The Top 100 Prospects – No. 100 LB Audie Cole

Leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft our coverage will include detailed profiles on the top 100 players available when the Chiefs and the rest of the league start drafting on April 26th. Each profile is produced with information from players, coaches and NFL personnel departments.

He was 15 years old and bored with life. Audie Cole had decided against playing basketball at Monroe High School that winter and was casting about for something to do between the end of the football season and the start of baseball practice. Keeping with his competitive nature and a personality that’s not afraid to try anything, Cole decided to take up boxing.

“I sparred in just about every place there is to box between Detroit and Toledo,” said Cole, who remembers climbing into rings in basements, garages and gyms that had seen better days. In his first official bouts, he lost. But Cole won a rematch with a knockout, and then won his third fight with a knock out. That’s where his competitive boxing career ended, with a 2-1 record.

There were way too many other athletic opportunities for Cole. Whether it was football, basketball, baseball, track and field, Audie Cole has never found a game that he didn’t like to play, and couldn’t succeed in competition. Ultimately, it came down to football and after being a top ranked quarterback on the high school level, he picked North Carolina State and the linebacker position to continue his athletic career.

Now, he’s trying to move up to the next level. Here’s a closer look at Audie Cole.

One Response to “The Top 100 Prospects – No. 100 LB Audie Cole”

  • March 4, 2012  - rufus says:

    wow, the site works much quicker and better. Nice write on this kid, you wonder about his lacking speed, but he seems like a guy that could fit in with this team if they can find him late rounds.

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