Think Good Vibes For K.C. Wolf/Dan Meers

Take a moment today and say a prayer, light a candle or just spend a few moments sending positive vibes with the name Dan Meers attached to them.

Meers is the man inside the costume of K.C. Wolf, the Chiefs mascot that was created in 1989 and has entertained fans at Arrowhead Stadium and around the area. He was the first man to wear the costume and remains on the job this season, his 25th with the organization.

On Saturday at Arrowhead while going through a rehearsal for Sunday’s game, Meers crashed into seats in the stadium’s upper deck. Details remain sketchy, but some sort of equipment problem with the zip line he was using caused the accident.

He suffered a spinal injury, broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Meers underwent surgery and remains in a Kansas City hospital. He has full use of his arms and legs.

Meers’ lawyer told the media on Tuesday that the accident was caused by human error. Attorney Tim Dollar said Meers’ injuries appear to have been caused from how an outside company secured the riggings for the stunt. He would not name the company, but said an investigation is pending.

Beyond his talents as K.C. Wolf, Meers has been one of the most popular people working for the Chiefs. A good and decent man, he’s done countless charity appearances in the community and he loved to entertain people, whether at Arrowhead, or a grade school, charity auction, or birthday party. He also always wore a smile on his face. There have been times in recent years with the franchise where that smile was the bright spot of people’s days.

Dan, his wife and their three children need your positive vibes right now.

5 Responses to “Think Good Vibes For K.C. Wolf/Dan Meers”

  • November 27, 2013  - BigJimInWisconsin says:

    I have added Dan to my daily prayers, as you Bob and Anita continue to be. May I ask for inclusion of my nephew Joe, who was in a terrible car accident and in a coma?

    Go CHIEFS! Go Dan! Go Joe!

  • November 27, 2013  - tuan le says:

    BigJim. My prayers out to Anita, Dan and Joe. Wish they are all speedy recovery.
    Go Chiefs.

  • November 27, 2013  - Ernie Barney says:

    My wife and I met Dan (sans KC Wolf costume) during the American Bowl trip to Berlin in 1990. I believe he said he also was the Mizzou mascot during that time frame, if I remember correctly. Anyway a very personable young guy that we enjoyed visiting with. I noticed that KC Wolf did not make some of his usual pregame appearances last week. Now I know why. Thanks Bob. Dan and his family are in our prayers for a speedy recovery. Thanks to Dan..oops KC Wolf for providing a lot of laughs through the years. I’ll never forget when he jumped on the Security guys tackling a guy that ran onto the field. What a hoot!

  • November 27, 2013  - Dave Walker says:

    Prayers go out to Dan Meers for all the fun & joy he’s brought to the kids ! Have a speedy recovery and hope you’re back to 100-percent real soon buddy.

  • November 28, 2013  - cychief24 says:

    Prayers to all of the above. The first year I took my then 3 year old son was ’89 and he loves KC Wolf still after 24 years. He named his cat KC. Dorky story I know. But KC Wolf has been a part of my family in our eyes.

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