Top 100 Prospects – DT Dontari Poe

Tom Miller was the head football coach at Wooddale High School in Memphis and he was headed out to practice one day, but getting a late start because of some paper work to take care of in the school office.

“Normally, I would have been on the field by the time the band passed, but that day I was late coming out of the locker room and the band happened to be marching past,” Miller said.

He immediately noticed the guy carrying the bass drum. How could he not – he was huge. Miller chased after the band so he could talk to the young man carrying the big drum, a freshman named Dontari Poe.

“I told Don, ‘I don’t know if you’re interested or not in playing, but I can teach you if you’re interested’,” Miller told the Memphis Commercial-Appeal newspaper. “He said, ‘Yeah, I’m interested.’ He bought right into it. Nobody had ever seriously approached him hard enough to get him to play. When I got Don on the field for drills, and saw how quick he moved, I knew he had something special.”

That special guy will be selected in Thursday’s 2012 NFL Draft, most likely in the first round. It’s a remarkable story of the guy with the big drum, becoming a remarkable athlete and he now sits and waits to write his story in pro football. Here are the details.

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