Wednesday 12/22 Practice Report-Update2

From the Truman Sports Complex

It was cold outside late Wednesday morning. It will be cold outside this coming Sunday. So as the Chiefs began their preparation week for facing the Tennessee Titans, Todd Haley had his team practicing outside.

And, the head coach was outside wearing shorts. Haley was the only coach, player, trainer, equipment man on the field with legs exposed.

Is the man crazy?

“No, not really, you know what point he’s trying to make,” said veteran LG Brian Waters. “You appreciate the fact he’s trying to make that point. We all realize that it’s cold, but it’s something you just have to deal with and it’s something that it’s up to you to not let it affect your game.”

Easier said than done when it is 25 degrees with a wind chill making it feel like it’s in the high teens. Spend two hours outside and even with the moving around and running that comes in a football practice, there’s no stopping the shivers.

Waters learned that early in his career with the Chiefs. The Texas native admitted that even now he’s not fully adjusted to the type of cold he and his teammates worked in on Wednesday. But Waters said it all becomes a matter of mind games.

“A lot of it’s just mental,” said Waters. “It’s like when it’s hot out there and the fans are passing out and we are out there in pads running around; it’s just a mental thing. It’s a different end of the spectrum.

“When it’s cold outside, you just have to be able to go out there and deal with the mental part. You have to tell yourself it’s not cold, or take yourself mentally back to a hot summer day and wrap yourself up in that. Whatever you have to do, you do it to get through.”

The Chiefs were bundled up and working hard Wednesday. It was work that they say will provide them with an edge when game time comes this Sunday, next Sunday and they hope, a Sunday after that.

“This is football weather, this is the nitty-gritty,” said QB Matt Cassel. “Coming home to Arrowhead, it’s a place we’ve played well and as the cold weather comes in, hopefully that works to our advantage. Coach Haley has done a great job in preparing us for that situation. We practice outside a lot and I think our team will be ready.”

On Wednesday it was two weeks since his appendectomy, so how did Cassel come through the St. Louis game?

“It was a normal Monday for me,” Cassel said. “I came in and got some treatment, watched some film, worked out, just a typical Monday. There was no residual pain, no soreness. It felt good.”

Missing from the practice field was LB Cory Greenwood. If anyone would have enjoyed the weather it would have been the man from Canada. But he was not on the field because of an illness.  DB Donald Washington did not practice, as he’s been dealing with a left ankle/foot injury. He was in the rehab area.

The Titans had three players that did not practice on Wednesday: DE Jason Babin (shoulder), K Rob Bironas (groin) and QB Kerry Collins (finger). Listed as limited participation was DT Jason Jones (shoulder) and LB David Thornton (hip). DT Sen’derrick Marks (ankle) was a full participant.

8 Responses to “Wednesday 12/22 Practice Report-Update2”

  • December 22, 2010  - jim says:

    Gotta love Haley. Don’t do as I SAY do, do as I DO.

    Said it once and I’ll repeat it again – I really like our mojo right now. Seeems like everybody is on the same page and ramping up the focus and energy level.

  • December 22, 2010  - RW says:

    I’m a born and bred KC guy now living in the deep South and know that dealing with the cold is not something that comes with the geography of where you live, play or are born. Warmer in the winter is better. Say it again: Warmer in the winter….(you get it)

    I’m still amazed at these guys that show up to play without long sleeves when the temps are below freezing. OK, enough of the climatic concerns.

    The point is about who wants it the most, weather be damned! If a guy from his native state Florida wants it more than a guy from Wisconsin, I’m going with the Florida guy. Get my drift?

    Who wants it more this weekend? The easy answer is the Chiefs but I heard Jeff Fisher say on Sirius that his team would finish strong, “Count on it”, and that was before his win last Sunday. The Chiefs need to bust up some bodies and TAKE the AFC West because no one is going to give it to them. No one.

  • December 22, 2010  - jim says:

    Not sure how “in tune” Fisher is with the gut of his team these days, but just being a professional, I wouldn’t expect anything less from their players.

    It’s gonna be a dog fight (leave Vick out of this)this Sunday, and the better prepared team will win.(read: Chiefs).

  • December 22, 2010  - Niblick says:

    I see where Terry Collins didn’t practice for the Titans. I guess Chris Simms is his backup. This could be an additional advantage for the Chiefs if Collins can’t go. I think this will be a very tough game. The Titans played well last week, but they were at home. It’s going to be very cold which should favor the Chiefs. I also checked on the weather in Cincinatti. Very cold with light snow plus it’s a night game. Perhaps that will slow down the warm weather Chargers.

  • December 22, 2010  - Elmer says:

    Got to agree with Jim this teams mojo is great. We also have a Quaterback ladies and gentlemen!!!

  • December 22, 2010  - Edward says:

    Agreed Elmer. NOw hopefully the fans that are in Kc show up and sale out the game. I hate I don’t live in KC because i would definately be there to show up for the game. But any Chiefs fans in the area that are able to go please go support these guy. We’re going need 12th man in full effect to pull out these two wins.

  • December 22, 2010  - dan says:

    Cold is cold….it is how you play the game in the cold that matters.

  • December 23, 2010  - Thomas says:

    I agree with Edward. Chiefs fans for the past several seasons have complained about how this team has played. NOW it’s time for the fans to show up at the next two games and show their support and make some noise for the home team.
    This teams needs everyone to get loud and cheer them on.
    GO Chiefs.

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