Top 100 Prospects – No. 96 NT Josh Chapman

All the plans in the world can’t stop a young man when a football coach whispers sweet words of defense in his ear.

“I really had no interest in coming to Alabama,” Crimson Tide NT Josh Chapman said. “And then one day everything changed.”

As part of one of the top high school football programs in the country at Hoover, Alabama, Chapman had been recruited for three years and had made up his mind, making a verbal commitment to Auburn. But when Nick Saban took over the Alabama program, he convinced Chapman to take another look at Tuscaloosa. Sitting in Saban’s office, the coach told Chapman about his 3-4 defensive scheme and how important the nose tackle was to making it work. “Everything we try to do starts right there in the middle of the line,” Saban said. “The nose needs to hold the point and demand double teams. That makes this whole thing go.”

Chapman was smitten. “Just listening to Coach Saban talk defense, I was like, Wow, he really, really knows his stuff and really loves what he’s doing,” Chapman said. “My word is important to me, but playing for Coach Saban was something I couldn’t pass up. So I changed my mind.”

Five years later, Chapman has two national championship rings and now a chance to move on to the NFL. Here’s his story.

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