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Chiefs Alumni: Two-Game Production Report

The Chiefs will see a familiar face this Sunday when they travel to south Florida to face the Miami Dolphins.

Former first-round draft choice (2008) Branden Albert is the starting left tackle in the Dolphins offense, protecting the blind side of quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Albert signed back in the spring in the first hours of free agency with Miami.

He’s one of 14 Chiefs draft choices that are on active rosters elsewhere in the league and nine of that group are starters: Albert, right guard Jon Asamoah and defensive lineman Tyson Jackson with Atlanta, cornerbacks Brandon Carr (Dallas) and Brandon Flowers (San Diego), defensive end Jared Allen (Chicago), safeties Bernard Pollard (Tennessee) and Kendrick Lewis (Houston) and defensive tackle Jerrell Powe (Houston).

Here are the Chiefs alumni that were in the league through the end of the pre-season: …Read More!

8 Former Chiefs Players, Coaches On Early Hall List

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced its Modern Era list of players and coaches that will have a chance to be part of the Hall’s Class of 2015.

There are 113 names on the list and eight have a connection to the Chiefs either as player or coach:

  • Kicker Morten Andersen (2002-03).
  • Quarterback Rich Gannon (1995-.).
  • Running back Priest Holmes (2001-07).
  • Cornerback Ty Law (2006-07).
  • Cornerback Albert Lewis (1983-93).
  • Head coach Marty Schottenheimer (1989-98).
  • Guard Will Shields (1993-2006).
  • Head coach Dick Vermeil (2001-05).

Also early candidates with Chiefs ties are former KC assistant coaches Bill Cowher (1989-91) and Tony Dungy (1989-91).

Vermeil’s Greatest Show on Turf team with the Rams that won the Super Bowl after the 1999 season has four key players who are eligible for the first time: quarterback Kurt Warner, tackle Orlando Pace and wide receivers Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce.

The late Chargers-Dolphins-Patriots linebacker Junior Seau is also a first-year nominee.

Here are the 113 potential Hall of Famers. The selection committee will cut that group to 25 in voting that will conclude on January 31 at the Super Bowl in Arizona: …Read More!

Chiefs Make Practice Squad Moves

Last week the Chiefs were the most active team in the NFL on Tuesday’s personnel wire, ultimately making moves involving 15 players coming and going from the active roster and the practice squad.

A week later, they were busy only on the practice squad, and that’s a good sign right now for the injury-riddled Chiefs. It’s an early indication that right now running back Jamaal Charles and safety Eric Berry will not miss significant time with their ankle injuries.

The Chiefs released tight end Adam Schiltz and cornerback Robert Steeples. Both were signed last week in the flurry of roster moves.

Returning to the practice squad is fullback Jordan Campbell. He was with the Chiefs in training camp and the pre-season and spent the first week of regular season on the practice squad.

The other spot was taken by tight end Justin Jones. The 22-year old is 6-7, 274 pounds and out of East Carolina University. He spent training camp time with the New England Patriots but was released there on August 25.

At ECU, the Conyers, Georgia native played in 32 games over three seasons, starting nine times and catching 52 passes for 598 yards and 21 touchdown receptions. He was declared ineligible for the 2013 season by the school. When he was not drafted, he signed with the Patriots.

Snap Judgments/Denver: Living With A Rookie Kicker

Back in the 1980s the Chiefs had a punter named Jim Arnold. He was a Southern boy out of Georgia and he was as down home a character as one could find in an NFL locker room.

Arnold was a pretty good punter for three seasons (1983-85) with the Chiefs and had a 12-year career in the NFL. To last a dozen seasons as a punter/kicker in the league, a leg man must learn to deal with the stress of performance, the highs and the lows of putting foot to ball and the expectations of coaches, teammates and the fans.

“There are three gremlins you can’t let into your head,” Arnold used to say. “You can’t have fear, doubt and worry sitting on your shoulder. It’s no way to kick. You can’t let them in your head.”

Two games into his NFL career Cairo Santos battles Arnold’s gremlins. Fear, doubt and worry have landed on the narrow shoulder pads of the Chiefs rookie kicker. Just check out the agonizing picture with this post, taken in Denver after he missed the second of his two field goal attempts. That’s a young man grabbing his helmet’s facemask as if he’s trying to hold onto his confidence.

