Drops Driving Haley Nuts …Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs

Todd Haley came into the room, his hair rumpled and his eyes bloodshot.

It was late Monday afternoon and as the sun was setting Haley was starting his second 12-hour shift as the leader of a 3-11 football team that’s having trouble doing the basics.

Meeting with the media horde for his weekly interrogation, Haley confirmed his post-game comments after the 41-24 loss to Cleveland. Bad run defense, bad kick coverage and dropped passes killed the Chiefs chances for victory.

Nothing boils Haley’s blood more than the dropped passes. We’ve covered the subject several times in the last few months because it has been such a big issue for the ’09 Chiefs. It became even bigger against the Browns, when the head coach said after the game that his team had dropped nine passes.

That number grew to 10 after he had a chance to watch the tape.

“Any one of those three things we don’t allow to occur and we’re probably in a much better mood today,” Haley said. “I really mean that – any one of those things. If all things being equal and we catch the ball on third down specifically in the third quarter or in the end zone we’re probably in a position where Cleveland cannot continue to run the ball and has to throw it. I felt our defense in throwing situations did a good job in the passing game.”

The easiest of those things to dispatch should be the drops. The Chiefs defensive front was manhandled by the Cleveland running game. That was a physical battle that showed a lack of toughness on the part of the defense. The kick coverage has to be better, but Joshua Cribbs has shown he’s one of the best kick returners in the history of the game. The other guys get paid to play as well and Cribbs was sensational.

That’s why the drops had such a huge effect. This was not a great talent beating them or a physical pounding. This was poor concentration, poor fundamentals and poor performance, all controlled by the Chiefs receivers themselves.

And it has been happening all season.

“This drop thing is as frustrating a thing as I’ve ever had to deal with in coaching,” Haley said. “Not only does it cost us chances to win but it turns second-and-twos into second-and-10s or third-and-sixes into punts or giving the ball up. Really, you can go down through our season and wiping everything else out of the equation if we catch the ball we’re sitting here feeling a lot better about ourselves.

“This has been a very frustrating situation and we’ve done things coaching-wise, we’ve done things personnel-wise, technique work to try and change it and fix the problem and have thus far – especially yesterday where it’s painfully obvious if we just catch the ball we have a chance to have a nice game offensively and more importantly win the game.”

Of those 10 drops, one cut the most. It came at the start of the third quarter. The Chiefs were up by four points and had the opening possession of the second half. They faced third-and-six at their 33-yard line. QB Matt Cassel got good protection and threw a dart to his left in the direction of WR Mark Bradley. The ball hit Bradley in the hands and dropped to the ground as the wide receiver hit the boundary.

The Chiefs had to punt and then two plays later Cleveland’s Jerome Harrison ran for a 71-yard touchdown that gave the Browns the lead.

If those 10 drops hold up to the scrutiny of the numbers crunchers employed by the NFL, it would give the Chiefs 49 for the season, with two games to play. Dropped passes are not an official league statistic and have only been kept over the last 15 years or so. But in the last 10 seasons, the most drops by any team came in 2003 when the Detroit Lions dropped 51 passes. The Chiefs should easily top that in the next two weeks. Here are the numbers for the last 10 full seasons and for this one on drops by the Chiefs, their standing in the league and what team led the league in butter fingers:

 Season Chiefs
2009 49* 32   56** Chiefs
2008 22 7   40 Jacksonville
2007 29 20   42 N.Y. Giants
2006 22 15   43 Green Bay
2005 36 25   40 Philadelphia
2004 38 21   42 Jacksonville
2003 40 26   51 Detroit
2002 25 12   45 Oakland
2001 37 25   41 N.Y. Giants
2000 35 12   44 Denver
1999 25 6   43 Detroit & Oakland

*-estimated pending NFL statistical review. **-projected.

“I’ve never led the league in drops and we may be setting the record this year,” said Haley. “You can look at it any way you want to, anybody out there running routes his job is to catch the ball and block in the run game. That’s about it.

“It’s not to look pretty, it’s not to run the best route, it’s to block in the run game and catch the ball when we’re throwing it. That’s it. We need to catch the ball or find somebody who will catch the ball.”


