You Were On The Clock … And Your Pick Was ….

As always, you guys were great in your reaction to the chance to be GM and make the Chiefs first pick. Many of you went ahead and picked the entire draft. Remarkable!

You can still read the comments attached to the original post here. I have others that will soon be added from votes that came in to me from various other avenues. In all there were 47 voters who named players individually for selection No. 21.

 The winner was Wisconsin OT Gabe Carimi. Here’s how the vote broke down:

  1. 16 – Wisconsin OT Gabe Carimi.
  2. 11 – UCLA LB Akeem Ayers.
  3. 10 – Florida C/G Mike Pouncey.
  4. 6   – Baylor NT Phil Taylor.
  5. 3   – Colorado OT Nate Solder.
  6. 1   – Purdue DE/OLB Ryan Kerrigan.


17 Responses to “You Were On The Clock … And Your Pick Was ….”

  • April 27, 2011  - RW says:

    I’m assuming no trade ups or backs, just straight off the line drafting for the Chiefs. If so, here’s how it could play out:

    #21– Nate Solder, OT. It’s past time for the team to address the age and/or average play in the Oline. Solder is huge, athletic and has more upside than others in this slot.

    #55– Danny Watkins, OG. Go strong or go home! Might as well get two on the Oline and call it a day for the front five. Protecting Cassel and opening running lanes for a ball control offense is a good game plan for 2011.

    #86– Edmond Gates, WR. Gates is a late riser up the boards after an excellent Combine and fills a huge need for the Chiefs.

    #118–Jerrell Powe, NT. Pioli returns to his Ole Miss honey hole and grabs another need guy to plug the middle of the Dline.

    #135–Ugo Chinasa, DE/OLB. Maybe that diamond in the rough Rushbacker to add to the mix in hopes that either he or Sheffield emerges as a genuine threat to pair with Hali.

    #140–Tyrod Taylor, QB. High character guy, mature and brings a different dimension to the developmental question. Could he be the answer? Time will tell but Taylor is worth burning a gamble pick here.

    #199–Roy Helu, RB. Need another developmental guy to back up the aging TJ and take some load off Charles. Unless you think Jackie Battle is the answer? I don’t.

    #223–Andre Smith, TE. Because Pioli has the hots for TEs. Everyone knows that so why should this draft be different?

  • April 27, 2011  - James says:

    If and when they get a new CBA, I believe the Chief’s will sign at least two WR’s and a veteran QB to back up Cassel. They might even go after a NT though I think they’ll bring Edwards and Smith back for another year.So here is my mock:
    21. OT Carimi. He starts at RT on day one and could eventually move to the left side. Richardson becomes the swing tackle.

    55. C Wisniewski. Might be a slight reach but I have a hunch about this guy. Plus he fits the right 53. Has great blood lines.

    86. DE Guy. Doesn’t have to start right away and can learn behind Smith and Jackson.

    118. NT Williams. Won’t be an every down player but again I have a gut feeling about this guy.

    135. RB Carter. Could replace Jones next year, maybe even this year.

    140. FS Culliver. Hopefully strike gold in the 5th round again at the FS position.

    199. OLB Keiser. Appears to be a Pioli type of player and could be a nice player behind Studebaker.

    222. ILB Dent. Time to show Mays the door and if nothing else a quality ST player.

    Thanks Bob for the opportunity to play GM.

  • April 27, 2011  - aPauled says:

    The Dolphins going RB with Mark Ingram. The Giants go another direction as well and the Chiefs #1 target falls into their laps:

    #21 C/G – Mike Pouncey – Florida

    #55 WR – Titus Young – Boise St

    #86 DE – Christian Ballard – Iows

  • April 27, 2011  - Tenand6 says:

    1. Mike Pouncey C
    2. Kenrick Ellis DT
    3. Edmond Gates WR
    4. Marcus Gilbert OT
    5. Ricky Stanzi QB
    6. Jacquizz Rodgers RB
    7. Chris White LB

  • April 27, 2011  - Tim says:

    It really depends on what’s there. I don’t believe we’ll trade up unless its only a couple of spots to get the NT from Baylor. If they stay where they are at 21, I believe it our guy will come from the following group: Baylor NT, Ayers, one of the OTs. Reasoning: I believe there will be a FA period. I believe we’ll make a hard run at a WR (Breaston, perhaps), an O-lineman, a Safety & a vet QB. That would fill some holes. I believe we go WR in round 2 before a run exhausts them. In the 3rd, I believe we get interior O-linemen.

  • April 27, 2011  - Haley's Ego says:

    Who knows?

    No Free Agency before the draft, needs at pretty much every position (still), and Pioli’s general unpredictability?

    It’s wide open…and nothing would surprise me. It might piss me off, but it won’t surprise me.

  • April 27, 2011  - Anonymous says:

    1st – Phil Taylor
    2nd – Stefen Wisniewski
    3rd – Randall Cobb or Leonard Hankerson

  • April 27, 2011  - Blake says:

    21. LB Ryan Kerrigan
    55. G/C Rodney Hudson
    86. WR Leonard Hankerson
    118. NT Jerrell Powe
    135. 0LB Mark Herzlich
    140. TE Lee Smith
    199. QB Greg McElroy
    222. WR Dwayne Harris

  • April 27, 2011  - el cid says:

    #21 trade down and pick up another #3. It is nuts but that would be an option.

  • April 28, 2011  - Slide says:

    My 2 cents, are we finally at best player available option as Pioli states. A couple of surprises in lines of reasoning: if Mark Ingram slips, he would be a much better option than Thomas Jones and an incredible Thunder and LIghtning combo. And our play action, which Baltimore killed us with on their side, would be fearful.