Two games, four field goal attempts, two made, a 50 percent success rate and major concern about whether Santos is up to the task.

“Sometimes you get into a funk as a kicker and you’ve got to work your way out of it,” Andy Reid said of his rookie foot. “He hasn’t missed many field goals in his time, so this is a new experience for him. …Read More!

Jamaal Has Dreaded High Ankle Sprain

The Chiefs are still waiting for the results of an MRI, but Andy Reid said Monday that running back Jamaal Charles suffered a high ankle sprain in Sunday’s game.

“It doesn’t look to be a real severe one, but it does have the component of a high ankle sprain,” Reid said. “What does that mean? We’ll see what happens.”

A prognosis remains to be determined, but high ankle sprains take about double the time to heal as an ordinary run of the mill sprained ankle. Good health with a high sprain generally falls within four to eight weeks of suffering the injury. A pro athlete with the advantages of working with the best trainers and facilities can knock that down to four to six weeks if it’s not severe.

Every individual’s ankles are different, so rehab time varies but it’s safe to say Charles is unlikely to be a factor in the action leading up to the Chiefs bye week that comes after games against Miami, New England and San Francisco. …Read More!

Chiefs Put Up A Fight But Denver Still Wins, 24-17


It was an afternoon that was not expected to be pleasant for the Kansas City Chiefs. Seldom is the annual visit to the mile high aura of Denver something to remember as fun.

Over the years, so many were just like what happened Sunday afternoon at Sports Authority Field. The Chiefs put up a fight and with less than 30 seconds to play they had the chance to tie the score, maybe even go for the victory. In the end, it was like so many other trips west on I-70 to the foothills of the Rockies – a loss. The Chiefs dropped to 0-2 on the season with a 24-17 loss to the Broncos.

This was a game with plenty of twists and turns, especially in the second half that the Chiefs dominated on offense and defense. In the end, they couldn’t make up for Peyton Manning’s three touchdown passes.

Here’s our look at another rocky mountain low for the Chiefs:

Another Chance For β€˜14 Chiefs To Show What They Are

Consider the affair that will go down Sunday afternoon at Denver’s Sports Authority Field as the Chiefs 2014 Season Opener II.

Most coaches are never quite sure what they will see in any season’s first game. But once that’s over, the staff usually has a handle of what their team is capable of doing on the field.

Andy Reid and his staff take the Chiefs on the field for an AFC West game against the Broncos not any more certain of what they’ll see than they were a week ago against Tennessee. Blame that on the team’s poor performance against the Titans in all three phases of the game and the departure of three starters for the rest of the season due to injury.

That makes this 109th meeting between the Chiefs and Broncos another opener for Reid and his team. What they will show remains quite unpredictable. Kickoff is 3:25 p.m. CDT with television coverage on CBS.

Derrick Johnson, Mike DeVito and Jeff Allen are gone, all victims of injuries and surgeries that came off the 26-10 loss to Tennessee a week ago. That’s 14 percent of the starting lineup eliminated in a single game. And still, they must play the Broncos.

“You’ve got scheme and you’ve got players that can play,” said Reid. “We still have a lot of good football players on this team. You’ve got a personnel department that’s looking at different options and we’ve still got a lot of games left. That allows for optimism there.” …Read More!

Notes: What Would Sanders Have Brought KC Offense?

Imagine how the Chiefs offense might be different if Emmanuel Sanders was wearing red and gold?

The small and speedy catcher was a free agent in the off-season and seemed on the verge of signing with the Chiefs. In fact, in early March he was in Kansas City, waiting for a deal to be completed between himself and the club.

By the end of that weekend, he was in Denver signing with the Broncos. The Chiefs say Sanders and his agent reneged on a verbal agreement, but without a signature it was he said, she said.

“It was close,” Sanders told the Denver media this week. “We still had a lot of stuff that we had to deal with in terms of incentives. I think we had the foundation of the contract ready but I wasn’t happy with the incentives.”

Sanders got what he wanted from the Broncos and he’s never looked back. Who would, when Peyton Manning is the guy throwing the ball?

“There wasn’t anything in stone, and they (Chiefs) tried to make it seem that way, but I’m way past that,” Sanders said. “I just feel like I was a better fit here in Denver. They throw the football. In college (SMU), I played under a guy by the name of June Jones, who runs the run-and-shoot offense. I like to catch the ball. In college, we threw the ball on third-and-1, on fourth-and-1. I feel like that’s the mold that Denver has up here and I’m enjoying it.” …Read More!

