What they are saying in Indy – Volume 6

From Indianapolis, Indiana

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin on his team coming together – “The players have been responding very, very well. They came together as a group. There’s been no question that our confidence building is boosted by the players on defense. We were able to get our entire defensive team together, that’s given us the boost. We’ve played in harmony with all three units. Of course, special teams came through for us out in San Francisco against a very, very good San Francisco team. We were able to turn the ball over at the end of the game and win it. It’s been that way. We’ve had our backs to the wall. The players have performed very well under that circumstance. Our leader, our quarterback, has been a very cool customer and has done very well late in the fourth quarter, (in) many games this year, and put us in a position where we’re going to win.”

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick on the Super Bowl experience – “Every Super Bowl is special, and it’s a real privilege to be involved. I know this is my eighth one as a head or assistant coach, but it’s what you work for all year going all the way back to February or March when you start putting your team together and training camp and all the meetings. It’s like 111 practices a year, or whatever it is, but it’s a long haul. To be able to get here is what you work for, so it’s a great experience. Each one is different. They’re all special, and it’s really a great reward for all the hard work and competitive success that we’ve had on the field throughout the course of the year to be able to be here and represent our conference in this great game.”

Coughlin on what it takes to be a winner – “Surround yourself with people who have an outstanding work ethic, people who are business-like, who are focused and concentrated. Get everybody on the same page and have the same inspiration, same kind of drive, same kind of desire. Do the very, very best you can. Work to the best of your ability. Be efficient. Don’t waste time. You have to be organized and you need to be in a position where you are mentally prepared for all circumstances that might happen in the course of a season. Football is a cumulative game. You must continue to work on the situational things. You boil it down to blue-collar work ethic. You go to work every day and work as hard as you possibly can and surround yourself with great people. Keep your eye on the prize, which is very, very important to us and was a big factor in our ability to eventually win the division this year, knowing full well we were in contention all the way through. It was good to end it there.”

Belichick on whether a win on Sunday would make him decide to retire – “Right now, I’m really thinking, ‘What’s the best thing I can do to help our football team on Sunday against the Giants?’ I want to really try to do a good job in the job that I have. I enjoy all the aspects of the job. I enjoy the team-building, the drafting, the free agents, team acquisitions – those kind of things. I enjoy bringing in the young players and working with guys who haven’t been in the NFL and teaching them the basic fundamentals in how to become a professional football player for the New England Patriots. I enjoy working with the veteran players, the Tom Bradys and the Vince Wilforks and the Wes Welkers and all those kind of players that can do really special things because of their not only talent, but experience. I enjoy the competition on a weekly basis. Not just on Sundays, but the preparation leading up into the game. I enjoy all of it. It beats working. It’s fun to address those challenges on a daily basis, so right now I’m really focused on the game and that’s where my energy is going to go, toward doing the best I can for the New England Patriots against the Giants on Sunday.”

Coughlin on fine line between winning and losing – “You have to have a great appreciation for this. Anyone who goes through this experience and doesn’t grab a hold of it or grasp the significance of it doesn’t understand that there are great, outstanding coaches and players who haven’t been to a Super Bowl game, and get to this point. You thank God for the opportunity and you never, ever tire or even possibly think this happens on a normal basis. It doesn’t. It’s tough to be in this position and get to this point. You have to constantly be aware of that. The way I look at it, there are many outstanding players and coaches who never get to this point.”

Belichick on dealing with the Super Bowl’s lengthy half-time period – “Normally our half-time is 12 minutes and this halftime will be closer to 30, so two and a half times as long. I think it really gets into a whole restarting mentality. It’s like playing a game, stopping, and then playing a second game. It’s like a double-header in baseball, if you will. I think that makes it a little bit different and we tried to simulate that in practice on Wednesday where we had the players go through that process of restarting. I just felt that it was beneficial for our team this year to actually put them through that. Go out there and warm up, practice, take a break, shut it down for a half hour, go into the locker room, simulate what a half time would be in terms of corrections, adjustments and restarting our bodies, both mentally and physically to restart the game with ‘Here’s how we are going to start the second half, here’s the plays we’re going to run, here’s the things they did to hurt us, here’s the things we have to be ready for’, things like that. We just tried to go through that process on a time frame more like it’s going to be this week than what it’s been in other games this season.”

3 Responses to “What they are saying in Indy – Volume 6”

  • February 3, 2012  - Johnfromwichita says:

    Who cares? I’m just watching the ads. And drinking beer. And eating finger food. Wait til next year. Go Chiefs.

  • February 4, 2012  - el cid says:

    Guess you could start getting an idea of NE roster guys about at the end of careers, maybe the next “hope” for Chiefs, just a few draft picks. LOL

  • February 5, 2012  - Johnfromwichita says:

    Yeah, but Patriots West is beginning to get old. Pioli has start thinking outside of New England, or simply go back there himself and let KC do something different.

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