  • BROWNS – named Mike Holmgren president; signed OT Scott Kooistra.
  • BUCCANEERS – placed WR Sammie Stroughter on the injured-reserve list (foot); promoted WR Mario Urrutia from the practice squad.
  • COWBOYS – released K Nick Folk; signed K Shaun Suisham.
  • FALCONS – placed S Antoine Harris on the injured-reserve list (knee).
  • JAGUARS – placed LB Clint Ingram on the injured-reserve list (shoulder); signed LB Tank Daniels; promoted C Cecil Newton and TE Zach Potter from the practice squad.
  • RAMS – placed TE Daniel Fells on the injured-reserve list (knee).
  • SAINTS – signed TE Tory Humphrey; released FB Marcus Mailei.
  • STEELERS – placed LS Greg Warren on the injured-reserve list (knee); placed WR Limas Sweed on the reserve/non-football illness list; signed LS Jared Retkofsky.
  • TITANS – placed LBS Keith Bulluck (knee) and David Thornton (shoulder) on the injured-reserve list; signed LB Jaime Winborn.


On December 22, 1963, the Chiefs beat the New York Jets 48-0 in front of 12,202 fans at Municipal Stadium. Game-time temperature was nine degrees with wind out of the north. The Chiefs came out and punched in three touchdowns in the first quarter to end any hopes the Jets had to be part of this game. Despite the cold and wind, QB Len Dawson threw five touchdown passes, including an 82-yard score to WR Frank Jackson. Dawson also found RB Jack Spikes, RB Abner Haynes, RB Curtis McClinton and TE Dick Johnson for touchdowns. Spikes added a one-yard TD run and DE Jerry Mays (right) picked up a fumble and returned it 58 yards for a score. The Chiefs defense had three interceptions, including two by S Bobby Hunt.


On December 22, 1968, the Chiefs lost to the Raiders 41-6 in an AFL Divisional Playoff Game at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. It was an ugly day for the Chiefs offense, as QB Len Dawson threw four interceptions. Raiders QB Daryle Lamonica threw five touchdown passes and a big day from WR Fred Biletnikoff (left), who caught seven passes for 180 yards and three TDs. WR Warren Wells caught four passes for 93 yards and a pair of scores. Oakland ripped off three touchdowns to take a 21-0 lead, as Biletnikoff caught one from 24 yards, Wells scored from 23 yards and then Lamonica and Biletnikoff hooked up again for a 44-yard score. In the second quarter, K Jan Stenerud got all six of the Chiefs points, on FGs of 10 and eight yards that made the score 21-6. That was as close as the Chiefs got on the scoreboard. Three of Dawson’s interceptions came on Kansas City’s final three possessions as the Raiders defense put up a wall into the end zone. Dawson was 17 of 36 for 253 yards and those four INTs. Lamonica finished 19 of 39 for 345 yards and five touchdowns.


On December 22, 1985, the Chiefs beat the San Diego Chargers 38-34 with a crowd o f 18,178 watching at Arrowhead Stadium. They saw an NFL record breaking performance by Chiefs WR Stephone Paige who caught eight passes for 309 yards. That broke a 40-year old NFL record that was held by Jim Benton of the Rams, who caught 303 yards worth of passes in 1945. Paige had 107 yards ant he end of the first quarter, 258 yards at half-time. He also had TD catches of 56 and 84 yards. The 56-yarder was a connection with QB Todd Blackledge (right) and the 84-yard score was thrown by QB Bill Kenney. RBs Mike Pruitt and Herman Heard and TE Jonathan Hayes also had touchdowns for the Chiefs. The KC defense had three interceptions and three sacks, but there wasn’t much defense played as the teams combined for 968 offensive yards.

On December 22, 1991, the Chiefs beat the Raiders 27-21 at the Los Angeles Coliseum in a game that gave the Chiefs home-field for a first-round game in the playoffs. WR J.J. Birden and RB Barry Word had big days as the Chiefs held a 17-7 lead at the start of the fourth quarter and held on against a Raiders comeback. Word had 35 carries for 152 yards and a one-yard TD run. Birden caught eight passes for 188 yards and a pair of scoring passes from QB Steve DeBerg of 53 and 57 yards. K Nick Lowery added a pair of FGs. DeBerg finished 14 of 20 for 277 yards and the two TD throws to Birden.

On December 22, 1996, the Chiefs lost to the Buffalo Bills 20-9 at Rich Stadium. The Chiefs streak of making the playoffs ended at sixth as they were unable to beat the Bills in the final game of the ’96 season. The KC offense was unproductive and was not able to score a touchdown with QB Steve Bono at the controls. The Chiefs had 249 yards in total offense and Bono was 14 of 28 for 138 passing yards and two interceptions. K Pete Stoyanovich had the only points for the Chiefs with three field goals. Buffalo QB Jim Kelly (left) threw a pair of touchdown passes in the fourth quarter. The KC defense got an interception by LB Anthony Davis and two sacks from LB Derrick Thomas.

