation time and after a few days off, players around the country will get back to work on their individual conditioning programs, to stay sharp for the end of July and the start of training camp.

For your consideration, here’s a look at the 2015 Chiefs offense position-by-position, where they stood on New Year’s Day, where they stand now and the direction the arrow is pointing, whether it’s an improvement, or it’s a step backward. Stars are based on the following:

- Not good enough.

- Improvement needed.

- Can win with them.

- Among best in division/conference.

…Read More!

Chiefs Add WR; Roster Now At 90 Players

The Chiefs players and coaches have scattered on vacation, but general manager John Dorsey and his personnel group continued to grind away on Friday, filling an open roster spot by signing wide receiver Jeret Smith.

At 5-9¼, 218 pounds, Smith played four seasons at McMurry University in Abilene, Texas. In the 2014 season for the War Hawks he caught 54 passes for 1,143 yards and 14 touchdown catches. He also scored a touchdown rushing and has done some returning during his career at the Division II school. He finished his college career with 2,729 receiving yards.

Smith attended the Seattle Seahawks rookie mini-camp as a tryout player and then did the same at the Chiefs rookie mini-camp. He joined the Chiefs this week as a tryout player in their full-team mini-camp for two days.

A native of Abilene, Smith runs the 40-yard dash in 4.6 seconds, and has a vertical jump of 36 inches and a standing broad jump of 10-1.

These are the numbers at each position on the Chiefs roster here at the end of the off-season program:

  • Quarterbacks – 4.
  • Running backs – 5.
  • Fullbacks – 2.
  • Wide receivers – 13.
  • Tight ends – 6.
  • Offensive line – 15.
  • Defensive line – 11.
  • Outside linebackers – 6.
  • Inside linebackers – 7.
  • Cornerbacks – 10.
  • Safeties – 7.
  • Special teams – 4.

Chiefs set 14 public practices For Camp In St. Joe

Beginning on Saturday, August 1, the Chiefs will hold 14 training camp practices that are open to the public at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph.

Two of those sessions will have a $5 admission charge (August 1 and August 8) otherwise there is no admission charge. Parking at MWSU is $5 at every practice.

Rookies and quarterbacks will hit campus on July 28, and they will practice on July 29, 30 and 31, but those sessions are closed to the public. The rest of the veterans will report on the afternoon of Friday, July 31.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Saturday, August 1: first open practice, starting at 3:30 p.m. $5 admission and a team autograph session.
  • Sunday, August 2: practice at 8:15 a.m., Alumni Day with a team autograph session.
  • Monday, August 3: practice at 8:15 a.m.
  • Tuesday, August 4: practice at 8:15 a.m.
  • Wednesday, August 5: practice at 9:15 a.m.
  • Friday, August 7: Practice at 8:15 a.m.
  • Saturday, August 8: Practice at 8:15 a.m., plus family fun day $5 admission fee and team autograph session.
  • Sunday, August 9: Practice at 8:15 a.m.
  • Monday, August 10: Practice at 9:15 a.m.
  • Tuesday, August 11: Practice at 8:15 a.m.
  • Wednesday, August 12: Practice at 8:15 a.m., season ticket appreciation day with a team autograph session.
  • Monday, August 17: Practice at 8:15 a.m.
  • Monday, August 18: Practice at 8:15 a.m.
  • Wednesday, August 19: Practice at 9:15 a.m., Military Appreciation Day.
  • Thursday, August 20: Chiefs break camp; no practice.

Chiefs Roster/Injury Notes As Mini-Camp Is Completed

From the Truman Sports Complex

The Chiefs wrapped up their off-season work on Thursday with a shortened practice to close out their mini-camp.

Afterwards, they made several roster moves, signing cornerback Kenny Penny and releasing guard Melvin Meggs and cornerback De’Vante Bausby.

Penny spent the mini-camp working with the defense on a tryout basis. The 5-10, 186-pound Texas native came out of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. He was not selected in the 2015 NFL Draft, but signed with the Cleveland Browns. Penny was released earlier this month by the Browns.

