Camp Practice Update 8/11 P.M.

From River Falls, Wisconsin

It was a hot one Tuesday afternoon here in the northwoods, and it had nothing to do with the head coach’s demeanor or the hard hitting that’s been part of practice all through camp.

It was just hot outside, stinkin’ hot, the hottest practice day of this year’s camp, and maybe the last three or four years. Temperatures pushed into the high 80s and there was little or no breeze blowing through the UW-River Falls practice fields.

“This felt like training camp,” said head coach Todd Haley. “I thought this was an excellent day of work for us. I thought the guys pushed through well. Even after practice.”

LG Brian Waters had the offensive line as a group run extra gassers after practice as other players scattered over the three fields and worked on individual moves and the like. At one point, 10 minutes after the post-practice team huddle had broken up, there were still 29 players on the field doing something.

“Those are all things you like to see,” said Haley.

Here’s what else he saw and had to say about the 15th practice of the pre-season:

- Asked what he’s looking for from his group of wide receivers, Haley said: “I look at wide receivers as more than just pass catchers; they have to be football players. They have to block, they have to catch the ball in traffic, make contested catches, make big plays in big situation. But they have to be football players first.” When pressed on who among his current group had qualified under that standard, he mentioned Terrance Copper, Rodney Wright, Amani Toomer and Bobby Engram.

- It was another tough day for WR Dwayne Bowe. In the individual position segment, the receivers run a four-cone drill. The cones are set up in a box pattern, about five yards apart. The receiver runs around those cones and has to catch a pass on each side, and the throws are coming in hot. When Bowe succeeded in catching all four of his passes, he slammed the ball down, flung off his helmet and posed as if he’d just scored the winning TD pass. On the next drill, two coaches were welding bags and hitting receivers as they tried to catch the ball. In six chances, Bowe did not have a successful catch. He was the only receiver who didn’t catch at least one pass.

– The rehab team was down to five players for this practice, as LBs Monty Beisel and Demorrio Williams, along with RB Jamaal Charles returned to practice. It was the first time Williams has been on the practice field in uniform this camp. The only five players not working were LB Zach Thomas, Gs Wade Smith and Tavares Washington, S DaJuan Morgan and RB Kolby Smith. Haley was pleased with the decrease in players working in what he’s called “No Man’s Land”: “To make this team you need to be on the field and that’s a good sign when that group is getting smaller and smaller. Throughout the season it will be the same m.o. for us; if you want to play you’ve got to practice.”

– The Chiefs practiced a no huddle offense for one segment of practice to mixed results. QBs Matt Cassel and Tyler Thigpen were a combined nine of 16 throwing the ball, with each one having a pass deflected by the defense. It was not a precision performance.

– They ran 20 plays in the teamwork portion of practice and the defense won, but was not as dominant as it was on Monday. It was a 60-40 breakdown for the defense. Cassel was just two of six throwing the ball.

– OLB Andy Studebaker continues to get some opportunities to long snap. He was sent in during a punt drill and promptly threw one back that almost went over P Dustin Colquitt’s head. Colquitt was able to get the punt off, but only after leaping to catch the snap. On another snap, Colquitt held onto the ball and did not kick because SS Bernard Pollard was screaming in from the right side, blowing through a block attempt by Charles and he would have easily blocked the punt.

– Rookie DL Dion Gales had to take a punishment run for jumping offsides during the pass rush-protection drill. He ran that 200 yards like he was on his last legs.

– OLB Vince Redd started showing up in this practice, as he displayed a very quick and powerful pass rush from the outside. Haley made  it clear to the young man claimed off waivers from New England, that he needed to show that kind of play in every practice.

– Beisel got a sack in a team period and Haley was not happy that rookie WR Quinten Lawrence had decided not to block anybody on the play. Lawrence was in a type of H-back role, having gone in motion and not in a pass route. He heard it good from the head coach.

