Practice Update 8/27 A.M.

From the Truman Sports Complex

The focus was the Seattle Seahawks as the Chiefs went through their Thursday A.M. practice outside on the grass at their facility.

More than either of the two previous pre-season games, Todd Haley and his staff put a bit more prep time into the Seahawks before Saturday’s game at Arrowhead Stadium.

Looks like ILB Derrick  Johnson will not be part of the game on Saturday. For the second straight practice, Johnson was working in the rehab area. There’s no apparent injury, as he did cardio as well as weight work. In the practice, Demorrio Williams took Johnson’s spot with the first team defense. On Wednesday, Monty Beisel was working there.

Just who will play on Saturday and how much remains unknown. Haley said he and his staff would meet Thursday afternoon to make those decisions. The first teamers will play into the first part of the third quarter; how long they stay in after half-time is what must be decided. No news on quarterback rotation from Haley either,  although Tyler Thigpen continued to take almost all of the second-team offensive plays.

Other items from the morning workout:

– Besides Derrick  Johnson, not taking part  in the practice were RB Kolby Smith, ILB Zach Thomas and TE Jake O’Connell. For the second day in a row, Thomas was not on the field at all.

– As they worked on kick returns, the Chiefs gave CB Ricardo Colclough several turns as the returner. Colclough has done this before but not for several years.

– No changes on this week’s personnel changes: Barry Richardson at RT, Tank Tyler at the No. 1 NT, Tyson Jackson at LDE and Dwayne Bowe with the first team offense.

– Haley says there’s a lot of work to get done at nose tackle. “We are going to rotate guys through again trying to get one or a couple of those guys to step up and show they want the job,” said Haley of  Tyler, Ron Edwards and Derek Lokey.

– Working as the No. 2 offensive line from left to right: Damion McIntosh, Tavares Washington, Wade Smith, Andy Alleman and Ikechuku Ndukwe.

– WR Ashley Lelie made a nice catch on scout team … QB Brodie Croyle spent the week running as the No. 4 QB, but he threw the ball really well as he directed the scout team … Beisel picked off QB Matt Gutierrez during the seven-on-seven passing drill … CB Brandon Flowers knocked down at least three passes during the practice, including running step-for-step with WR Quinten Lawrence, maybe the fastest player on the team.

47 Responses to “Practice Update 8/27 A.M.”

  • August 27, 2009  - Rip 'em a new one says:

    Reading between the lines, is Derrick Johnson about to join Thigpen as trade bait?

  • August 27, 2009  - Alexthe"GREAT" says:

    Wow no mention of Tyson Jackson in a while, must not be doing nothing 2 impress anybody! Top 5 picks are suppose 2 make plays every other day in camp IMO. Go Chiefs in 2009 and Beyond!!!!!!!

  • August 27, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Alex, that’s why you’re a moron.

  • August 27, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    alex the great

    Jackson is working with the 1st team D.
    Isnt that enough?

    rip em,

    Id say D.J. probably has a minor injury, I would be SHOCKED if he was traded. There is no way, too valuable to our d right now. But you never know who they could bring in. MAybe STudebaker is playing at his level anyway. ???

  • August 27, 2009  - aPauled says:

    I took the DJ comments to mean that the injury isn’t apparent. If he was being offered to trade, the Chiefs would be show casing him in the game.

    The Zach Thomas line is interesting. How ironic that Thomas was here all off-season while Vrable wasn’t. Now it looks like Vrable will lead the defense and Thomas will be getting a rocking chair.

  • August 27, 2009  - Major Cahonees says:

    Well Mr. Alex the “great”. Jackson is running with the starters. What else do you need to know? If you want to hear his name, then say it out loud. Tyson Jackson. Then repeat several times. There. All better?

  • August 27, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    Sorry, I meant WIlliams or Beisel. not Studebaker

  • August 27, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    “CB Brandon Flowers knocked down at least three passes during the practice”

    - all pro in the making…

    “including running step-for-step with WR Quinten Lawrence, maybe the fastest player on the team.”

    - and maybe the… well, it’ll all be over couple more weeks. ‘Q’ – here’s a ‘tip’: “deep-fryer”.