In 42 games with the Runnin’ Rebels, Perry had 113 total tackles, one interception and 19 passes broken up.

Kansas City native Bausby, out of Pittsburg State University, underwent surgery on Thursday for his broken clavicle. He was released with an injury designation and is unlikely to be claimed. Bausby would then move to the Chiefs injured-reserve list.

Meggs was not a participant in mini-camp’s final practice. He was signed as an undrafted rookie free agent out of South Alabama.

Also absent from Thursday’s session was starting right cornerback Sean Smith. Head coach Andy Reid said he was excused for personal reasons.

Speaking after it was all wrapped up, Reid said there was no update on the status of safety Eric Berry in his fight against Hodgkin lymphoma. He said running back Cyrus Gray (knee) and tight end Demetrius Harris (foot) continued to improve in their rehab from injuries. Quarterback Tyler Bray (knee) was with the team during mini-camp as the team wanted to get an evaluation of his rehab.

Chiefs Touched By South Carolina Tragedy

From the Truman Sports Complex

It was with a heavy heart that Chiefs safety Sanders Commings worked through the team’s final practice of mini-camp on Thursday.

His cousin Rev. Clementa Pickney was one of the nine victims that were killed at the Emmanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday evening. Pickney was a pastor at the church and was also a South Carolina state senator. He may have been the first victim as the gunman sat next to Pickney during a bible study session before opening fire on the group.

Commings did not speak after the Chiefs wrapped up mini-camp on Thursday, but earlier in the day he reacted on Twitter:

RIP to my cousin #ClementaPinckney#Prayers for Charleston.”

Commings went through the entire mini-camp practice and then was heading to South Carolina to be with his family.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sanders Commings and his family,” said head coach Andy Reid. “He’ll be able to head back and take care of business.”

Pickney was 41 years old, the married father of two and had spent 19 years in the South Carolina state legislature.

Commings was a fifth-round selection in the 2013 NFL Draft out of the University of Georgia, but his career has been derailed with multiple injuries, including missing all of the 2014 season with an ankle injury. He’s played in just two of a possible 33 games.

The murderer, 21-year old Dylann Roof was arrested Thursday morning in Shelby, North Carolina.

Chiefs Push Through Day 2 Of Mini-Camp

From the Truman Sports Complex

The second of three mini-camp practices went down Wednesday afternoon at the Chiefs facility as Andy Reid and his coaching staff had 88 bodies to put through the paces.

Wide receiver Albert Wilson went down with a hamstring injury two weeks ago and he returned for the warmup period and positional drills, but did not take part in the full-team work.

Six of the 90 players on the roster were not practicing – outside linebacker Justin Houston (unsigned), safety Eric Berry (lymphoma), cornerback De’Vante Bausby (clavicle), quarterback Tyler Bray (knee), running back Cyrus Gray (knee) and tight end Demetrius Harris (foot).

Participating in Wednesday’s practice was guard Marcus Reed, claimed on waivers this week after he was released by the Green Bay Packers. Also working were four players on a tryout basis – wide receiver Jeret Smith from McMurray University in Abilene, Texas; wide receiver/returner Kealoha Pilareus from the University of Hawaii and the Carolina Panthers; cornerback Kenneth Penny out of Nevada-Las Vegas and the Cleveland Browns; guard Derrick Dennis from Temple University and time with Miami, New England, Chicago and Carolina.

Four men in the NFL’s developmental program for officiating have been on the field each day during practice.

On Thursday, the Chiefs hold their final practice of the off-season and then head for down time.

Chiefs Roll Through Mini-Camp Day 1

Chiefs first-round draft choice Marcus Peters was back on the field Tuesday, getting instructions on special teams from assistant coach Brock Olivo (KC Chiefs photo.)

From the Truman Sports Complex

Andy Reid and the Chiefs coaching staff had 85 bodies to work Tuesday afternoon in the first of three mini-camp practices at the team’s facility.

There were 82 roster players dressed and participating in the two-hour session, along with three tryout players. The best news for the Chiefs was inside linebacker Derrick Johnson and nose tackle Dontari Poe taking part with the No. 1 defense in team drills. Neither player has been full-go for practice in the last two weeks.