– After practice, DT Derek Lokey was working on long snapping … TEs Brad Cottam and Sean Ryan caught passes off the ball machine with TE coach Bob Bicknell watching … DEs Tyson Jackson and Alex Magee worked on hitting a sled with D-Line coach Tim Krumrie instructing … OLB Tamba Hali and NT Tank Tyler were working on hand fighting moves, and important element for any pass rusher … the usual cast of about six to 10 players was catching kicks off the ball machine …  four young LBs worked with coach Pat Perles on taking and shedding blockers … OT Herb Taylor was working by himself on pass blocking sets … rookie CB Jackie Bates was running extra sprints, not 10 or 20 yards,  but 100 yards and back.

45 Responses to “Camp Practice Update 8/11 P.M.”

  • August 11, 2009  - Alex says:

    Listen 2 me and absorb my words..”Cassell will be the biggest bust in our franchise history…IMO” how n the world can you not score on our defense? Lmao….he was able 2 do it last year against us when he had the supporting cast from New England, now he’s struggling with and this training camp is only a small sign of what we will see this year! I prayed that im wrong but normally my gut is pretty accurate…..Go Chiefs 2009!

  • August 11, 2009  - Stiv says:

    Bowe, 3 years in, still acting like a 12 year old, nice.

  • August 11, 2009  - Blake says:

    Actually Alex I think our D is a lot better than it was last year. I think we have a solid secondary, that could turn into something great. We also have average WR’s and that is being nice. I bet we try and pick one up after all the cuts, and we draft one highly next year. I also think we will try and sign a LS, since they are trying out all of these players on the team at the long snapping position.

  • August 11, 2009  - jimbo says:

    Sounds like a tough & hot day in the northwoods. I sense tough days like this one, are what shapes boys to men & players to football players.
    Haley & his staff are pushing & pulling the mental & physical fabric of each player.
    Haley’s camp reports sound menacing, instead of comforting. Bob’s reports are exciting but not encouraging. Just what kind of team are we going to field this year?
    It will be interesting to watch this weekends game. With our guys playing against real opponents, on real time & real contact.
    I really, really believe that I will be very satisfied with the outcome of Saturdays game &
    Haley’s camp will be a little less worrysome in the days ahead. Go Chiefs…

  • August 11, 2009  - Jeremy says:

    That is really sad to hear about D. Bowe. I think Cassell will be fine. This year I dont expect much from him. But in the next few years we should see a solid QB.

  • August 11, 2009  - RedandGoldRice says:

    This is a brand new offensive to Cassell, brand new offensive for Bowe and the rest of the WRs, and new to the rest of the O guys. Give em a break. TrINT Green struggled his first year, and I’d say they did a pretty good job for a number of years after they got going, with average to less that average corps of WRs to boot.
    Like Pioli has said, they’re building a team that can be competative for this year and years to come.
    I wasn’t real excited when we traded for Cassell and the other “Rent-a-Pat” Vrabel, but now that they’re on our team I’ll support them till they’ve proven to me that they suck or are too old to compete at a high level.

  • August 11, 2009  - Smolder009 says:

    Alex sez: ”Cassell will be the biggest bust in our franchise history…IMO”

    lolz – considering Cassel came for less than a 2nd-rounder, how can he possibly be a bigger ‘bust’ than Todd Blackledge?

    Cassel’s already proven he can excel with a good team around him. if he bombs this year, the variable factor is the TEAM, not Cassel. upgrade the team, and then we can discuss Cassel’s ‘bustiness’.

  • August 11, 2009  - Nick L. says:

    D-Bowe slamming his helmet down and celebrating…WTF? Who does this guy think he is. Haley should have sent his dumb-!@# back to the building like he did to Darling last week. If he scores a TD in a game and does that it will cost the team 15 yards on the kickoff. UNACCEPTABLE! He can stay 3rd on the depth chart for all I care. Somebody needs to teach that kid how to be a professional.

  • August 11, 2009  - findthedr says:

    Bowe is funny. He has produced nearly 2000 recieving yrds in his first 2yrs in the NFL. He knows he is a stud, and Haley is going to have a tough time breaking him.

    That being said, Bowe never was this bad with drops before. Clearly Haley is inside his head.

