Wednesday Night Practice Report

From Arrowhead Stadium

The Chiefs opened the doors to Arrowhead Stadium and a couple thousand fans enjoyed a free taste of the renovated stadium and a two-hour practice from Todd Haley and his team.

The head coach liked the idea of getting his team into the stadium for a look before Friday night’s pre-season game against Philadelphia. It’s a place that a good portion of the roster has never seen and those that have been there might not recognize many parts of the building that underwent a $375 million renovation.

“I’m pretty anxious to get up there and see some of it, and here before too long, once I find a little free time, I want to get up there and take a good look around,” Haley said. “We as a team are really looking forward to this, going up there and getting a feel for our new stadium before we actually hit the field.

Once they did get on the field, the focus was the Philadelphia Eagles and preparing to meet one of the NFC’s better teams on Friday evening.

Here are some observations:

–Sitting out of Wednesday night’s practice were RT Ryan O’Callaghan, G Darryl Harris and CB Maurice Leggett. Harris was rehabbing his left knee injury and Leggett made his first appearance since he was taken off the field in Tampa on Saturday with a neck injury.

– OCallaghan suffered a right-leg injury in practice on Tuesday morning and was not part of the Wednesday night practice. Taking his spot in the starting lineup was Barry Richardson.

– QB Brodie Croyle was dressed and threw the ball in individual drills, but he did not take part in the team work portions of practices. Tyler Palko continued to fill the role as the No. 2 quarterback. Croyle continues to wear a small pad on his right forearm.

– DE Wallace Gilberry continued to take snaps with the No. 1 defense in some situations during the Wednesday night session, replacing last year’s first-round pick Tyson Jackson. Coach Todd Haley said he and his coaches are trying to find the right roles for all their players.

– After various experiments, the defensive staff seems to have settled on its nickel defense, with OLB Mike Vrabel moving inside next to ILB Derrick Johnson and Andy Studebaker playing on the edge where Vrabel used to play. CB Javier Arenas is the nickel back.

7 Responses to “Wednesday Night Practice Report”

  • August 25, 2010  - Merwin says:

    Just wondering, maybe we should have traded the 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks in ’09 to the Pat’s for Cassel, Vrabel and DE Seymour. I’m not sure what the Raiders gave up for Seymour but if the Chiefs had made a pitch for him I’m sure they would have gotten him. I just think that this year will be the deciding factor for Jackson and Magee.

  • August 25, 2010  - TruChief09 says:

    The Raiders traded a 2011 1st round draft pick for Seymour. So we could have kept that third rounder and use it on something else!

  • August 26, 2010  - Edward says:

    Guys Jackson and Magaee are only in yr 2 of their career its too early to call these guys busts. I think both guys will be fine they may not make a huge impact this yr but next yr and beyond I think both guys have too much talent and good coaching not to be good. They just don’t have the experience yet for it to completely translate on the field. When you start throwing guys under the bus this early on in their careers you just look stupid you have give guys a chance to develop and understand playing that position takes time for guys to develop.

  • August 26, 2010  - Husteak says:

    Edward – Two names for ya…Ryan Simms and Jarred Allen.

    Sims looked like a bust from day 1…and…he was a bust. Still second team for the Buc’s.
    Allen looked great his first year…and he is now a perennial pro bowler.

    Put down the Kool-aid. Sounds like you listen to too much coach speak. Then come on here and regurgitate it.

    Jackson sucks and will continue to suck.

  • August 26, 2010  - Michael says:

    NFL history is full of one or two year wonders who then bust. And it’s also full of guys, especailly defensive linemen, who do take some time to develop.

    Jared Allen did not look great from the get-go, that’s just wrong. He flashed some pass rush ability, which is what kept him around, because he sucked at run defense. Ever hear of Neil Smith? First part of his career was a rough go, but he turned out alright. Does it ever happen that a guy comes in and is a monster right off? Yes, but that’s not the rule, and almost everyone knows that.

    It sounds like you actually want Jackson to fail. Why is that?

  • August 27, 2010  - cychief24 says:

    Jared Allen still can’t stop the run and is the most easily fooled DE in the league.

  • August 27, 2010  - Husteak says:

    Michael – 9 sacks as a rookie 11 the next year, isn’t a great start?
    Who on this team has had 9 sacks in a year since?
    Tamba had 8.5 last year (his best yr…lead the team.)

    Have you watched Jackson in the pre-season games (THIS YEAR)? All the kool-aide drinking/coach speak listeners have said he will make a BIG jump this year. (Same thing you idiots said about Sims)
    Jax still looks like a boy playing men. He is either stuffed at the line or driven, on every down. The guy sucks. Dorsey could turn into something, but Jackson won’t…period! I don’t want Jax to fail. I’m just being a realist. He should have shown some flashes of being good by now (even Sims showed SOME flashes – albeit very few). And to my (untrained) eye…Jax has’t shown ANY flashes of being good…let alone great. Ryan Sims Jr. (maybe worse)

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