On December 22, 2002, the Chiefs beat the San Diego Chargers 24-22 at Arrowhead Stadium. It was a Michael Husted’s FG with 68 seconds to play that gave the Chiefs a victory in front of 77,899 fans. Husted was stepping in for the injured Morten Andersen. But the play from that game that will always be remembered is the 99-yard touchdown pass from QB Trent Green to WR Marc Boerigter in the third quarter that gave the Chiefs a 21-6 lead. Boerigter had an eight-yard TD catch earlier in the game and finished with 144 yards on five catches. The Chargers scored the next 16 points, setting up the dramatics late in the game with Husted. San Diego RB LaDainian Tomlinson ran 24 times for 131 yards.

34 Responses to “Drops Driving Haley Nuts …Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs”

  • December 22, 2009  - Rex says:

    The funniest part of Haley’s presser was when someone (hopefully not you, Bob) asked Haley if coaching could be to blame for the drops. Yeah, they’re being coached to not catch the ball.

  • December 22, 2009  - ThunderChief says:

    How refreshing would it be for a failing head coach to face the media and say something on the order of:

    “Everyone is at fault. The receivers for dropping passes, the defenders for not tackling, and the coaches, especially ME, for not being competent enough to get the job done. Questions?”

  • December 22, 2009  - el cid says:

    Even tho it is not the end of the season, I think we can see the Chiefs earn every win and loss and it sucks to be a Chief’s fan right now. Now, relisten to what Haley said. Nothing, it is a corporate secret. What a good little soldier. As I see it, we, fans, have no rights here because it is the Hunt family business to operate as they see fit. So it is what it is.

    BUT….. to be tied to the Chiefs, fans need to feel a connection, it needs to be OUR team. I say with the top secret atmosphere of the Chiefs that connection is in danger of being broken. Who care about them if all we are allowed to do is buy tickets to game, go to game and cheer. There is no need for other involvement. Add to the team being less, much less than average, we need something to tie us to them.

    All I am saying is the future will not cost the Hunts money (tv bucks) but could lose the fan interest. A dangerous path for all involved. Now go to Haley’s comments and picture the future.

  • December 22, 2009  - Husteak says:

    Agree 100% ThunderChief.

    Haley doesn’t seem to think that He or his Coaches have done anything wrong….it’s just the players and bad luck.

    I wonder how he would grade himself (Haley), and the job his coaches did this year. I bet he would say a B+ for himself and a B for his coaches (Pure Speculation).
    Before the Browns and Bills I would have graded them at a C- to D+ for all of them. But now…can anyone really make the case for anything better than an F or D- at best?

    This season is a total loss, save Charles, Succup, Flowers, Carr, and MAYBE Hali, Cottom.
    Best part of the season was kicking Johnson off the team!

  • December 22, 2009  - Mad Chief says:


    I haven’t agreed with everything Haley has done…and even been downright pissed a few times. He’s made some mistakes, and for the most part admitted them.

    But you know what? There’s no way on Earth you can say the man doesn’t care about winning. In his Rookie year…that’s good enough for me. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what he can do (next year) with a year’s experience under his belt. This “baptism by fire” he’s gone through this year, just might make him that much better and stronger. Of course, he could be crushed under the weight of it, too. Too early to tell. But for me? I’m going to give him the chance…and not rag on every move he makes that I don’t agree with.

  • December 22, 2009  - el cid says:

    Mad Chief, interesting as always. Just wondering, how many of those mistakes would have been made by a retread HC? Did not happen but he may not have been the correct hire. I suggest he can manage a team if it is in place and ready for his direction and he has not a clue of how to handle a limited talented, slow team with mostly cast offs from others. Once again we will see next year.

  • December 22, 2009  - Rodeo John says:

    Let’s say my kid is wanting to be a star in “x” sport. I go and pay a ton of money and get the best coaches to train my kid in that sport. If my kid doesn’t concentrate when it matters most, and fails to perform to the level that the kid has been trained to, is it the coaches fault? Honestly?

    So how are you going to sit there and say that it is all the coaches fault that a player didn’t catch the ball. Really? I love reading the comments. Some of you all make me think about a lot of things. And I understand the frustration. Trust me, I am frustrated too. Would have loved to have seen this team end at a minimum of 6-10. Which, in looking at the schedule was a realistic expectation. And shoot, just like the game against the Browns, had one play gone different we could have easily picked up 3 more W’s.

