Top 100 Prospects – QB Kirk Cousins

He was 19 months old and he was in the middle of all sorts of mischief. While he played in the kitchen one afternoon, Kirk Cousins decided to reach up and grab a boiling pot of water that had spaghetti bubbling in it from the stovetop.

The boiling water severely burned his upper torso and in the emergency room of the local hospital, when they took off shirt, they pulled a layer of skin off his neck, chest and shoulders. Infection spread and his fever spiked at 106 degrees. He spent two weeks in the hospital and for a year after that moment, he had to wear a special jacket to compress his skin.

Doctors said the skin would grow back, but that his shoulders had been burned so much that he might never regain full use of them.

Turns out the doctors were wrong. They became the first members of the “Under-estimate Kirk Cousins” club. They would not be the last.

Now, more than two decades later Kirk Cousins has set remarkable records for playing quarterback at Michigan State University. He’s the only Spartans QB that never lost to arch-rival Michigan. He’s going to be selected in the 2012 NFL Draft, but he won’t be considered a premiere pick. There will be doubts about him. He’s been there before.

“He’s been overlooked and underestimated most of his life,” his father Don Cousins told last year.

His story is certainly one filled with a refusal to give into others view of what his role should be. “I’ve just tried to cross one finish line and go to the next goal. It’s kept me humble and focused.”

Here’s the rest of his story and an in-depth analysis of his career to date, and what might be expected in the NFL.

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