As expected outside linebacker Justin Houston was a no-show, as he continues to stay away from the Chiefs facility while waiting for a long-term contract to be negotiated with the team. Safety Eric Berry was not on the field as he continues to battle back from his Hodgkin lymphoma. …Read More!

Chiefs Sign Former K-State Offensive Tackle

Right tackle prospect Tavon Rooks was signed by the Chiefs on Monday, the day before the on-field work of the three-day mini-camp.

The 6-5, 299-pound Rooks was selected by the New Orleans Saints in the 2014 NFL Draft, going in the sixth-round, at selection No. 202. He spent the 2014 season on the Saints practice squad, then signed back in January with the Arizona Cardinals. Rooks was released by the Cardinals on June 5.

A native of Maryland, Rooks began his college career with two seasons at Navarro College, a two-year school in Corsicana, Texas. He moved on to Kansas State University, where he was a starter over two seasons for head coach Bill Snyder.

Chiefs Set For Mini-Camp, Minus Justin Houston

The Chiefs players arrived at the team’s facility Monday evening for the start of the 2015 mandatory mini-camp.

Andy Reid will have his team on the field for three practices on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, before the players and football staff head off for vacation time before the start of training camp near the end of July.

Missing will be outside linebacker Justin Houston. The team’s franchise player designee, Houston is not required to attend because he’s not signed the tender offer he received from the Chiefs. Last year, Houston boycotted the mini-camp while under contract and faced fines totaling nearly $70,000. That will not be the case this year. There is no other incentive for the league’s leading sacker in 2014 to break away from his training in Georgia. Obviously, missing time last year did not hinder Houston’s performance during the 2014 season.

Also, there have been no indications that safety Eric Berry will be at mini-camp as he continues to work on his return from his Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis. However, it would not be a surprise if Berry makes an appearance to see his teammates and the coaching staff. It would be an emotional lift not only for Berry, but the team and organization. …Read More!

Chiefs Wrap OTAs, Only Mini-Camp Left in Off-season

Teammates Charcandrick West and Andrew East watched Friday’s OTA. Chiefs need a North and South to cover all directions (KC Chiefs photo.)

The Chiefs hit the field for their 10th and final OTA practice of the off-season and now have just next week’s mini-camp to complete before they head off to vacation before the start of training camp at the end of July.

There were 76 of the team’s 90-man roster on the field and at full participation for the last session and fourth of the week.

“It’s been a good week of work; we got four good practices in,” said head coach Andy Reid. “The guys are competing; they’ve got good energy. We’re excited for next week to get here.”

That would be the team’s three-day mini-camp that begins Monday evening with the first of three practices on Tuesday. Other than the chance to have a bit more time on the field, there’s no difference between the OTA and mini-camp practices.

“This whole thing is a minicamp, that’s just a mandatory one,” Reid said of next week’s work. “I would expect the guys to continue to grow in the offense and the defense, special teams.” …Read More!

Progress Made on Chiefs OTA Injury Front

Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin was back on the field Thursday in the ninth OTA session for the Chiefs. Maclin missed the workout on Wednesday due to foot inflammation. His presence in the workout is an indication that the foot problem is nothing too serious.

Also back to full participation was inside linebacker Derrick Johnson. He’s been out since early in the month with knee inflammation. After several workouts where he took part only in position drills, Johnson handled the entire practice on Thursday.

Nose tackle Dontari Poe (back) did not practice and wide receiver Albert Wilson (hamstring) was limited in his participation.

Guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif did not practice on Thursday because of illness and outside linebacker Dee Ford was not present for the session due to personal reasons.

OTA #10 is scheduled for Friday. From there, the Chiefs will break for three days before the start of the team’s mini-camp next Tuesday.

Some tidbits that came from post-practice media access with selected players: …Read More!

Injury-Bug Continues To Bite Chiefs In OTAs

LB Josh Mauga chugs a Gatorade to compensate for the heat during Wednesday’s OTA (KC Chiefs photo.)

