Top 100 Prospects – No. 83 TE Michael Egnew

It was former Mizzou basketball guard Dibi Ray that first whispered the name Michael Egnew to the coaches at his alma mater. A native of Plainview, Texas, Ray had been a schoolboy star there, who earned himself a chance for an education with a basketball scholarship to the University of Missouri.

When his playing days in Columbia ended, Ray returned home to Plainview where he taught and coached at Plainview and got back to his roots in both athletics and music. He can remember getting up in front of his church when he was 2 years old and singing. In that moment, Ray says, “The music was just in me.”

He also knew athletic talent when he saw it, and when he coached Egnew coming up through the ranks of Plainview’s athletic teams Ray saw a raw talent, with huge and reliable hands when it came to catching a football or basketball. It led him to a successful career in Columbia, a continuation of the pipeline between Plainview, Texas and the University of Missouri. Here’s the Michael Egnew story.

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