Berry Injures Toe

Everyone knows new Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel is a tough guy when it comes to defense.

Just ask safety Eric Berry, considered one of the best defensive players available in next month’s draft.

They held a Pro Day workout for Berry in Knoxville on Wednesday and Crennel was there and in fact, was running the defensive back drills for Berry. All it took was two reps and Berry was done for the day with a sprained left big toe.

Seriously, Crennel had nothing to do with the injury. Berry said he felt like he stepped in a hole on the University of Tennessee practice field. He was backpedaling and when he planted to run forward, he stopped and held up his foot. After a conversation with Crennel, Berry was done for the day and went to the training room on a jog.

It was 30 minutes of ice on the toe and then he walked away from the football complex with a limp. Both Berry and his agent said it was a minor injury and would not be a major problem in the future.

“They said it wasn’t major,” Berry said, referring to UT’s training staff in a conversation with the Knoxville News-Sentinel. “Just a little disappointed I didn’t finish the drill.” He added that had this happened in a game, he would have continued to play.

11 Responses to “Berry Injures Toe”

  • March 17, 2010  - jw says:

    this is a very odd story….. is he injury prone?

  • March 17, 2010  - Jim Lloyd + says:

    Berry and Flowers are not strangers to one another and if they can start off in the right direction , I think this is major imporant .
    Better than wating for Jackson to come along . In fact this could bring the whole Defence online .

  • March 17, 2010  - Mad Chief says:

    Berry: “Coach…my toe.”

    Crennel: “You’re done for the day, son.”

    Berry: “But coach, I can still…”

    Crennel: “Get to the locker room, Eric. It’s serious. You’ll be lucky if you ever walk again…let alone play football. Tell everyone you see. And if they want to send a sympathy card? Tell them to send it to your new address, it’s One Arrowhead Drive…”

  • March 18, 2010  - el cid says:

    I do not know (sure)…..but if he is what Crennel want…..hello, number 5 pick.

  • March 18, 2010  - Danny W says:

    Mad Chief
    I love that post that is fabulous. I was thinking K.C. was really interested in Berry too because Flowers was down there with him working out. Why not send your best corner down there to test the guy and find out if he fits.

  • March 18, 2010  - md554chiefs says:

    Great post Mad Chief. ;)

  • March 18, 2010  - ron says:

    if you ask the fan base…75 percent want berry…just go look at the blog sites…1/4 wants someone else…the other 3/4 want eric berry with a PASSION

  • March 18, 2010  - el cid says:

    Probably correct but I would prefer finding a trading partner and moving down. That will not happen so….. let the fun begin.

  • March 18, 2010  - arrowhead1978 says:

    I dont think that drafting a safety with the 5th pick is going to help the LB’s a whole h*ll of alot…

  • March 19, 2010  - SG says:

    MadChief, best post from you of all time – and probably top 5 comment on Bob’s site – well done.

  • March 19, 2010  - ron says:

    drafting a safety wont help the lb’s…welll drafting a lb won’t help the safety’s….so what is your point? that we need linebackers? ok…yes…

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