    And now onto the no news is good news department:

    No news be good- when? Whence it be a matter of (cue “Eye The Beholder”) ‘no change – no change at all! i.e., M(e)ss(e)rs “Chicklets & Clippers” – aka Alleman/Ndukwe – 3rd day, 2nd team, still their place be same twas the 1st: be it ever so humbl(ing) tis no place like home…

    Richardson & Goff: the Chiefs two starting blocks o’ line granite! (well… much as such can be the case whence it be a :roll: & :shock: production.)

    heh heh heh!

    :lol: & :razz:

  • August 27, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    I was always thinking Thomas would be ready for season opener, now im starting to worry a little.

  • August 27, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Gloom, despair, agony on he…deep dark depression excessive misery – if it weren’t for bad luck he’d have no luck at all, gloom, despair & agony on he..


  • August 27, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    i think we should sign samie parker again

  • August 27, 2009  - Larry says:

    LOL, didn’t figure you for a HeeHaw fan Rin.

  • August 27, 2009  - steve says:

    RTT0w, no matter if you are Jason, you got to get a new act. Q ain’t making it. Really, what was he a first round draft pick? Nope, then they took a chance on a guy with speed, it isn’t working. Maybe he can start next to Jeff Webb, no speed, for Jim Haslett. The UFl is looking for some players. The newest lineman aren’t starting, really? What a shock, in camp less than a week, and not starting? Stop the presses.
    You are an original, but getting to be old hat fast. One win and you are yesterday’s news. Will you disappear? Hell no, you won’t go. You will reinvent yourself. Maybe as Lassie, you have the build for it. Me? I just realized I have sent a long note to a lunatic. Will sign off here, remove bookmark, and read Josh Looney on K.C. Chiefs, and listen to 810 radio. At least they hide thier bias better. See ya

  • August 27, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Larry… why did you always let Moe slap you around & poke you in the eyes like that?

    And then when he said “see that” you looked at his fist and watched it as he used said to clobber you atop your #2 head?


  • August 27, 2009  - kc mutt says:

    Many medias are starting to talk about who makes the opening day roster. The bloggers are just showing who their favorites are (ie one idiot stated the Chiefs will drop LJ and another released DJ). It seems a little early to me but I am not sure who gets cut and who stays, any opinions?

  • August 27, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    “steve said

    - Calgon…take me away!”


    - 25or6to4…

    “no matter”

    - cause you no mind (double entendre)

    “if you are Jason, you got to get a new act.”

    - reply: Rin will be playing here this venue all season long! Same great act, same great channel!

    “Q ain’t making it. Really, what was he a first round draft pick?”

    - you’ll need to ask al(ex)…he’s the ‘Q’ expert this blog (and when al(ex) is busy it’s Scottie’s turn to watch him.)


    - I don’t blame you … don’t like talking to him myself.

    “then they took a chance on a guy with speed, it isn’t working.”

    - yes agreed, no tisn’t…

    “Maybe he can start”

    - looking now while he still has a job would be best…

    “next to”

    - ‘beside’.

    “Jeff Webb, no speed, for Jim Haslett.”

    - ‘Q’ Lawrence, great speed, for no benefit (or no for Ben E. Fit or Benny Fit if your prefer.)

    “The UFl is looking for some players.”

    - wonderful…

    “The newest lineman aren’t starting, really?”

    - that’s Bob G said… are you calling him a liar?

    “What a shock”

    - this will also be as a bombshell for you: the Chiefs are 0-2 courtesy “any 22″…

    “in camp less than a week, and not starting?”

    - yes… but they once shook the tuna fish matted hand of Bill Parcells so :shock: & :roll: are now convinced they have greatness in their future…

    “Stop the presses.”

    - hard aport!

    “You are an original”

    - THE

    “but getting to be old”

    - so are your flabby rejoinders…

    “hat fast.”

    - AFLAC!

    “One win”

    - famous last words a craps table yours; then one & done you be…

    “and you are yesterday’s news.”

    - and the forefather tomorrow’s thoughts…

    “Will you disappear?”

    - the next time you saw me will be the first…

    “Hell no, you won’t go.”

    - middle-America’s angsty wail aimed at 1960′s war protesters… Rin went, and came back home again. You’re welcome…

    “You will reinvent yourself.”

    - have I ever?


    - well, if you’re not certain. By the way, what is your favorite dog & part of their anatomy?..

    “as Lassie”

    - ye my ‘s’ key sticks too…

    “you have the build”

    - no, it’s not software – it’s hardware you faux geek nerd…

    “for it. Me?”

