Top 100 Prospects – QB Brandon Weeden

It’s the first item on any agenda when the conversation centers on QB Brandon Weeden.

On the day he’s drafted he will be 28, the oldest player in the player pool for the 2012 NFL Draft. By midway through the regular season, he will celebrate his 29th birthday.

“I think it’s a positive for my future,” Weeden said. “It’s one of those deals, the way I look at it is, name one person who wouldn’t want to be in the position I am, and have the kind of path I’ve had?”

That path led him to minor league baseball, where he was drafted by the New York Yankees and spent five years trying to climb the minor league ladder. When that stalled, he went to Oklahoma State and fought his way into the starting job at quarterback for the Cowboys. It’s quite a story and here are the rest of the details.

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