Waters’ Run Ends In Defeat

Brian Waters’ gamble that started at the end of last July paid off until the final minute of Sunday’s Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

That’s when Tom Brady’s Hail Mary pass fell incomplete giving the New York Giants a 21-17 championship victory. Having experienced winning in the post-season for the first time in his career, Waters wanted more.

“We just couldn’t make the plays we needed to,” Waters said. “With the way we started, but through the course of the game, we were in it all the time. But to say that we didn’t play the way we wanted to, yeah, we definitely didn’t play the way we wanted to.”

Did the Giants spring anything on the Patriots had prepared for during the past two weeks?

“No,” Waters said. “They pretty much did everything we thought they would. They did a better job in the back end than we expected. We knew they were going to do a great job up front. We just didn’t make enough plays. When we had opportunities to make plays, we just didn’t make enough of them.”

The Patriots had the ball last and as they huddled up, Waters said there was little doubt in the huddle of eventual success.

“Let’s go win it,” Waters said. “Let’s go do what we need to do. Let’s block ‘em, let’s catch it, let’s make the throws, let’s make the plays.’ We had opportunities, but we didn’t make the best of them.”

Does losing the Super Bowl spoil the 2011 experience for Waters?

“No, but it’s not one of those seasons you should hang your head and pout about,” Waters said. “The thing about this football team is that, clearly, as you pay attention to them, it’s a young football team with a lot of talent and a lot of guys coming into their prime. This will not be the last time you see this football team.”

But will it be the last time the NFL sees Brian Waters?

“I don’t know,” he said. “I’m going to take two or three weeks and figure it out, but it’s been a great ride for me, no matter what decision I make. But I’m going to take my time.”

One Response to “Waters’ Run Ends In Defeat”

  • February 6, 2012  - txchief says:

    Now that Haley is gone, maybe Brian wil agree to come back for another season or two.

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