    You armchair Qbs need to ease up on this guy. He has produced more than any of our other draft picks, and has been a model citizen off the field (unlike LJ).

  • August 11, 2009  - ED says:

    Like i said earilier for the ones out there criticizing me for saying if we have an opportunity to trade for Boldin we need to take it. I stand by that. Until Bowe realizes he hasn’t arrived and has done nothing in this league. He want be an elite receiver. He’ll just be a #2 guy with the talent of a number 1, but doesn’t have the work ethic and dicipline to play like a #1 receiver on Sundays.

  • August 11, 2009  - get real says:

    You are joking? 2000 yards in 2 years and what was the TEAM RECORD during that same span?? His 2000 yards got the team’s GM and HC fired. WHAT AN ALL STAR. I am really surprised he was not inducted into the HOF with Derrick. He need to get his head in the game before Haley kicks his ass into a fire.

  • August 11, 2009  - ED says:

    And as for Cassell being a buts I’m not buying that crap. Cassell has the work ethic, talent, and dicipline to be a very good QB in this league. He now needs the weapons around him to show what he can do. With Bowe acting like a clown at practice and then dropping balls when in contact drills isn’t going to help Cassell at all. Cassell success is only going to be as good as the receivers around him. He can be as accurate as he wants but if receivers are dropping the football and are not getting yards after the catch it doesn’t help the QB.

    I hate to hear the he doesn’t have the supporting cast that he had in New England. Of course thats obvious so why even say it. But lets not make it all look like it was the supporting cast and Cassell played no part in the Patriot’s success last year. I mean Moss did play for the Raiders and he couldn’t make Russell or Collins look good in his year there. So please kill that argument. Cassell will be fine as soon as we get him receivers that can hang on to the ball when its thrown to them.

  • August 11, 2009  - Nick L. says:

    ^^^armchair QB^^^ aren’t we all to some extent? Don’t get me wrong I like Bowe. Hes a good receiver. What makes me so upset is I think he can be great, among the elite wr’s in the league. If I didn’t have such high hopes for him I wouldn’t care what he does. If Haley is inside his head that’s good, toughen him up mentally. Hopefully Bowe will respond positively to Haley’s tough love, maybe not, maybe hes the kind of player that needs to be cuddled by the head coach, a lot like Herm was. Guess we’ll find out.

  • August 11, 2009  - Nick L. says:

    ………….Amen ED!

  • August 11, 2009  - Randy says:

    Brian Waters having the line run extra gassers. Looks like he is emerging a leader, even though he didn’t during the “work for free” OTA’s. I knew it was a simple matter of business, and not attitude. I look forward to see what this O-Line can do if they remain intact all year.

    Yeah, Bowe may have had a Bowe moment, but that’s like the first one so far this year. Sounds to me that he’s very tamed down compared to “the show” of past. That kind of stuff used to be an everyday thing.

    I agree Cassell may turn out to be a bust. I remember seeing him in pre-season for New England a couple of seasons ago thinking to myself the whole time that this was a sorry looking QB. I hope for the team’s sake that I’m wrong, though. He’s really our best option this year, Thigpen can only run a college offense, and I’m suprised Brodie hasn’t fallen off the bench and broken his neck yet. Thiggy may have made a spark last year, but NFL defenses would eat that scheme alive if we tried it again. Every team managed to figure it out by the 4th quarter last year.

  • August 11, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Real Rin ® :cool: daddy-o sez –

    “Haley was not happy that rookie WR Quinten Lawrence had decided not to block anybody on the play.”

    - hee hee hee-larious! ‘Q’ can’t catch & won’t block… sounds as if he’s been hanging around with Larry Johnson.

    What was that you were so cock-sure of a few months ago :roll: coach, “any 22 will do”?

    “Lawrence was in a type of H-back role, having gone in motion and not in a pass route. He heard it good from the head coach.”

    - ‘H’ for “hellifiknow what to do coach :roll: You’re supposed to be the guru, but I’m doing worse now then at any point in camp since you started working with me.”

    al(ex) k…you’ve now seen the light fantastic nee ‘Q’ as illuminated courtesy Rin Tin Tin…
    go now, and sin no more.