    - it is & you are, yes…

    “I just realized”

    - that’s because you’re a buffoon…

    “I have sent a long note to a lunatic.”

    - do you receive your mail daily or are you still in the hole?

    “Will sign off here”

    - promises promises…

    “remove bookmark, and read Josh Looney on K.C. Chiefs, and listen to 810 radio.”

    - you really know how to party!

    “At least they hide thier bias better.”

    - thier bias is just a myth; I’ve been to Thiers in Puy-de-Dôme department Auvergne central France …the French people are indeed proud the commune Thier but not any untold fashion they’re not…it is really lovely this time of year, or any.

    “See ya”

    - no you don’t/can’t…

    :cool: daddy-o

  • August 27, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    I say both of those are false. I believe both are a lock.

  • August 27, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Which one/what part of my long love letter from steve?

  • August 27, 2009  - Alexthe"GREAT" says:

    Who cares if he’s running with the starters….they paid this guy 50 million dollars dont u think he would play with the first team u idiots and same for Cassell, the only reason why he is starting is b/c they are obligated 2 start him even though he may not be the better qb. Lol by week 6 arrowhead stadium will be rockin 2 the chants of “We want Thiggy, We want Thiggy” its gonna be great, if they dont trade him first.

  • August 27, 2009  - Scott says:

    Oh goody…another Chiefs fan.

    Of course they paid out the ass for Jackson. Can you name a top 10 pick that isn’t GROSSLY overpaid…with nothing proven yet?

    They’re not “obligated” to start Jackson. He’s the best player in his position on our roster. Period. Same as Cassel is. And who gives a f**k what they get paid? Are YOU signing their check?

    You conspiracy theorists seem to forget that a GM and Head Coach are paid to win games. No winning…no jobs. So they’re naturally going to start guys that give them a LESSER chance of winning, and keeping their jobs. Right?

  • August 27, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Sottie said

    “a GM and Head Coach are paid to win games. No winning…no jobs.”

    - :shock: & :roll: 0-2… uh oh

    :lol: & :razz:

  • August 27, 2009  - alex k says:

    hes a 3-4 DE, what sort of sack production do you expect when hes at 40 percent? Alexthegreat? not so much….Kind of funny honestly….hes adjusting…learning the D, its the preseason.

    His late start will hurt production, but hes never going to be some stat monster

  • August 27, 2009  - alex k says:

    chants of we want thiggy?

    to do what? go 1-10?

  • August 27, 2009  - Scott says:

    That’s right Rin…no winning, no jobs. That’s why your hero Herm is out of a job. Because he couldn’t win any games. 6 in two years. Yeah! What a GREAT coach. But, it wasn’t HIS fault…right? It was the players’ fault then. And now…it’s all the coaches fault.

    And yes, we’re 0-2 right now. In PRE-SEASON. Doesn’t mean jack. If we were 2-0…it wouldn’t mean jack, either.

    I’ll make a bet with you. We win more regular season games this year than Herm did in the last TWO years…and you go away and never come back. If they don’t? Then I will. That’s 7 wins this year…in case you can’t count. You got the balls to make the bet? I’m guessing…not.

  • August 27, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    What the heck……..Iam gone all day…… read the blogs……. nothing ever changes. Hello….. we read these blogs too win the game .I could be out of the head {or my head }job….. hey want a beer. PnS

  • August 27, 2009  - Larry says:

    Haley and Pioli are losers now as their record indicates. They will be continue to be losers throughout 2009.

  • August 27, 2009  - Scott says:

    Larry says:

    “Haley and Pioli are losers now as their record indicates.”

    Really? Hmmm. Guess that would make EVERY Head Coach and GM a “loser”, huh? Because last time I checked…the season has not started. Every team is 0-0 right now.

    Yup. Just double-checked the official NFL standings…in case I missed something. No team has played a game yet. No team has won a game yet…no team has lost a game yet. That’s what the “record indicates”.

  • August 27, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Scott said

    “That’s right Rin”

    - yes, again Rin is correct – so what else is new…

    “no winning, no jobs.”

    - no winning, rather losing attitude established in the preseason – a :roll: realization he hoped to avoid by his own pronouncement – means whence the regular season begins, the losing won’t end. Preseason don’t mean a thing? The regular season don’t mean a thang if pre’ don’t got that swang!

