Blackout Extends To Winning As Chiefs Fall 41-34

From Arrowhead Stadium

Didn’t see Sunday’s game between the Chiefs and Browns?

If you watched previous Chiefs games this season then you can close your eyes and conjure up what happened in Cleveland’s 41-34 victory. Local TV blackout or not, it was a familiar vision.

The KC defense got smacked by the Cleveland running game, giving up 351 yards. No opponent has ever run for as many yards in 50 seasons worth of games. The offense produced some yardage, but Chiefs receivers dropped nine passes on the afternoon, many in key situations. The special teams got a touchdown, but gave up two others, as Browns kickoff return Joshua Cribbs went 100 and 103 yards for touchdowns (right).

Those that did not see the game missed record setting performances by Cribbs and Browns RB Jerome Harrison. Cribbs now has eight kick return scores, the most in NFL history. Harrison ran for 286 yards, a Browns single-game record and the third best rushing game in league annals.

It’s ironic that the last time a Chiefs regular season game was not broadcast locally was on December 16, 1990, when Houston QB Warren Moon threw for 527 yards, the second biggest passing day in league history. Some 19 years and four days later, with local TVs dark again, Cribbs and Harrison turn in historic performances.

So there was plenty to talk and write about afterwards, and we’ve got it right here:

20 Responses to “Blackout Extends To Winning As Chiefs Fall 41-34”

  • December 21, 2009  - MenInRed says:

    I’m sure at times it looked as bad as it sound on the Radio, maybe it was a good thing that game was Blacked-out. I’m sure we will see more Black-out’s next year with performances like this, we couldn’t even Beat the Brownies. In fact we had a better record going into this game but the result allows them to tie us now at 3-11. The next two games I will have to write them off as well now. Its sure hard to hold any hope that we can win even 1 more game the rest of the year.

  • December 21, 2009  - Jim Lloyd + says:

    The Steelers are without Polamalu & the Chiefs are without Dorsey , When SD was missing Shan M. plus when B. Urlacker & Ray Lewis were missing I recall some of the losses that these teams had mount up on them .
    WAS the Glenn Dorsey loss (for his need ) due to only him missing or the fact that he was part of a group of guys that worked together very well , & when gone , it became a wide open hole that drained a huge amount of Yards away from the day ?????
    Did the Browns run most of their plays to their Left, and do we only know now that when Dorsey is NOT there , that KC needs to pay more attention to how big of a weak spot that left ?

  • December 21, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    MenInRed says:
    “Its sure hard to hold any hope that we can win even 1 more game the rest of the year.”

    I could handle losing some of these games a little easier…if we didn’t look so freakin’ bad doing it. Letting Cribbs take two “to the house”?A no-name running back runs on us for 286 yards? More and more dropped passes by our receivers? WTF???

    Absloutley disgusting.

  • December 21, 2009  - Alexthe"GREAT" says:

    Cassel,Haley there our men, if they cant do it no1 can! Cassel had a 99.1 rating against the Browns that was extremely impressive. “I can take 22 guys off the street and win 2 games” congrats coach u did that and we are all pround of u this year what an accomplshment u have 3. In coach Haley we should all trust b/c its all about the right 53…and yesterday I saw the right 53..boy am I excited about the years 2 come! Herm is an idiot..why did he draft Charles,Flowers,Carr,Dorsey,Albert,Cottam when its clear 2 Haley that these guys dont “GET IT” and cant play in this league? We need more Lance Longs, hopefully Haley cuts the rest of Herms’ draft class and shows the NFL how 2 really build and lead a team. Go Haley and Cassel in 2010-11

  • December 21, 2009  - Jim Lloyd + says:

    Duane Bowe said the drops are like—contages—.
    My first reaction was -> Stop ?
    OK — Maybe there – is something to – that !!
    Have you ever ( Everyone is going to think I’m nut’s ) Yan’ed and all of a suddend –you start other’s to do it ?
    The hard catches Bowe has little or no problem with and the easy ones are like he Yawns at ?
    If it is possiblity a fact that an hour or so before a game they came out and worked on throw & catches , with a cup of coffee —-Life is not that,—naw …

  • December 21, 2009  - Jim Lloyd + says:

    Alex , the easyest thing in the world to do is fire someone . But before you do it is not so simple to find the problem and fix it .
    When your dog looks at you and has to go out & pee and you don’t let him out , who’s fault is it if he goes on the carpret ?
    Given a little time and distance , anything can be solved . With that thought , ask – do I have someone better to work with ?

  • December 21, 2009  - Rick says:

    I was at that game when Warren Moon torched us!! Ate my tickets yesterday and didn’t make the trip. Got to watch it on tv and it looked like a rerun of alot of games for us. We were in 5 games this year with 1 play on offense or 1 stop on defense we could have won. Pendergast I hope your looking for a job in 3 weeks. How about Weis and Romeo for OC and DC. Two x patriots!!

  • December 21, 2009  - el cid says:

    Change of the Chiefs will only come with Clark Hunt making demands. I doubt anything will happen to Pioli or Haley. Not sure there will be many changes in coaches.