    - – - – -

    Meanwhile, :roll: having been humbled by his now publicized dressing down by the AllPro (AP) said
    he was sorry – in his own backhanded way that is.
    Aft seeing AP doing what he does best – lead the players nee being the leader – they followed him.

    “Those are all things you like to see” said Haley.”

    - then he rubbed BW’s shoulders and his feet for awhile; everything is up to date now in Kaycee.

    Yup. Right. ‘check’


  • August 11, 2009  - Donnie says:

    If Dbowe82 isnt in the Starting Line Up bye week 1 Us Chiefs Fan’s Are in or another Horrible Long Long Season We Already Lost Gonzalez Bowe is our only Big PlayMaker on offense other than Larry Johnson. 3 or 4 wins again with no Dbowe….. Get our crap together DBowe

  • August 11, 2009  - Aaron says:

    Well I hate to say it and I think Rin is going to LOVE this but your team often matches the talents of the coach. Right now our secondary is the biggest strength of this team (a result of Herm as coach). Rin will not like this however. Our offense stinks right now as a result of Herm. It stunk during his time here and you can see from the news coming out of camp slow progress is being made. I think Haley and Chan can turn it around fairly quickly but it will take time. Seeing Cassel struggle is concerning. What we don’t know is how many of these pics and incomplete passes are a result of the receivers. It would certainly be a big blow for Cassel not to pan out but hopefully between our 3 current backups someone can step up and Haley will recognize it and make the appropriate move. Its clear hes not afraid to do so (Bowe)

  • August 11, 2009  - alex k says:

    bob your updates are amazing…

    Morgan is so getting cut.

    Even if you hate Haley, you must admit that he has done a great job of motivating Certain players to work harder and get better

  • August 11, 2009  - alex k says:

    btw that alex is just an alex not me…Im an avid Cassel supporter….just got my jersey in the mail.

  • August 11, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Real Rin ® :cool: daddy-o sez –

    This is from the River Falls website (be careful when reading it – milk might come flying out of your nose.)

    “While the team was working on late game defensive situations, Head Coach Todd Haley tricked the defense.

    After an incomplete pass, Haley turned to the defense with his hands in the form of a “T,” signaling for them to call a timeout.

    The entire defense immediately erupted in calls for a timeout. Haley then yelled at them for trying to call a timeout after an incompletion.

    - hee hee hee hee hee :razz: No original thinking allowed – just watch the coaches hands boys!

    Appears as if the players aren’t so much learning (mentally) what to do in all situations – as they are learning to ask ‘how high’ whence :roll: says – “JUMP!” i.e. not so much learn-ed as compliant.

    Done looks like :shock: & :roll: done got an bought and drafted themselves a team full of failed Wonderlic-ers who cannot succeed ‘less the coach tells them what to do every waking moment; yup, it’s gonna be a lonnnnng season.


  • August 11, 2009  - alex k says:

    stating a point in a rude fashion rin is just sad…I dont see why you target me on ANY comment made about quentin lawrence

    I said he will make the team, thats IT, goodness…I think we need to root for draft picks to succeed not fail.

    And 1 scrimmage, 1 lawrence TD…sorry but its worth a lot more than a bunch of drills. Hes meant to be a KR, ive said it, if he cant catch the punts on the PR, he will get booted…

    And notice how quickly you throw off the attention when you are flat out wrong…Where is Connor Barth right now? Backing up in Miami right? I thought he was the answer, thats what you were claiming when we cut em, oh gosh succop isnt good enough….

    And really, your argument about draft picks being busts before the first preseason game is WEAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

    there is really no argument there for you….I have one though, herm’s players have had time except for the last draft class….once again

    How many pro bowlers?

    How many?

    And if it takes them time to get to that point…then bashing the current group is pretty stupid…

    but hey its rin.

