Were Ravens Rubbing It In & Other Notes

From M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore, Maryland

With two minutes left in Friday night’s game between the Chiefs and Ravens, a touchdown by Baltimore gave John Harbaugh’s team a 24-13 lead.

About a minute later, the Ravens got the ball back on an interception. They immediately went to the air for a big play, as QB Hunter Caldwell went deep to WR LaQuan Williams for 38 yards as he beat Chiefs CB Quinten Lawrence.

With the ball at the Chiefs 3-yard line and approximately 30 seconds to play, NFL decorum would suggest taking a knee and letting the clock run out.

But the Ravens ended up calling a pair of timeouts, so they could save enough time and RB Anthony Allen scored on a 1-yard run.

Harbaugh knew he was walking a fine line in NFL etiquette, because he made sure he talked to Todd Haley about the situation after the game. And, it was the first thing he addressed in his post-game meeting with the media.

“I want to apologize to the Chiefs if they feel like we were not doing the right thing at the end of the game,” Harbaugh said. “The mindset was ‘this is pre-season.’ If this had been the regular season, we would have been on a knee.

“I just felt like it was the right thing to do for our players.”

Did Haley buy what Harbaugh was selling in their post-game conversation?

“I just said pre-season is for the young guys and he said ‘OK’,” Harbaugh said. “I have a lot of respect for Todd Haley and a lot of respect for the Chiefs organization and what they do. That’s a really good football team, a very physical football team. I think they’re doing a great job with their football team.”


FB Le’Ron McClain and NT Kelly Gregg were both in the starting lineup against their old teammates Friday night. OT Jared Gaither was on the field as well, but he was not dressed to play as he deals with a knee injury.

“At first I didn’t think nothing of it,” Gregg said of his return to Baltimore. “But I told my wife, as I was thinking about it, I got a little nervous. I haven’t been nervous in a long time.”

Gregg went out of his way to thank the Baltimore fans. “They were great my whole time here and I appreciate them,” Gregg said. “Everybody always made my stay here enjoyable.”

Gregg finished with four tackles, including one for minus yardage. McClain touched the ball twice, running once for two yards and catching a pass and picking up 15 yards.


The Chiefs had six players who were not dressed for Friday night’s game: WR Jonathan Baldwin (wrist), C/G Darryl Harris (knee), OT Jared Gaither (knee), NT Anthony Toribio (knee), LB Erick Bakhtiari (head) and OT Ryan O’Callaghan (unknown).

Dressed but not taking part in the game for the Chiefs according to the statistical mavens were WR Chris Manno, DB Mario Russell and TE Charlie Gantt.

For the Ravens, they were without 3 starters: C Matt Birk, RG Marshal Yanda and MLB Ray Lewis. They had 8 other players that did not play.


It was game No. 2 for both of these teams with the new rules on kickoffs being moved to the 35-yard line. Here’s what went down for each side:

Chiefs – Ryan Succop kicked off four times, and put three in the end zone, but none went for touchbacks. He averaged four yards deep.

Ravens – Both Billy Cundiff and Jake Hartman kicked off. Cundiff hit all four of his kicks into the end zone, on average to seven yards deep.

In all there were 10 kickoffs, nine landed in the end zone and 4 went for touchbacks. The teams combined for six kickoff returns for an average of 25.1 yards per return.


After not having any penalties walked off against them last week in the game vs. Tampa Bay, the Chiefs were hit with seven penalties Friday night by Gene Steratore and his crew. Here were the guilty parties in KC uniforms:






Lost Play



False start









+6 run



ST Holding



+26 punt return



False start






Personal foul



+14 punt return



Delay of game






Def. pass inter.





Serving as captains for the Chiefs were NT Kelly Gregg, DE Glenn Dorsey, FB Le’Ron McClain and WR Terrance Copper. All but Dorsey were once members of the Ravens … the game was the first time the Chiefs and Ravens have played each other in the pre-season. It was the seventh meeting overall, including regular season and the playoffs. Baltimore now leads the overall series with four victories … the Chiefs are now 1-9 in pre-season games under Todd Haley. They are 0-5 on the road.

4 Responses to “Were Ravens Rubbing It In & Other Notes”

  • August 20, 2011  - Dave says:

    Bob, there’s a report out from Baltimore station WNST that claims…

    “Haley angrily scolded Harbaugh for his perceived bush league move. Harbaugh said to him “those guys are trying to make my team and the game is 60 minutes long.” Harbs then waved his hand at him like “whatever””

    That doesn’t fit what any other media outlet, including yourself, have said. Nor does it fit what Harbaugh himself said after the game. But nevertheless, their story is starting to gain traction at various football sites. They even have opinion columns up now ripping Haley for daring to “lecture” Harbaugh, as if it was the McD finger wagging all over again.

    Just curious if you can officially shoot that that story down.

  • August 20, 2011  - Dan-NY says:

    While no one likes seeing our team fed extra scoreboard humiliation, I think Harbaugh did the right thing for his guys. Preseason is live simulation of a real game, and that includes end-of-game tactics and strategy.

    The “game is 60 minutes long” lesson works both ways, including for our 3rd string defense. I would expect that Todd Haley would appreciate as much as anyone the importance to squeeze as many quality reps as possible for every player.

  • August 20, 2011  - Dave says:

    Well, the “Haley yelled at Harbaugh” story has officially become the accepted version of what happened, despite it being completely untrue.

    Oh well.

  • August 20, 2011  - Michael says:

    I don’t think Haley or the Chiefs care what others believe.

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