    But, let’s put the heat on everyone here. Nobody is without blame this season. TO INCLUDE THE FANS. Get in your little groups and complain to one another about how things are going. Get on line and complain to other Chiefs fans about how you thought a player screwed up. But to boo at the team on Sunday when they need the support the most? There is absolutely no dedication in that type of action what so ever. Lesser fans boo their own team. At the game. In front of the other team. To be continued….

  • December 22, 2009  - Mad Chief says:

    el cid,

    Haley may not have been the correct hire. I agree. But, it’s too soon to tell. For me it is, anyway. I don’t know how much better a “retread” could have done with this team.

    I gave Edwards a “pass” for 2+ years. So I figure the least I can do is give Haley one for a year. I’m willing to see if he’s learning, and can improve. When I started my current job 8 years ago…I didn’t have much of a clue, either. But now, I’m good at it. Let’s just hope Haley is a faster learner than I am.

  • December 22, 2009  - el cid says:

    Please, please we have heard it before, in the ’80s. What the Chiefs need is fans to cheer them on to victory. So much BS.

    If a WR loses his concentration when making a catch, there are mulitple problems. Does he have skills, did the coaches put him in the best position to succeed, did QB do his job properly, ad nas.

    With proper coaching, using what was left from herm, a few free agents, and decent draft, I think this team could of won 6 games. That was asking to much this year.

    Next year we will see if Pioli and Haley have the ability to fix their shortcomings. If they not, I have no problem booing until you are blue in the face. How else can you get Mr. Hunts attention?

  • December 22, 2009  - Rodeo John says:

    Its this kind of action that gives the other team motivation. And demoralizes your own team.

    Oh, and as far as this years draft went. Pioli really didn’t know what he had here. Yeah they let some players go. Pollard…suckin in Houston (got in a fight this weekend, real professional there); Tank Tyler…wasn’t even starting on his new team and is now on IR; TG…God bless him, he wanted to be on a team with a chance and who would blame him but unfortunately he ain’t makin the playoffs again this year. Hmm, let’s see who else have we let go this season that has made a huge impact on another team…oh yeah, Tyler Thigpen…hasn’t started a game yet in Miami…hasn’t played yet in Miami…so we traded a 3rd string QB…no harm there.

    Don’t know if anybody caught it but Pioli and his scouting staff are getting ready to start working a minimum 12 hour days, 6 days a week until the draft. He will get some players in here that are going to make things better. Some of our starters we have now will become 2d string. They will know the system and be viable back-ups. Haley has already said he is going to get an OC in here to help him out. He has admitted that it wasn’t the perfect situation this year. But he did what he thought was best for the team at the time. Well alright, coach, if thats what you think. Course hindsight is always 20/20 and who knows maybe he is right. Maybe the friction would have made things worse. WE WILL NEVER KNOW.

    Those of us who were fans in the late 70′s and 80′s know this kind of pain. It sucks. It hurts. It will go away. Stay the course. It is always worth it in the end.

  • December 22, 2009  - el cid says:

    John sorry to take up space but where did you get your info. Boone is playing DE regularily and Pollard might of had the speed we do not have on spec. teams to have stopped one of the TD returns. We could argue the need to use any of herm’s guys all day. I cannot find where Haley said he was hiring a OC for next year? He also seem more than satisfied the “progress” so far. So where does your info come from?

  • December 22, 2009  - Jim Lloyd + says:

    Rodeo John , good point about these kid’s . They aren’t from here and don’t care about outcomes as much as fan’s do in the middle of a losing season .
    Read post from Jack D. in Bob Gretz coment ” Pushed Aside ” from yesterday.

  • December 22, 2009  - SG says:

    “Haley may not have been the correct hire. I agree. But, it’s too soon to tell. For me it is, anyway. I don’t know how much better a “retread” could have done with this team.”

    What are the real chances of Haley being forced by his GM to pick a real coaching staff (especially a defensive coordinator) in the offseason and allow a real offensive coordinator to call games? His decisions are coming back to bite him in the…well…resume’! Will he possibly have lost his chance to return after this final debacle?

  • December 22, 2009  - Mad Chief says:

    el cid says:
    “Please, please we have heard it before, in the ’80s.”

    Yes, we’ve been here before. Who got us turned around? A new GM and a new coach.