  • August 11, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Aaron said

    “Well I hate to say it”

    - (as he prepares Rin’s yellow ‘Hall of Fame’ enshrinement jacket…)


    - [ drumroll ]

    “I think Rin is going to LOVE this”

    - uh huh, fits & looks GREAT!

    “but your team often matches the talents of the coach.”

    - and who is it coaches the Chiefs WRs? Oh yeah, :roll: the ‘guru’ & Ward.

    Right. ‘check’ [ rimshot/cymbal crash! ]

    “Right now our secondary is the biggest strength of this team (a result of Herm as coach).”

    - “can’t ever ignore the corners – corners are the most important part of all” – Herm.

    Be He ever so humble (correct & lovable) there’s no one else like Rin…

    “Rin will not like this however.”

    - uh oh…

    “Our offense stinks right now”

    - I told :roll: s mom he needed to start shaving & bathing regularly – that’s why BW moved as far away from :roll: yesterday during practice as he could…

    “as a result of Herm.”

    - well, result of his teaching – he taught his players good manners & how to stay upwind…

    “It stunk”

    - elementary; this year the coach is :roll:

    “during his time here and you can see from the news coming out of camp slow progress is being made.”

    - yes… comes pouring out daily like molasses.

    “I think Haley and Chan can turn it around fairly quickly but it will take time.”

    - ah hah? AFLAC! i.e., what a contradictory statement yours, Aaron…

    “Seeing Cassel struggle is concerning.”

    - but not unexpected…

    “What we don’t know is how many of these pics and incomplete passes are a result of the receivers.”

    - neither; it’s Herm’s fault…let’s blame him.

    “It would certainly be a big blow for Cassel not to pan out but hopefully between our 3 current backups someone can step up and Haley will recognize it and make the appropriate move.”

    - Rin isn’t certain that :roll: would ‘recognize’ a call from Obuma/the President without him first having made an appointment with the secretary…

    “Its clear hes not afraid to do so (Bowe)”

    - not unlike Marty S got Derrick Thomas attention by benching him at the start of a game (I believe it was vs Denver.) Too, :roll; has dealt with the machinations of a Terrell Owens … Bowe is but a typical teen compared to Owen’s petulant terrible two demeanor…


  • August 11, 2009  - ED says:

    I think its laughable when someone says Bowe had 2000 yards in his first two seasons better than any other Chiefs receiver in history. When anybody with any intellect about football Knows that the Chiefs as an organization has never had a elite receiver like a Cris Carter, Tim brown, Jerry Rice, TO, Randy Moss etc.

    So making an idiotic comment about Bowe first two years in the league would be the equivalent to me bragging on how great a quarterback Orton was for the Bears knowing the Bears is a franchise thats never had an elite QB. But Orton hypothectically speaking passed for 4000 yrds in his first 2 seasons. But I’m saying Orton is such a great QB. Bottom line compared to Marshall, Fitzgerald, Boldin, Moss, TO, Steve Smith, etc. I can keep going with more guys like Ocho Cinco minus last year and Andre Johnson. Bowe not even in the same breath as those guys and plenty more. I haven’ even named Roddy White or Reggie Wayne. LOl.

    I mean who’s records is he breaking in KC Derrick Alexander. LMAO Wow what a great receiver. The best receiver to ever play for this organization was a tight end. A Hall of Fame tight end but a tight end never the less. So come on with the 2000 yards in 2 yrs crap. Say what you want about TO but he has his antics with signing balls on Sundays or going to the middle of the star in Dallas but when it comes to practice and games he’s very intense and gets the job done on Sundays. So my advice to Bowe is take practice seriously and stop feeling as if you’ve arrived in this league because you haven’t.

    And as for Haley getting to him because his drops are increasing please. He was top 3 in drops last year when Haley wasn’t around so if its increasing further than that then this team is really in trouble. We may need to run the ball 40 times again using all our backs Johnson, Battle, and Charles.

  • August 11, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Lighten up Fran- er, alex k (alex = the artist formerly known as al, now ex…hence, al(ex)

    This is the stuff blogging nee discourse be made of: point/counterpoint. Rin’s be, Lawrence will NOT make the team; he has practice squad written all over his buttafangers. Put another, you say 53 man, Rin saith 8 man.

