Top 100 Prospects – CB Jayron Hosley

DBU – Defensive Back University. That’s what the cornerbacks and safeties at Virginia Tech like to call themselves these days. Every year when the NFL Draft comes around, there seems to be a Hokies from the secondary getting his name called.

In the last 13 NFL Drafts dating back to 1999, there have been 17 Virginia Tech defensive backs selected in the seven rounds of the draft. The earliest choice was DeAngelo Hall in the first round of the 1994 NFL Draft. The totals will move to 14 drafts and at least 18 Hokies from the secondary when CB Jayron Hosley (right) is selected later this month.

And the reason Hosley will join the group is another VT cornerback – the Chiefs Brandon Flowers (left). Although they’ve never played together, Hosley and Flowers have traveled the same path. They are both from Boynton Beach, Florida, went to the same high school and on to Virginia Tech. Physically they are similar in size and they share the same temperament.

Hosley landed at Tech when Flowers said something to the coaches about this guy back home.

“We’ve been coached by the same people since we were eight,” Hosley said. “It’s kind of like I’m following in his footsteps but at the same time setting my own legacy. But he’s definitely been a great influence on me and I look up to him on the field and off.”

It’s a very direct reminder to Hosley about continuing the journey of making VT-DBU.

“When DeAngelo comes around, when Brandon comes around it’s like, ‘Hey, keep that tradition going’,” said Hosley. “I feel like I’m in a position to do that and to represent to my college, for Brandon, for Macho (Harris), for D. Hall. I’m just keeping the tradition going.”

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