    And several weeks ago Haley did say he would be “open to” the idea of hiring an OC. I think it will just depend on if he can find the right man for the job. He needs to be looking for a QB coach, too. I hope he finds good men for both positions…so he can concentrate on being Head Coach.

  • December 22, 2009  - Mad Chief says:

    SG says:

    “What are the real chances of Haley being forced by his GM to pick a real coaching staff (especially a defensive coordinator) in the offseason and allow a real offensive coordinator to call games?”

    I’d say those chances are doubtful. But, I wonder though…if Haley will have the same problem with coaches that Pioli will have with FA’s? I mean, how easy would it be to get a good coach to come to the Chiefs as an OC or a DC…if they have other options available?

  • December 22, 2009  - jimbo says:

    I’m not convinced that Todd Haley can give up calling the plays, even if he had an OC. The man is driven to win games. The OC is the man with the all the moves & power. He is pivotal to getting the offense into a rhythm, sustaining long drives & outwitting the opponent. A special reward all it’s own. Even though the Head Coach get’s the credit, the OC knows it was his brilliant play calling that ultimately can win games.
    Obviously Todd Haley has figured out he wore too many hats this year. The real question is which one of those hats fits him best?. I don’t think he knows either. I think Todd Haley is finding out that a Head Coach’s job sucks. Maybe he would rather be OC next year & give up his Head Coaching job to a man familiar with KC. Maybe we could welcome back a man named Bill Cowher.

    Maybe I’m just dreaming here. But Todd Haley is not the first, one year head coach to second guess his decision to be HC. Maybe he is finding out that his real passion is running an offense, not a team.
    Go Chiefs.

  • December 22, 2009  - Double A says:

    Everybody is the stands was totally deflated when Bradley dropped that ball. It was an extremely well thrown ball at a very important down. The worst offender though is mike Cox. I don’t even know why is in on passing downs.

    I would not blame the Chiefs is they took Dez Bryant with their first pick. The hardest thing to watch Sunday was the dropped balls.

  • December 22, 2009  - big vess says:

    My advice to Todd Haley and Scott Pioli is to go after the following guys that may be avalable Off cordinator and recievers coach Al Saunders he is just sitting in Baltimore just wasting time as the asst off cordinator under Cam Cameron he is just like Haley aggressive and loves to shift except he does not always goes for some of the bonehead fourth down plays Haley does . Now that King Carl is gone you can make him assistant head coach.If Haley fails later he can take over as head coach look what he did for the Chiefs offense in the Vermeil years. Bowe, Charles, Chambers and a promising young reciever would blossom under Saunders. The recievers would not be dropping balls like they are. Dick Jauron as the defensive coordinator look what he has done for the Jags, Bears , and Bills defense . To me he is a far better in defense than Pendergrast could ever be. They both bring experience to the staff and a experienced quarterback coach that would work with Cassel. Look out!!!! You may have something there.

  • December 22, 2009  - Alexthe"GREAT" says:

    LOL..I love the wishful thinking about getting new coachs in here but the truth is we WON’T! LOL….Haley is an arrogant,stubborn coach who believes he’s right and is willing 2 crash and burn before he admits he was wrong….lol. He is only a puppet and can care less how the fans/players/media view him, b/c he answers 2 1 man Pioli. I laugh at the fact that people believe the scouts from the previous regime had something 2 do with this years draft. U people really believe Pioli was tricked or conned into taking Jackson at 3? Now that he has his “scouts” in place, there will be nomore excuses for Pioli next year! It will be time for him 2 fall on his on sword for the bad drafting and FA’s or lack thereof.

  • December 22, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    Alexthe”GREAT” says:
    “an arrogant,stubborn coach who believes he’s right and is willing 2 crash and burn before he admits he was wrong”

    You just described Herm Edwards to a T.

  • December 22, 2009  - Husteak says:

    “Anonymous says:
    Alexthe”GREAT” says:
    “an arrogant,stubborn coach who believes he’s right and is willing 2 crash and burn before he admits he was wrong”

    You just described Herm Edwards to a T.”

    He hit the nail on the head for Haley too.

  • December 22, 2009  - Rodeo John says:

    December 22, 2009 – el cid says:
    John sorry to take up space but where did you get your info. Boone is playing DE regularily and Pollard might of had the speed we do not have on spec. teams to have stopped one of the TD returns. We could argue the need to use any of herm’s guys all day.

    el cid – If you go through his interviews about 2 weeks ago, Haley was asked about the whole OC situation and Haley said that he would prefer to have an OC, that is what he has known and what he is used to. Essentially, he has been trained/experienced that as the best way to operate. Bob reiterated that in one of his write-ups as well.