It’s June and there’s no reason for anyone in the red and gold universe to be looking for the panic button. But a series of injuries in the last few weeks has increased the fretting level around Arrowhead Stadium and it grew even larger on Wednesday as the Chiefs went through OTA session No. 8 at their facility in the Truman Sports Complex.

Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin did not practice because of a foot problem. Undrafted rookie cornerback and Kansas City native De’Vante Bausby suffered a broken clavicle on Tuesday and he’s done until training camp, at the earliest. Plus, Pro Bowl nose tackle Dontari Poe, inside linebacker Derrick Johnson and wide receiver Albert Wilson again were not full participants due to physical maladies.

There’s no indication of how serious these injuries might be, there’s no indication that any of the players with the possible exception of Bausby would miss training camp, the pre-season or the regular season. At this point in the league calendar the Chiefs are under no NFL rules about providing information on injuries. Unlike some teams however, they will acknowledge a player’s physical problems if they do not participate in the OTAs. There are always hopeful comments from head coach Andy Reid about the individual situations, but sometimes that’s wishful thinking and the head coach trying to establish keep a positive fame-of-mind. …Read More!

Final Week of OTAs Begins With Tuesday Workout

The Chiefs are allowed four more OTA sessions under the rules of the labor agreement between the NFL and its players. They ran through the seventh of 10 sessions on Tuesday at their facility in the Truman Sports Complex. The remaining three practices are set for Wednesday-Thursday-Friday.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Andy Reid made cancelled that last workout. For what a team can get done during these sessions in shorts and without pads, the Chiefs appear to be ahead of where they were last season at the same time. With three more practices next week in what is the team’s mini-camp but will look an awful lot like OTA practices, pulling off the reigns in June for one workout would not be a surprise.

(Left, that’s Frankie Hammond grabbing a pass in front of Marcus Cooper during Tuesday’s OTA session.)(K.C. Chiefs photo.)

Updating the injury situation, starting with the two biggest names – nose tackle Dontari Poe and inside linebacker Derrick Johnson. Poe has not been back on the practice field since he walked off a week ago with back spasms. Johnson went through individual position drills on Tuesday, but then was shut down by the Chiefs trainers and did not work in the team portion of practice due to swelling on his knee.

Joining Poe on the do not practice list was wide receiver Albert Wilson (hamstring). Undrafted rookie and K.C. product cornerback De’Vante Bausby suffered a left shoulder injury and left the field during Tuesday’s practice. Undrafted rookie Keshawn Hill returned to practice after missing a week due to a hamstring injury.

A few tidbits that came out of post-practice media sessions: …Read More!

Chiefs Wrap Up Second Week Of OTAs

(KC Chiefs photo)

Other than a few injuries that popped up during the week, the Chiefs had a good second week of off-season practices. They wrapped up work on Thursday with a session that started outside, but then moved indoors when the weather turned nasty.

“The guys have worked very hard,” head coach Andy Reid told the media after the week’s final practice. “We’re challenging each other, both sides of the ball are making plays. They’re getting good work on special teams, getting good work in the weight room, so I think all of those are positive things.

“I like that the mistakes – in particular with the ones and twos – are kind of smoothing out there. It’s way more functional than it’s been the last two years at this time. And then, I think the threes, because the ones and twos are doing well, those young guys are coming in and it helps them out.”

This week the Chiefs were physically nicked up as inside linebacker Derrick Johnson, nose tackle Dontari Poe and wide receiver Albert Wilson were not full participants in Thursday’s practice. Johnson took part in the warmup portion, but did not work with the defense because of swelling on his left knee. Poe was not practicing due to back spasms that began early in Tuesday’s workout. Wilson left Wednesday’s session with a hamstring issue.

Reid indicated that none of the injuries should be a major issue. Plus, at this time of the year the doctors and trainers are always very conservative in working players back into activity.

The Chiefs have now used six of their 10 OTA sessions. The last four are scheduled for Tuesday through Friday of next week. Then the off-season program ends with the team’s mini-camp.

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