    The most important position on the field is QB. Last year everyone was clamoring for a QB, now we feel almost rich. What happens if Cassell goes down–Tyler Palko? I think we’ll probably sign a veteran, but I doubt anybody special. How about Andy Dalton? Most important things about a QB, accuracy and decision making; too me, his attitude and quick decision making and accuracy is my thought for a successful game manager. Could it be too early to pick an Aaron Rodgers or Kevin Kolb backup plan.

    In the end we do need upgrades on the offensive line, nose tackle and an all around linebacker. The other weakness exposed by Baltimore was Todd Heap destroying us, even with decent pressure — I think Akeem Ayers has the athletic ability to bring some reminiscence of Donnie Edwards. I think he fits a possible all around talent that won’t have to be subbed for in special packages.

    1st – Akeem Ayers OLB-ILB, UCLA: Can cover, rush, hold point and pursue.
    2nd – Titus Young WR: Great speed and hands. Skinny, but electric performer. A true WR, unlike Dexter.
    3rd – Jah Reid OT: Great size and potential.
    4th – Tim Barnes C/G: Versatile, competitive and instintive.
    5a – Delone Carter RB: Hard runner with good value here.
    5b – Darvin Adams, WR: Just makes big catches
    6 – Sione Fua NT: Hard worker and team player. Super attitude.
    7 – Tejay Johnson, FS: Super attitude and leader on an undefeated team.

  • April 28, 2011  - Zach S says:

    1st. OT Gabe Carami – The Chiefs need another great player to join the ranks of the unsung heroes on the line to keep their running game at the top of the league.
    2nd. The Chiefs are fortunate to grab Justin Houston here – who had been projected as a first-round pick before he failed a drug test. We may be getting late first round talent in the mid second round. He can compete with Scheffield as a pass-rusher.
    3rd -

  • April 28, 2011  - Michael says:

    You never know with what might be avialable, and what Pioli will do. I would like to see a trade down to get another pick. If Pioli clearly has a guy rated higher than anyone else on his board, he will take him; cornerback, safety, quarterback, runningback, doesn’t matter. That said, here goes:

    1.OL Watkins
    2.DL Powe
    3.WR-Gates seems to be popular (maybe Doss or Jernigan.
    4.LB-Herzlich is popular here (he just had a tv spot and is a great story; seems like a Pioli type guy. If not him, I could see a RB here like Vareen from Cal.
    5a. OL
    5b. QB
    6. DL
    7. TE

    Hey Bob, I know teams can trade current and future draft picks, but not current players. Could one get away with trading draft picks, and the famous “future considerations” without identifying what that might be and name it later?

  • April 28, 2011  - David says:

    Here are my thoughts:

    Biggest needs: NT, G, C, OT, OLB, WR
    Secondary needs: RB, QB

    First, receivers have a notoriously high bust rate; I don’t see the Chiefs drafting one until the third or fourth round and beyond. RB and QB are depth issues so they won’t be considered until fourth round and later either.

    NT is a high need but Phil Taylor may have too many question marks to be a “right 53″. Chiefs likely pass on him and hope for Ellis or someone else to be there in round 2-3 (I don’t think Eliis makes it that far).

    IF a truly exceptional pass-rushing OLB (or DE that can make the 3-4 switch) is there in the first, the Chiefs will be sorely tempted to take him. However, there is some raw talent already on the roster in Studebaker, Sheffield and Greenwood that could be used fill that hole. On the offensive line, there is no such potential beyond Jon Assamoah.

    But guards, centers and right tackles are usually harvested in the second round and down. So by that formula, it only makes sense for the Chiefs to take an OT in round one with the intent to install him at LT and shift Albert to RT or G. Of course, all of that goes by the boards if Pioli feels there is a truly exceptional G, C or RT available that can’t be ignored (Pouncey?).

    Bottom line, by the time the Chiefs are on the clock at #21, they may feel that what is available is not worthy of the pick or too risky in which case they try very hard to trade down a few notches.

    My opinion is that the Chiefs can help the team the most by focusing on both lines and OLB. They have to get a stronger pass rush to help a fine secondary (NT, OLB). They need to continue to improve their run defense (NT). And they need a stonger O-line for pass protection and run blocking. Remember, the Vermeil offense was outstanding with only Tony and Priest as top flight weapons. As much as we need another receiver, Trent did quite well with Kennison and Morton.

    Get a top pass-rusher with pick #21 if you can and then load up at NT and O-line. But trading down would likely really enhance their prospects.

    I’d also be interested in taking a flier on Bruce Carter if he slips to round 3.

  • April 28, 2011  - KC_Guy says:

    Akeem Ayers – the bookend Tamba needs on the other side. He’ll need a year or so to stop overplaying or trying to make the highlight reel … but is probably the best allround OLB available at #21. Alternative at OLB: Brooks Reed – a pure pass rusher. Two of them at both sides? I highly doubt it.
    Alternative position: OT

    Although NT may be a bigger need I think the Chiefs will pass on Taylor and go for a second day guy like Ellis, Powe or (hold your breath) Marvin Austin.

  • April 28, 2011  - el cid says:

    Random thought, how about Ingram, RB Ala, if still there. Then once the dust settles, trade him to NE for multiple choices in ’12?

  • April 28, 2011  - el cid says:

    Sorry to be out of the KC area. Would have liked to sit on my back deck and listen to everyone yell “how did ole el cid guess they would trade down???”

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