4 Keys To Winning For Chiefs vs. Broncos


Raise the level of performance across the board in all phases

The Chiefs failure in game No. 1 was in all phases – the offense couldn’t produce, the defense was vulnerable to run and pass and the kicking game was nothing special. There’s nowhere to go but up for all parts of their performance, and to have any shot of pulling the biggest upset of the NFL’s second week of games, the 13-point underdog Chiefs can’t slack in any single area. The Broncos are not an unbeatable group; just ask Seattle. In the second half of their opener, the Colts came blasting back on Denver, much as Indy did against the Chiefs in the playoffs. They have some holes in their roster, but the Chiefs have more, especially now with losing Derrick Johnson, Mike DeVito and Jeff Allen. Even if those three starters were on the field, the entire 46-man active roster would have to play at a much higher level. If not, they have no chance and they will start the season 0-2.

…Read More!

2014 NFL Roster Numbers

It’s just about impossible with 32 rosters in the NFL to put together a completely accurate picture of all 53 players with each team. That’s 1,696 players, with about 50 of those names in flux every week of the season.

But the league sat down and put together some numbers on the average height, weight, age and experience for the 32 rosters and their players.

When it comes to height and weight there is not a lot of difference from the tallest and heaviest to the shortest and lightest. There are more differences between teams in age, NFL experience and players 30 years and older.

The Chiefs average 6-feet, 1Β½ inches, making them tied for 23rd among the tallest teams. They average 243.89 pounds, making them one of the league’s lightest squads, ranked at No. 28. The average age of the roster was 25.72 and that tied them at the 11th youngest team in the league. They averaged 3.75 seasons of play in the league, tied for No. 9 in least experienced. They were tied for eighth in rookies and first-year players with 12 and they were No. 17 with the most players that are 30 or older with eight players.

Here are the No. 1 and No. 32 teams in each category.

  • Height: tallest – Arizona, 6-feet, 2 ΒΌ inches; shortest – Cleveland, 6-feet, 1 ΒΌ inches.
  • Weight: heaviest – Indianapolis, 252.26 pounds; lightest – Seattle, 242.26 pounds.
  • Age: oldest – Chicago, 27.08 years; youngest – St. Louis, 25.15 years.
  • Experience: most – Chicago, 4.94 seasons; least – St. Louis 3.26 seasons.
  • Rookies/1st-Year: most – Cleveland, 14; least – Tennessee, 6.
  • Players 30 or older: most – Chicago 16; least – St. Louis 3. …Read More!

Injuries Have Already Changed Chiefs Season

On Wednesday, Derrick Johnson had surgery on his right Achilles tendon.

On Thursday, Mike DeVito underwent the same surgery.

Friday brought surgery on the right biceps of Jeff Allen.

Welcome to life in the NFL, where a carefully constructed roster can be left in tatters in the matter of one afternoon thanks to ruptured tendons and torn muscles.

Left – Derrick Johnson rests after surgery on his ruptured Achilles tendon.

It’s an important reminder that football is not a contact sport. Basketball is a contact sport. The game of football is a collision sport. Bodies crash into each other on every single play. Sometimes the effect of those collisions can be seen immediately as the doctors and trainers run onto the field. Other times it’s the cumulative result of hit after hit and the body responds by breaking down, screaming anatomically that it’s had too much.

Lost playing time caused by injuries happens to every player and every team in every season. The 12-month physical training and conditioning programs can only mitigate the damage. Success or failure of any NFL team comes down to the luck of timing. Check any Super Bowl champion and they’ll have a roster that spent very little time out of the action due to injuries.

So far the 2014 Chiefs have not had the luck of timing. One game into the season and their position in the division and conference has been undermined by injuries. And, there are 15 games to be played.

Already, the Chiefs can count 47 lost games to injuries among the team’s starting 22: …Read More!

Officials Preview: Chiefs vs. Broncos

Last week the Chiefs saw an NFL rookie in Ronald Torbert leading the officiating crew onto the field for the season opener against Tennessee. Torbert was handling his first regular-season game as a referee.

This week the Chiefs see a seasoned pro in Gene Steratore and his crew for the game against the Broncos in Denver.