    As for Connor Barth au contraire mon frair, nee…

    Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques,
    Dormez vous? Dormez vous?
    Sonnez les matines, Sonnez les matines
    Ding Ding Dong, Ding Ding Dong

    You’ve confused Rin with one of the errant others nee common rabble posting here; to wit, Rin said:

    The choice K was between a guy whose last name suggests vomit or retch (Barth) and another guy (Succop) whose last name suggests he’ll get his neck broken should the coach stops suddenly- or make a sharp turn… you understand, ‘shadow’.

    X’s & O’s….. your pal

    Real Rin ® :cool: daddy-o

  • August 11, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:


    You’ve gone too far – you are guilty of being… nascent, unlearned, impotent a football sense.
    As the football field has been tilted for the last some 30 years, stats as a measure be non sequitur to a large extent.

    “anybody with any intellect about football Knows that the Chiefs as an organization has never had a elite receiver like a Cris Carter, Tim brown, Jerry Rice, TO, Randy Moss etc.’

    - that leaves you off the Dean’s Honor Roll ED; Otis Taylor was as good or better than all of those guys – he certainly wouldn’t take a back seat to any of them.

    Otis was Rice, TO & Moss combined when they were all still wearing Larry’s Weepy Dick’s training device…

    (PS) Fred Arbanas was a better TE than Gonzalez too; it’s summer school nee SPECIAL ED for you,

    :cool: daddy-o

  • August 11, 2009  - steve says:

    RTT2W all he needs to meet your prediction is two wins. Be still, the season is long and progress will happen.

    Remember he said any 22 off the street, unfortunately he is stuck with a lot of last years team. Game situations and the proper way to handle them was never taught by Herm. Just look at end of game use of time outs.

    So keep talking, and when the second win happens feel free to season your words however you want.
    Me? I am just going to enjoy your flights of whimsy that you feel passes for knowledge, follow what Bob writes, listen to some talk radio and have a cold one while watching the game.

  • August 11, 2009  - ED says:

    Thanks Rin sorry i forgot about Otis, but come on that was the 60s that was 4 decades ago I’m talking about recent history

  • August 11, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Yes, recently it has been the case ‘the team that favor forgot’… for 40 years now as you say. 41 aft this season, :roll:


  • August 11, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    steve said

    “Be still”

    - I will naught!

    “the season is long and progress will happen.”

    - yes, comes now from River Falls fits & drops- er, drips…

    “Remember he said any 22 off the street”

    - thanks for reminding Rin…wasn’t certain I’d remember otherwise :roll: heh heh heh

    “unfortunately he is stuck with a lot of last years team.’

    - :shock: best GM candidate in the NFL – :roll: best Head Coaching candidate in the NFL.

    This was the buzz nee these were the buzzards time of their hiring. From whom much is given – their case kudos (overhype), much is expected –
    a 12 win season must be the outcome otherwise, they are schmucks.

    Herm went to the playoffs in his first season: in both KC & in NY. Will :roll: do so with the able assist his terrified :shock: looking GM?

    Paraphrased ‘Batman’ ABC TV ’66-’68, “stay tuned this fall, same Ba(d) team, same Ba(d) Chiefs…

    “So keep talking”

    - Rin loves it when they beg nee plead…

    “and when the second win happens feel free to season your words however you want.”

    - every ‘W’ in 2009 in the Herm column, every ‘L’ same due to the utter failures :roll: & :shock:

    “Me? I am just going to”

    - have a fit when everything Rin said comes to pass…followed by “INT of Cassell- his 4th of the game. That makes the fourth time this year thats happened folks. Not good” (nod toward an understated/blanched looking Mitch Holtus.)

    “enjoy your flights of whimsy”

    - ok; you’re so cute when you get all desperate.

    “that you feel passes for knowledge”

    - no that’s not me, that be one of the psychics from TruTV that feels up footballs for purposes divining. Rin uses His many years of experience, vast knowledge of the game & studied powers of deduction to draw His conclusions.