    Sorry, forgot about Boone. Still, you further illustrate my point that of all the guys that were let go this year, there are very, very few who are starting on a regular basis.

    As for Pollard and his speed…the biggest issue with both of the kick-off returns was poor tackling…not so much speed. And we all KNOW how Bernard Pollard had a natural ability to miss tackles. He could lay one heckuva hit…I’ll give you that…but the guy missed more tackles than he laid down hits.

    We all have our opinions on how this team should be run. Ain’t none of them going to be the same. But it is killing me to see people acting like this team is the Titanic and they are bailing on them…just because it has been a rough stretch.

    Hope everyone has a great day. I will be back tomorrow.

  • December 22, 2009  - Mad Chief says:

    Haley has said several times “that’s on me” and that he has to do better. What do you guys want…a personal letter of apology?

    And I still don’t see where the “arrogance” thing comes from…for Haley or Pioli. Other than a Whitlock article. Maybe you guys can explain that to me?

    Finally, maybe it’s just me…but I WANT a coach who “believes he’s right”. How many NFL coaches do you think don’t “believe they’re right”?

    Funny how some of you guys are ready to throw Haley under the bus…less than one year after taking over one of the worst teams in football. Of course, Alexthe”GREAT” has been wishing for Haley and Pioli to fail since they got here…so he can be “right”. Good on ya, pal. That’s a TRUE Chiefs fan…hoping our guys fail.

  • December 22, 2009  - Alexthe"GREAT" says:

    Mad Chief u have your perspective and I have mine. Hey if they prove me wrong then i’m a happy Chiefs fan again, if not……then I was right…Haley is nothing but a golf coach posing as a HC for the NFL….and Pioli benefited from Belichicks knowledge of the game. Hey its a win-win for me…kinda like playing in Vegas, u gotta know how 2 spread your chips…lol.

  • December 22, 2009  - Jim Lloyd + says:

    Haley is headed in the right direction , but I agree with some that there are players , some gone , some here , that are testing the coach and just don’t really have that careing feeling , like Tony,Trent and others .
    The end result is if you really don’t think that your going to be here for your whole career , do you loose a little of the ” grip on the Tapezze handle ” and when you fall , O-WELL , another team is there to catch the fall .
    Last Sun. I saw player’s standing close , but NOT putting ANY effort to tackel .
    Same effort when the ball HAD to be caught .
    It was like I will show you , Todd , if you don’t like it, get some one who really give’s a sh!t …..
    My Question is , am I wrong ?????????

  • December 22, 2009  - Alexthe"GREAT" says:

    We all seem 2 have atleast a basic idea of what needs 2 be done so this team can improve and compete on an NFL level and we r only fans…..why isnt Haley exploring all of his options? Stupidity/Arrogance/Blind I’ll let u choose Mad Chief!

  • December 22, 2009  - Mad Chief says:

    Alexthe”GREAT” says:
    “Hey its a win-win for me…”

    If you consider the failure of this team a “win” for you…then you are no Chiefs fan.

  • December 22, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    One good thing about the bad times. It exposes the fair weather fans.

  • December 22, 2009  - Alexthe"GREAT" says:

    That is so true Anon…I think the same thing when I’m the only Chiefs fan at my local sportsbar trying 2 defend my Chiefs….hehe!

  • December 22, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    So you defend your Chiefs when your alone at the pub, and then come here to trash them when your among other chiefs fans. O.K. That makes a lot of sense.

  • December 22, 2009  - el cid says:

    Do not see Pioli or Haley very arrogant. I think they may just be in over their heads. Frankly, Haley does not seem very bright but I think part of that is the way he looks, carries himself and his actions. I think if the Chiefs had a more talented offensive players, Haley could do the job. Pioli keeps talking about how he wants to find talent. A mystery to me, because he has not found much yet and it seems to me a GM has more things to do than be a talent scout. As for not being a “good” fan, Alex only problem for me is reading his posts, you guys know how hard it is to just spell most words and he wastes time using numbers? And if the Chiefs were any good what would we post anyway, a bad team let’s us all spout of about every trivial thing under the sun.

  • December 22, 2009  - alex k says:

    attention …haley has STATED he PLANS to hire an OC/Quarterbacks coach in the offseason, he initally said this when he took the job…

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