Top 100 Prospects – OT Zebrie Sanders

Football has always been an important part of life for Zebrie Sanders.

But it wasn’t just football. As a youngster and high schooler back home in Clayton, Ohio, Sanders was a 4-star football recruit. He also played the viola in his high school’s chamber orchestra, earned a black belt in karate and he earned his status as an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America.

Sanders played the viola in the orchestra, otherwise known as a violin on steroids. “That’s a good childhood memory,” Sanders said. “My Mom made me to it, but it was cool. I reached second chair. I was pretty good.”

It made for a lot of juggling of his schedule. “I’d practice, then go home real quick and change into a tuxedo and go play a concert,” Sanders said.

He picked up karate at an early age. “I like the Power Rangers; I wanted to fight like them,” Sanders said. “When I was in the first grade, I went to a studio and started taking lessons. That’s a big deal. You don’t see many big 6-6 guys with a black belt.” He was going to church when he was 10 years old and saw some boys in church taking part in meetings for the Boy Scouts. “I picked it up there, for eight years I’ve been camping,” said Sanders, who eventually reached the Eagle Scout level.

Here’s the rest of his story.

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