    He has ne’er been wrong – He thought he was in early ’09 but instead was just mistaken – twas Jr. who was wrong, as has been proven to date training camp and will continue throughout ’09.

    “follow what Bob writes, listen to some talk radio and have a cold one while watching the game.”

    - make a rope, build a scaffold & prepare for the 13 steps to the top come fall this season… then take a walk…and a drop.

    ‘Drop’ – see, you can be ‘just like a Chief’!

    :cool: daddy-o

  • August 11, 2009  - findthedr says:

    Some of you fans are very fickle. Havent you heard that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side?

    Boldin has been wanting a Fitz style big-payday for the last couple yrs. I dont think he deserves it or is worth it. He is 4yrs older than Bowe, and if he was really that good then someone would have shown Arizona a Roy williams like trade deal by now.

    Haley knows all about Boldin…he would have traded for him if he thought he was worth it. For that matter, the team would have drafted Crabtree, Maclin, or bey with their 1st pick if they thought those players were worth it.

    So far Pioli and Haley have made all the right moves. I’m going to trust their opinion (specially when it comes to the wr position which is Haley’s specialty) instead of clamor to trade our best wr (bowe).

  • August 11, 2009  - steve says:

    RTT2W your are funny, long winded, but funny. We get it. You do not like Scott and Todd. Use somebody else besides Herm for a rallying point. In his two jobs, each year with each team, his record went down. Four trips to the playoffs? 1 and 3 record, we have seen that before. 20 plus games under .500, so in fact if the Chiefs lose every game this year, Haley would be closer to .500 than Herm.
    I am sorry that death appears in your posts, how long have you been depressed? I will not build a scoffold and swing, but please get some help before your delusions and this hint of depression causes you to harm yourself.
    Take care and keep posting, so we know you are o.k..

  • August 11, 2009  - truthfull T says:

    damn guys chill out we havent even seen cassel yet in the pre season we can start to judge maybe after saturday

  • August 11, 2009  - JP says:

    It is very typical for the offense to be behind the defense at this time of year. The new QB and the new WR’s need to get some type of rhythm together. The defense just needs to interrupt the timing a little and POOF…bad play for the offense. When they start to gell together and create some trust; things will be better.

    If not…I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

  • August 11, 2009  - JP says:

    “I’m suprised Brodie hasn’t fallen off the bench and broken his neck yet.”

    By the way that was some funny sh!t.

  • August 11, 2009  - Johnfromfairfax says:

    We haven’t even made it off the practice field and already we are doomed and our QB sucks and our coaches and players are the worst ever. Get a grip. We need to let this play out and see what we have. Remember we won 2 games last year and 4 the year before. There are reasons why that happened. Changes are coming but it won’t happen overnight. There was a time that some of us old timers remember when we had the best QB, receiver, tight end, linemen, linebackers, defensive backs and even kickers in the game. What was before can happen again but it will take time. Finally, if and when we return to the point where the Chiefs matter and the fair weather fans come out of the woodwork I suspect that our favorite poodle will squat on the rug before anonymously disappearing to eat bon bons in the shade of the Eiffel Tower again and reappear like the Phoenix in some other incarnation to torment the believers once again. Heh! Heh! Heh!

  • August 11, 2009  - Michael says:

    I think the Chiefs wide reciever corps will be one of the most improved parts of the team this year. Just as Herm knew DB’s, Haley knows WR’s. The emphasis is there. Haley is moving people around, pushing buttons and demanding nothig less than their all-and his way. He’s doing that with the team overall, too, and I think it’s great.

    Oh, and for those who think Thigpen and the spread were just a trick and that defenses “figured it out” in the fourth quarter last year, that’s BS. The defense and bonehead play-calling on offense lost those games in the 4th quarters. Put that same offense on the field with a better defense and better play-calling, and you would see some wins.

    I agree with Pioli and Haley that Cassel and a solid running game are a better option, but if something goes haywire I wouldn’t mind at all seeing Thigpen back with the spread. Why? Because it works. Who knows how it’s going to play out with Croyle. He’s always had the tools, but…
    With Thigpen, you know you can put him in a position to move the team.