    “That’s why”

    - be the reason, yes…

    “your hero Herm is”

    - being paid $4 mill by the Chiefs, and another King’s ransom by ESPN – nice work if you can get it – Herm did!

    “out of a job.”

    - and living the life of Riley – sweet!

    “Because he couldn’t win any games.”

    - because Jr. panicked – had nothing to do with wins per se; had to do with Benjamin$. If it had to do with losing ‘every coach’ since Hank Stram would have been fired – ALL were losers as such. Good thing :roll: won’t be breaking the mo’L'd…

    “6 in two years”

    - :roll: & :shock: – 0 in 2 games; unless they ever win one (doubtful) they are batting .000


    - you can dig it – far out! Herm is STILL The Man!

    “What a GREAT coach!”

    - agreed!

    “But, it wasn’t HIS fault…right? It was the players’ fault then.”

    - yes… without question.

    “And now…it’s all the coaches fault.”

    - no – as Rin has said several times other blogs it is ‘still’ more so the players, just as it was in 2008: difference is the coaching this year ’09 has been abysmal. The WRs are :roll: coached- his specialty. If you want to blame Herm for coaching last years players thence MUST by deduction blame ‘check’ same in 2009… can’t have it both ways.

    “And yes, we’re 0-2 right now. In PRE-SEASON.”

    - and yes, tis no different than last season – so why will it be regular? “Because I hope so” -or- “know so/wnat it” is not confidence inspiring. If you think KCs holding back (LOL) their ‘weapons’, why isn’t/wouldn’t the opposition be doing same?

    The Chiefs doth STINK & all Scottie’s choruses and all :roll: & :shock: s men will not put KC on the winning track again, Humpty Dumpty…

    You want to use a track record past to denigrate, yet deny the present 0-2 mark means anything. You base ‘what will be’ on ‘what never has been but I think it will be’ evidence. How did you learn to talk out both sides of your mouth so well? Which dummy you study with, Charlie McCarthy or Obuma?

    “Doesn’t mean jack.”

    - preseason does according to :roll: /the players themselves … if it doesn’t why’d the Chiefs try (and fail miserably) to score down at the 1 yard line 1st and goal to go last Friday night? They could have just taken a knee or kicked a FG…

    “If we were 2-0…it wouldn’t mean jack, either.”

    - let me get my hipwaders before I read any more of your s**t; it’s gettin ‘pretty’ deep in here…

    “I’ll make a bet with you.”

    - did you blow all your $299 of rent money on lottery tickets again?

    “We win more regular season games this year than Herm did in the last TWO years…and you go away and never come back.”

    - I’ll remain or leave as I wish; you may do the same. That said you’re on. And when (not if) you lose (and you will), don’t go – just promise you will finish cosmetology school like you promised your Ma & Pa Kettle…

    “If they don’t? Then I will.”

    - suit yourself… I shall miss you (not really I won’t, but it sounds heroic when Rin says it.)

    “That’s 7 wins this year…in case you can’t count.”

    - we’ll just use half of your brain cells & both your teeth to add em up (will be not so much like pulling teeth as taking candy from a baby) – hope for your sake you’ll have enough left so that you won’t have to ask Ma: “is it soup yet”?

    “You got the balls to make the bet?”

    - indeed, if you’ll spit em out/stop cuddling nee overstimulating them…

    “I’m guessing…not.”

    - your pelvic devotion is noble but leaves me soggy from your lisp- er, lips. Can sense how much you love waking up each morning, taste of Rin in your mouth. Now if you change your mind, you know where to find me (will be right there under your nose.)

    :lol: & :razz:

  • August 27, 2009  - Scott says:

    Yeah…I figured as much. Simple bet. To put your money where your mouth is. And you don’t have the guts. You’re all mouth…and no balls to back it up with.

    Loved all the extra verbiage you threw in there to try to cover up how much of a gutless pussy you are, though.

  • August 27, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    I think rin tin tin is schizophrenic

  • August 27, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Scottie cried

    “Yeah…I figured as much.”

    - you’re a pretty fart smeller…

    “Simple bet.”

    - made by a simpleton…

    “To put your money where your mouth is.”

    - to dream the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable foe – to boldly go where no man has gone before!

    “And you don’t have the guts. You’re all mouth…and no balls to back it up with.”

