Wednesday 12/1 Practice Report-Update

From the Truman Sports Complex

Another item for the file labeled “Chiefs coaches leaving no stone unturned” add K Ryan Succop with his own tackling drill during Wednesday’s practice.

Head coach Todd Haley had his team working outside in the cold and breezy sunshine and Succop was over near the defensive lineman with special teams coach Steve Hoffman, grabbing and knocking down tackling dummies.

All 61 players were on the field for practice, but only CB Jackie Bates was in the rehab area. Bates suffered a left knee injury in the second half on Sunday in Seattle. On the team’s official practice/injury report he was listed as did not participate. Everyone else was dressed and in practice, however many of them were doing more watching than working.

On the offensive line, RG Ryan Lilja (foot) was watching while Jon Asamoah was in with the No. 1 offensive line. LT Branden Albert was back working with the first team. Lilja was down as a limited participant.

In the secondary, CBs Brandon Flowers and Javier Arenas, along with FS Kendrick Lewis were watching in the position drills. Flowers missed last Sunday’s game with a hamstring injury, while Lewis played but has had recent hamstring problems as well. Arenas was a busy man in the Seattle game and his limited participation was likely related to overall body fatigue. Only Flowers was on the practice report, listed as limited. FS Jon McGraw (head) was down as a full participant in the workout

The situation with Flowers and Bates forced the Chiefs to make a roster move, as they re-signed CB Mike Richardson, who was with them last year. To make a spot for him, they waived rookie LB Justin Cole.

WR Dexter McCluster appeared to be taking a full turn with the receivers and offense after missing the last five games with that high ankle sprain. In fact, he was not listd on the practice/injury report.

For the Broncos they had four players that did not practice on Wednesday: S Brian Dawkins (knee), CB Andre Goodma (hip), S Darcel McBath (quadriceps) and WR Demaryius Thomas (ankle).

8 Responses to “Wednesday 12/1 Practice Report-Update”

  • December 1, 2010  - el cid says:

    It is good the players to be well for the next two games. Now if McCluster can find his way back on the field. It will be a different game against Denver this time.

  • December 1, 2010  - gorillafan says:

    it should be a different game with our second string in! It was just one of those fluke divisional games i guess, that wont happen again!!! Atleast it better not sunday!!

  • December 1, 2010  - Kiowa says:

    I fulle expect and really want to see the Chiefs turn the tables and just blow the Donkeys right out of the stadium! Charles looks really fresh and he is going to run wild this weekend.

  • December 1, 2010  - ron says:

    Haley ought to give McDaniels a blank video tape instead of the handshake. That would be cool. Chiefs 42 McBroncos 0

  • December 1, 2010  - el cid says:

    I would like to win by 1 point. Just to smile and wave goodby to denver for one more year. Also keeping the Chiefs fired up for the SD game. And keeping the national media/gamblers thinking the Chiefs are not much. Yeah, a 1 point win would be just about right.

  • December 1, 2010  - Edward says:

    Forget that we owe these guys. We should blow these guys out by 30 or more. Then stick Brodie in their the last 2 or 3min left in the game and let him toss few touchdowns. I can’t stand Denver and that his on Moeaki on the onside kick was classless. A matter of fact did you see that hit on Moeaki in that last Denver game on the onside kick Bob? I would like to know if you think it was a cheapshot it looks like foul play to me.

    Even if we blow Broncos out el cid know one is going to give Chiefs a chance against San Diego. It doesn’t matter that’ll just keep this team focused on the task at hand and not get to ahead of themselves. Everyone including some Chiefs fans expect Chargers to catch us and win the division. But that’s why they play the game we shall see.

  • December 2, 2010  - Milkman says:

    Any team in the NFL can beat any other team on any given Sunday. If Haley can keep his team focused and keep the “back to basics” theme of the last two weeks, we should come out on top. I remember back in ’91 when we were getting ready to play the Bills on a Monday night. The Bills were coming in with a 5-0 record. We were 3-2 at the time. All the national media were giving the man-love to the Bills (like the Chargers of today). When asked about the mighty Bills and the slim chance we had of beating them, Marty just smiled and said “We plan on showing up.” We went on to beat them 33-6 that night. That was the beginning of a very good run for the Chiefs in the 90′s.(Regular season that is.) It sure would be nice to look back on this season as the start of something special. Every one of the good teams in the NFL were bad at one time. Maybe it’s our turn.

  • December 2, 2010  - el cid says:

    KU walked into the “perfect storm” last year and, I believe, the Chiefs hit a similar event against Denver. That is why it is not an “we owe” them anything. I want Josh D to keep his job for years to come, he is not that good. I want that long term so many of you think is coming. Beat Denver every year for the next 6 years and no one will remember the last time they won or the score. No I do not want revenge for one game, I want a long slow period of whining and crying from denver.

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