  • August 11, 2009  - Mark says:

    Haley riding Bowe is the best thing that ever happennd to Dwayne, and tells us how highly he thinks of Bowe. It’s because Haley thinks Bowe is special, and will pull every trick to get him to that elite level, which he’s already almost at, but not quite. Haley had him train with Fitzgerald in the offseasn, lose weight, and is now his whipping boy. Just like Fitzgerald was. Larry still can’t thank Haley enough for making him geat, making him want to be great, instead of just settling to be very, very good. Haley never let up on Fitzgerald, and he’s now at worst, the #2 WR in the NFL. Haley knows exactly what he’s doing with Bowe. He’s testing him, daring him to be great, challanging him to be great. He will be, and he’ll be thanking Haley profusely for it, instead of being coddled like he was by the former clowns in charge.

  • August 11, 2009  - True Red & Gold says:

    :) I agree with findthevets analysis of ed’s commits (although I don’t think it was necessary to be so insulting), if that was really ed.

    Bowe has star potential, and what is wrong with trying to make camp a little fun. He is hardly a problem show-boater.

    I think it could be one of two possibilities: Number 1. (and I hope this is it) Haley sees Bowe’s potential and he is just giving the guy a little extra motivation. Number 2. Bowe is Herm’s guy and Haley is not going to give him much of a shot.

  • August 12, 2009  - ED says:

    Not one time did I mention anything about Bowe being the reason the team went 2 and 14. I’m talking about you calling Bowe a stud and bragging on his 2000 yards in his first two seasons like he’s an elite receiver or something. Where you get the 2 and 14 record stuff I have know idea.

    Anyways like I said I actually think we have a good team. Defensively we’re going to better than people think. I think Cassell will be accurate and the o-line will be better than expected this team success will henge on how well the receivers produce. If Bowe suppose to be the guy then he needs to act like. Nothing wrong with him flexing his muscles after a great catch but don’t follow it up with 5 or six drop passess on the next few plays.

    You bring up his spectacular catch but then fell to point out all the drops he’s had throughout the off season. Either Bowe has talent, but so does all players in the NFL. Bowe needs to have dicipline and heart if he wants to be one of the elite receivers in this league. He needs to have the dicipline to be a better route runner, understanding what the defense is trying to do in coverage, and the heart to hang on to the ball when he’s about to take a big hit. Until he learns that all Chiefs fans including myself will say he’s got the talent and potential to be good receiver, but he just doesn’t play like one every day.

  • August 12, 2009  - alphaman says:

    I think you guys are undervaluing Bowe’s 2000 yards in his first 2 seasons. A key point in it is the consistency as he basically had 1000 yards in each season. Let’s look at a few other WRs and their 1st 2 years in the NFL:

    Terrell Owens – 1456 yards
    Chad Ochocinco – 1475 yards
    Larry Fitzgerald – 2189 (only 780 in year 1)
    Calvin Johnson – 2087 (only 756 in year 1)
    Andre Johnson – 2118
    Roy Williams – 1504
    Brandon Marshall – 1534

    Dwayne Bowe – 2017

    The top of the heap would be Randy Moss at 2726 but there aren’t many in that area.

    I like the fact that Haley is riding him, but let’s not act as though Bowe has underperformed. His first 2 seasons are right on pace with the elite WRs in the NFL. He needs to go to the next level this year and that is what Haley is trying to pull out of him.

    I also wouldn’t get too bogged down in his post drill antics. The drudgery of training camp sometimes requires a little fun and humor.

  • August 12, 2009  - B in SC says:

    1000 yards or 2000 yards isn’t real impressive on a 2-14 team…

    Easier to rack up a few yards when you are behind and throwing every down. Give me 500 yards and a 14-2 record any day.

  • August 12, 2009  - alphaman says:

    B in SC,

    Don’t forget the Chiefs were ahead or tied in the 4th quarter of alot of games last year and lost 7 games by 7 points or less so they weren’t always playing catch up.

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