    - don’t ya just hate it when you huff & you puff and you stamp your feet and jump up and down and then throw a temper tantrum by throwing yourself on the blog room floor… and Rin just laughs at you?

    “Loved all the extra verbiage you threw in there to try to cover up how much of a gutless pussy you are, though.”

    - I am here, you are there… and Rin ain’t goin’ anywhere! The angst nee problem, i.e., the burden be yours, not mine… Rin is unconcerned what you think of him today, thot about Him yester or will think of Him tomorrow…ditto for mine blogs.

    His blogs too shall continue unabashedly pro-Herm & con- :roll: & :shock: – unabated. It is YOU who cry like a little school girls labia minor (major in your case) daily, unable to defeat the big bad Rin Tin Tin.

    “Oww, stop it Rin it hurts me so!” heh heh heh

    Yet, you like the taste of me & the feel of mine boot – pressed hard up against your pencil neck, geek… you will continue to enjoy said all the days of your football life, many as they may be here on the Bob Gretz blog…

    X’s and O’s to you… His pal/your nemesis


    :cool: daddy-o

  • August 27, 2009  - Justin says:


    I gotta say man, I appreciate you continually stepping it up to defend reason and sanity on here. I don’t comment, but I consistently appreciate that you do. Pretty much agree with most everything you’ve got to say.

    Count me in for the EXACT opposite of all of the above regarding the resident troll.

  • August 27, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Now I think Scott is schizophrenic. In fact I’m quite sure of it. All doubt has been erased after reading Rin’s latest most excellent blog.

    Go Chiefs in 2009.

  • August 27, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    ‘Fake’ Rin’s NEVER win!

    heh heh heh


  • August 27, 2009  - Larry says:

    Great stuff Rin Tin Tin! You rock this joint!

  • August 27, 2009  - ED says:

    Uh rin stop commenting as larry its very obvious to different names same person.

  • August 27, 2009  - Behind Enemy Lines says:

    If Thigpen was so great, teams would be offering much better than a 5th. The way some of you talk him up you’d think the Chiefs should be expecting at least a 2nd (like we had to give up for Cassel and Vrabel).

  • August 27, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    Scott, when you respond to the troll, you are as bad as the troll. You have a good opinion Scott. Stay away from that, as you have pledged, and help clean this site up, since Bob can’t/won’t.
    I’m thinking/hoping Zach has already been given his walking papers. It just hasn’t been announced yet. Or maybe Pioli is trying to find him a new home and hope someone is dumb enough to give up a 7th for him. Either way, I think/hope he’s gone, Corey Mays is the starter, and we keep all the young, promising LB’s we can.

  • August 27, 2009  - ED says:

    Uh scott stop commenting as justin its very obvious to different names same person.

  • August 28, 2009  - True Red & Gold says:

    The Chiefs will not win 7 games this year. If you are betting dollars as your comment suggests (To put your money where your mouth is.) I will make that bet for any amount that you like!

  • August 28, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:

    I’ve got to agree with TR&G; the Chiefs won’t win 7 this season. Don’t bet your participation on them winning that many.

    I think 5 games is a good over/under. It shouldn’t be hard for someone who has been crowing “0-16″ for the last 2 months to take the under on that number.

  • August 28, 2009  - True Red and Gold says:

    Then again, I am poor and also a douchebag, so nevermind.

  • August 28, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:

    Then again, I am poor and also a douchebag, so nevermind my comments too.

  • August 29, 2009  - jake says:

    Gotta give the nod to Pioli. He’s quickly moving this franchise 180 degrees from where Peterson/Edwards left it. Thank God.

    Pioli is the youngest and only one of three NFL executives to win the Sporting News’ George Young NFL Executive of the Year Award in consecutive years, a feat he accomplished after winning the award for the second straight year following the 2004 season.

    On June 24, 2009, announced its All-Decade Moments naming Scott Pioli Personnel Man of the Decade. “No one in the league does a better job of scouting their own team, and [at the Patriots] Pioli was orchestrating all of that.”

  • August 29, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    :shock: & :roll: – two circus clowns no waiting. The Patriot Way now 0-2 on the season KC – 0-3 after Saturday night’s debacle -

    FINAL SCORE: Seahawks 26 Haley’s 13

    “Any 22 will do” come a cropper yet again…

    :lol: & :razz:

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