Steratore is in his 12th season as an NFL official and he’s been a referee since 2006. He has not worked a Chiefs game since November 2012 when he led the crew for the game against Cincinnati at Arrowhead Stadium.

Last week, the Steratore crew worked the Cincinnati at Baltimore game, where the road team was able to win. Overall, there were seven penalties walked off in the game for 74 yards. That was the fewest flags and penalty yards in any of the opening weekend games. The group threw eight flags, with one penalty declined, and it was four on the offense, three on defense and once in the kicking game. They showed no obvious tendencies but they flagged offensive holding twice and called unnecessary roughness twice. There was only one penalty involving pass coverage and that was a defensive pass interference against Cincinnati.

In the first weekend of the regular season, home teams won 10 of the 16 games. In seven of those games the team with the fewest penalties walked off against them won. The most penalized team was St. Louis, hit with 13 flags for 121 yards by Ed Hochuli’s crew. The least penalized team was Tampa Bay in its loss to Carolina. The Buccaneers had three penalties for 15 yards. …Read More!

Chiefs Practice Report/Injury Update – September 12

From the Truman Sports Complex

Running back/wide receiver De’Anthony Thomas will miss his second NFL game with a hamstring injury. Thomas was declared out of Sunday’s game in Denver against the Broncos by head coach Andy Reid.

“He is making progress in the right direction, and we’ll see how he is for next week,” Reid said Friday after the Chiefs finished up their last practice of the week in preparation for facing their division rivals.

With guard-tackle Jeff Allen moved off the active roster to the injured-reserve list on Friday, the other 52 players are all physically ready to play against Denver. It’s doubtful that newly signed cornerback Jamell Fleming will be active on game-day.

The Broncos will be without linebacker Danny Trevathan who did not practice all week with a knee injury and backup guard Ben Garland is listed as doubtful do to an ankle injury.

Here is the injury report for both teams ahead of Sunday’s 3:25 p.m. kickoff at Sports Authority Field at Mile High: …Read More!

Chiefs Lose Jeff Allen For The Season

From the Truman Sports Complex

The string of bad luck the Chiefs are suffering this season took another turn to the bad on Friday when guard-tackle Jeff Allen was placed on the NFL’s injured-reserve list for the rest of the 2014 season.

Allen underwent surgery on his right biceps on Friday and that negated any chance he had of getting back on the field for likely three to four months. He cannot return during the 2014 season; each team only has one player it can designate on injured reserve that can return during the current season. The Chiefs used their designation on linebacker Joe Mays.

It’s apparent by the surgery that Allen’s biceps must have come off the humerus or was partially torn away from the bone. The biceps controls the bending of the elbow, making an offensive lineman at guard or tackle a one-armed player.

To fill the open spot on the roster, the Chiefs signed cornerback Jamell Fleming (right)Β off the Baltimore practice squad. …Read More!

Next Opponent – Denver Broncos

Game – No. 2.

Opponent – Denver Broncos.

Franchise began – in 1960 as one of the original teams in the American Football League established by Lamar Hunt. The founder of the Denver franchise was the Howsam family with father Lee and brothers Bob and Earl. With Bob Howsam in charge, they got the franchise off the ground for the initial AFL season.

Ownership – Patrick Bowlen and family. The Bowlens bought the team in 1984 from Edgar Kaiser for approximately $70 million. Kaiser and his family’s business empire that was founded by his grandfather were facing financial difficulties at the time, so he sold the team that he bought in 1981 for $33 million. Joining Pat Bowlen in ownership were his brothers John and Bill and sister Marybeth. On July 23rd of this year, the 70-year old Bowlen gave up control of the franchise because of the memory issues he was dealing with as a result of Alzheimer’s disease.

General Manager – John Elway is following up his Hall of Fame playing career with a very successful stint as the man in charge of the football operations with the Broncos, or the fancy title of executive vice-president/general manager. Elway was named to the job on January 5, 2011 by the team’s managing owner Patrick Bowlen. In Elway’s three full seasons as G.M., the Broncos have a record of 38-17, a .691 winning percentage with three straight AFC West division titles and a trip last February to the Super Bowl. As a starting quarterback with the Broncos from 1983-98, Elway posted a winning percentage of .645 (162-89-1.) …Read More!

D-Bowe Hoping to Bring Energy To Chiefs Offense

From the Truman Sports Complex

“Where have you guys been?” Dwayne Bowe asked Thursday as the media horde surrounded him in the Chiefs locker room before practice.

