Top 100 Prospects – No. 98 OLB Bruce Irvin

Leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft our coverage will include detailed profiles on the top 100 players available when the Chiefs and the rest of the league start drafting on April 26th. Each profile is produced with information from players, coaches and NFL personnel departments.

The turned the life story of OT Michael Oher into a book and movie. Blind Slide became a financial and critical success.

Bruce Irvin’s story is more remarkable, as NFL teams have been finding out in the run up to the 2012 NFL Draft. An outside linebacker-defensive end out of the University of West Virginia, Irvin’s tale of surviving the mean streets of Atlanta, dropping out of high school, being kicked out of his family home and spend three weeks in jail is only the first part of this stunning tale of a young man that would simply not give up.

Irvin earned a GED, went the junior college route, landing first in Kansas and then in California, where he shared a two-bedroom apartment with seven other football players. On most nights he slept on the floor. There was little or no money for food and more often than not, his dinner would end up being: “Ramen noodles and BBQ potato chips,” Irvin said.

Yet, in that squalid atmosphere he gained the attention of major college football, earned a scholarship to West Virginia and in 2010 he was the nation’s second best pass rusher, finishing with 14 sacks. That number fell to eight in the 2011 season, as opponents became more and more aware of his abilities and assigned multiple blockers for him.

Here’s a look at Bruce Irvin’s past, present and future.

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