Shaun Rogers In Town

Various media outlets around the country have reported on Tuesday that Shaun Rogers is in Kansas City for a visit with the Chiefs.


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Rogers is a free agent defensive tackle/nose tackle who can actually sign with an NFL team as long as he does that before the end of the current labor agreement on March 3rd. The Cleveland Browns released the 6-4, 350-pound 10-year veteran on February 9th, citing age (he’ll be 32 in March), salary (around $7 million for the ’11 season) and attitude (poor practice habits.)  Here are his career stats.

Known as “Big Baby” Rogers spent 17 weeks on the injury report with ankle and hip problems, but he missed only one game. He missed over 30 practices because of these physical problems

A Pro Bowl selection in 2008, Rogers has played 10 seasons with the Lions and Browns, racking up 482 total tackles and 37.5 sacks in 140 games with 124 starts. He played seven years with Detroit, and then the last three years with the Browns, including the 2008 season when Cleveland’s head coach was Romeo Crennel.

Cleveland GM Tom Heckert told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer newspaper that Rogers’ poor attitude was tied to spending 10 seasons playing for losing teams in Detroit and Cleveland. In his 10 seasons, those teams were 45-115.

“Shaun’s a different cat,” Heckert told the newspaper. “Shaun’s whole thing — and he’s stated a million times — is that he’s never been on a team that’s any good. Every team he’s ever been on has been bad. Right or wrong, I think it’s taken a toll on him.

“I think if he went to a good team, things might change. I don’t know.”

He visited earlier with the Washington Redskins and in an appearance on a Houston radio station said his dream would be to sign with his hometown Texans. It’s been reported that as many as 10 teams might have an interest in him.

Rogers was disciplined by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at the beginning of the season for violating the league’s personal conduct policy in April 2010, when he was arrested for carrying a gun in baggage while trying to board a plane.  Rogers claimed that he had “forgotten” that the loaded 45-caliber handgun was in his travel bag as he was attempting to head to his home state of Texas for the holiday weekend. 

Goodell did not suspend Rogers but fined him one game check — which amounted to more than $405,000.

5 Responses to “Shaun Rogers In Town”

  • February 15, 2011  - Thomas says:

    I think the Chiefs should give Shaun Rogers a serious look. If they can sign him it would free up a draft choice to address other needs or allow them to use a draft choice in later rounds to pick up a NT and develope him.
    Shaun Rogers when healthy could make Dorsey and Jackson more effective on the D-line.

  • February 15, 2011  - johnfromfairfax says:

    Interesting… If he could stay healthy and committed he could certainly help us in the middle. Oh, and if he can keep his gun in a safe place. What’s one measly game check? I’d say half a career or a career to many folks. Yeah, they need to fight over every dime to make sure they all have enough. Anybody know what type of relationship he has with RAC?

  • February 15, 2011  - aPauled says:

    The Right 53…doubt that includes Shaun Rogers but maybe, just maybe he could mature in the right situation.

  • February 16, 2011  - Justin D says:

    I think he may havea good relationship with RAC – I had heard from Cleveland fans he would like to play for RAC again. Not sure if it was because he was too permissive – don’t know what kind of deal they had back then.

    I think he could really contribute but he has gotta wear the Vrabel and Jones hat and toe the line…

  • February 16, 2011  - jim says:

    The only down side I garnered from the article is that he misses a lot of practices. If you don’t practice, you don’t play for Haley. At least that’s been the attitude the last three years. You have to be available.

    Could be a problem. Other than that, I’m down with bringing him in.

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