The obvious reply was “where has D-Bowe been?” This week is the first time Bowe has surfaced with his team in three weeks. A quadriceps contusion kept him off the field for the last two weeks of the pre-season and then last week he missed the regular-season opener serving his one-game NFL suspension.

Bowe was happy to be back on the Chiefs radar screen.

“It feels awesome, I’m feeling good, feeling great; happy to be back to help my team,” Bowe said. “Just do what Dwayne Bowe does, bringing high energy and just play my game to the best of my abilities.” …Read More!

Chiefs Practice Report/Injury Update – September 11

From the Truman Sports Complex

Jeff Allen was not participating in the Chiefs practice on Thursday and there appears to be little chance he will be able to play on Sunday against Denver.

Allen has a biceps strain in his right arm, near the elbow and he likely would be a one-armed player if he was on the field against the Broncos. Ryan Harris continues to work at right tackle with the No. 1 offensive line in practice.

Running back/wide receiver De’Anthony Thomas was also absent because of that hamstring injury he suffered last week. It seems unlikely there’s any way he will be available for Sunday’s game.

Outside linebacker Tamba Hali was working in the media window of practice just as he did on Wednesday when the Chiefs listed him as a limited participant. …Read More!

Tale of the Tape: Chiefs vs. Broncos

The difference between the 2013 AFC champion Broncos and the Chiefs was two games and 100 percentage points. Denver finished 15-4 (.750) including their run to losing in the Super Bowl to Seattle. The Chiefs finished 11-6 (.647) after losing in the first round of the AFC playoffs to Indianapolis.

As the 2014 season begins, the difference between the two teams has only grown – that was visible based on their performances in the opening week of the season. Denver won 31-24 over the Colts; the Chiefs were soundly beaten 26-10 by Tennessee. Match the teams up across the board and the Chiefs appear to have no chance at winning on Sunday. Position-by-position the Broncos have a clear edge in all but two or three areas. On a normal day in the NFL, that’s not enough to win.

Here’s how these teams match up from offense, defense, special teams and coaching: …Read More!

β€˜Big Vick’ Can Make Big Contribution To Chiefs Defense

The Chiefs defense against the run got punched in the mouth last Sunday by Tennessee – 162 rushing yards given up on 38 run plays, or 4.3 yards per carry. The Titans running backs had 32 of those carries for 148 yards, or 4.6 yards per carry.

So this week the Chiefs decided to bring in a tough guy that can punch back.

Nine-year veteran Kevin Vickerson has a reputation for playing hard against the run and doing it with an aggressive personality.

Translation: “Big Vick” doesn’t like to get punched in the mouth by offensive linemen. In fact, he doesn’t like the big guys across the line of scrimmage that are blocking him, or in his mind holding him.

Vickerson signed with the Chiefs on Tuesday and was on the practice field Wednesday as preparations began for Sunday’s game in Denver against the Broncos.

“Football is one on one,” Vickerson said. “Football is simple and you can’t overthink it. The game is the game, just go out and play fast and physical.” …Read More!

Chiefs Practice Report/Injury Update – September 10

From the Truman Sports Complex

Left guard/right tackle Jeff Allen was not on the practice field Wednesday as the Chiefs began their preparations for facing the Broncos in Denver on Sunday.

Allen suffered a strain of his right biceps at the spot where the muscle connects with bone near the elbow. He played through the injury in the second half of Sunday’s game against Tennessee, but if there’s no power in the arm due to the strain he would become a liability.

Also not scheduled to practice due to injury were outside linebacker Tamba Hali (ankle) and running back/receiver De’Anthony Thomas (hamstring). But Hali was on the field, dressed for practice and during the media window, he was taking part in position drills. The Chiefs called his participation limited.

Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe returned to practice after serving his one-game NFL suspension. Head coach Andy Reid indicated Bowe would be worked in slowly, not because he missed last week, but because he missed several weeks ahead of the opener with a quadriceps injury that he suffered on August 17th.

Cornerback Marcus Cooper return to practice after missing Sunday’s game with a sprained ankle.

Newly signed defensive lineman Kevin Vickerson was in the house and on the field for first work with the Chiefs. He’s wearing No. 94. Promoted from the practice squad, linebacker Jerry Franklin is wearing No. 59.

The participation/injury report to the NFL for Wednesday: …Read More!

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