Three Weeks And Counting

The NFL Draft is now just three weeks away and we are going to kick our coverage into high gear starting Thursday.

Coming up for the next 21 days will be a series of profiles of draftable players. These will not be the Sam Bradford, Eric Berry, Gerald McCoy types. There are plenty of stories about the players at the top of this draft available from literally hundreds of outlets.

Our profiles will concentrate on the players that will likely fall between No. 33 and No. 100. These are guys that could be the Chiefs second, third and even fourth round selections.  Our list of names was provided to scouts from three NFL teams and with a few exceptions, they agreed that these players fall into that range of the draft spectrum.

These profiles will pop up with about three or four per day through April 22nd. We will have a category on the right rail for the profiles in case you should happen to miss any of them.


2 Responses to “Three Weeks And Counting”

  • April 1, 2010  - Mad Chief says:


    Now we’re talkin’. I’ve heard too much about the guys at the top already. Great idea, Bob…and I really look forward to it. Especially coming from a guy like me, who doesn’t follow college ball all that closely. Thanks!

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