    I wanted to take a lot of shots based on my seating thru sunday’s game but will not. If this plan is what Clark wants, he needs to speak up. If not, some people need to fall on their swords. We will see after the end of the season, I do not expect anything during the last two losses. I suggest the next off season will fix nothing as I feel we may need as many as 12 starters and doubt they can be added in one off season…..So….. keeping Pioli/Haley in place will mean a rebuild into at least 2013 and no garantees then. That mean lots of losses and blackouts.

  • December 21, 2009  - Mad Chief says:

    el cid says:
    “I suggest the next off season will fix nothing as I feel we may need as many as 12 starters and doubt they can be added in one off season…”

    I disagree with you…and I agree with you.

    I think we WILL see this offseason bring some changes, and “fixes”. But, you’re right…there’s no way all the problem areas for this team will be taken care of by next year. There’s just too many.

    And, it’s disappointing as hell.

  • December 21, 2009  - el cid says:

    Got a topper for you, Mad Chief. Based on last draft, you know the one that no one blames on Pioli, why would you think they would do better this year?? Ditto free agency, Goff was a major find??

    My real point is 4-5 year fix in not something I support. Heck, I did not like Jackson to develope in 2-3 years. How many years of losing record, blackouts, and guys who are just guys can we (you and I) take?? Not 4-5 surely??

  • December 21, 2009  - Mad Chief says:

    el cid,

    I think we’ll get there before 4 or 5 years. Jackson has not been impressive so far, true enough. Maybe he’ll improve in the next few years…or maybe he’ll be a bust. We didn’t have a second round pick last year…and beyond that it’s a crapshoot. Hell, the draft is pretty much ALL a crapshoot really. Sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes you don’t. So hopefully, we’ll get lucky this time.

    As far as FA goes…I’ll beat the same old dead horse I’ve been beating. Convincing good players to come play for the Chiefs is going to be a HUGE problem for Pioli.

    I’m pretty pissed as a fan…not seeing any improvement from the team this year. And don’t anyone throw up that “we’ve won one more game this year” crap. We’re just as bad as we have been the last three years. 4 wins, 2 wins, 3 wins…it’s all pretty much the same. Right or wrong, I gave Pioli and Haley that so-called “pass” this year. But, they’re “on the clock” after the Denver game. I want to see some improvement from this team next year. Somewhere. ANYWHERE.

    I’ll be a Chief fan forever. But, I’m tired of seeing my team suck.

  • December 21, 2009  - Jim Lloyd + says:

    It seems to me that the Agents for these players that do a fast time or some weight work , dump the players on teams , let them graze on their statement’s and do little to correct the mess they make .
    Worst example in Oakland , but every team eat’s a lot of nothing at huge cost’s .
    OPP’s forgot about KC and falldown .
    The only up side is teams get tired and cut non-peforming players that are good and they go some where and get it in gear . KC has been lucky and they are better when it looks like it’t all over . There has ben some shipped out and lost after a bad spell of nothing .

  • December 21, 2009  - arrowhead1978 says:

    Wow, Jim the chiefs will be alot better when you learn how to spell… The chiefs need to call Herm back and see if he would come back for his last year or maybe just to help out in the draft, Carr and Flowers looked pretty good yesterday. Jim the Browns didn’t run to the left the whole game they ran it whichever way they wanted to. Wow Im surprised now you say that Dorsey was missing there is a huge hole left there, since everyone labeled him a bust, then surely it can’t be because he wasn’t there. Also Cassel threw up a pretty good rating, even though it wasn’t as good as Croyles 116 against a much better defense, but better then what he has done, I doubt he will come half as close next week against Cincy. The chiefs special teams blows, they should have had Cribbs on the first run back and on the second one everyone was comfortable being blocked.

  • December 21, 2009  - el cid says:

    Think we fans should forget about the Cleveland game, after all, it was blacked out, sort of like the chiefs did not play. As for what the team did offensively, defensely, or special teams, just look at what GM Pioli and HC Haley have collectively accomplished in less than a year. Very impressive, no grass grows under their feet.

  • December 21, 2009  - Red Robin says:

    lol u guys act like we was playing the 85 bears..cassell did good ..for crying out loud it was the BROWNS a game we should have won the hell with stats!!

  • December 21, 2009  - el cid says:

    Coach Haley must agree with you Robin based on his news conference. I am surprised the NFL did not award the game to Haley’s Chiefs afterall all the bad players are not his problem.

  • December 21, 2009  - Jim Lloyd + says:

    1978 ,I look at things I write and I don’t know if it’s OK . Some day’s it’s better & some ——-?

  • December 21, 2009  - arrowhead1978 says:

    It’s alright Jim, lol… Just bustin some balls.. Anyway I am not impressed with the way the whole chiefs organization handled the situation last year. They should have left Herm one more year then decided to cut it’s losses after the season, no doubt they wouldn’t have taken Haley after this season, maybe someone with more HC’ing experience? But at the same time the chiefs actually were progressing last year, they didn’t look this bad at this point last year!

  • December 21, 2009  - arrowhead1978 says:

    well Cottam looked good yesterday also 4 catches for 62 yards, I wonder if they plan on starting him the rest of the year or will Ryan be back in there?

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