The Play of The Game: Cassel to Bowe TD

From Arrowhead Stadium

Dwayne Bowe says he started hearing about it from his head coach on the plane ride home from San Diego last Sunday.

Todd Haley kept talking to his No. 1 receiver about “YAC” yards, otherwise known as yards gained after the catch.

“Coach likes to take pride in YAC and all week when I caught one, he’d make me sprint 20 yards down field,” Bowe said on Sunday, after the Chiefs 22-17 victory over the Vikings. “So when I get my hands on it, I’m hearing him scream ‘Get up the field! Get up the field!’

“It just carries over to the game.”

It certainly did on the Chiefs best play of the game – their only touchdown on a 52-yard play from QB Matt Cassel to Bowe. This was not a throw directly to Bowe in the end zone. Far from it; the throw landed in Bowe’s hands near the 20-yard line.

He scored with YAC.

Here’s the play: Its 2nd-and-3 at the Chiefs 48-yard line early in the fourth quarter. Dexter McCluster had just broken off a nice 7-yard run, one of his best of the day. The offense came out of the huddle with two backs, one tight end and two receivers, with Bowe split wide left. Head up on him was Vikings CB Cedric Griffin. Cassel was in the shotgun, took the snap and pumped once like he was going to throw left.

Griffin bit on the pump fake and Bowe got behind him. Griffin was falling to the ground and reached out and grabbed the receiver, drawing a flag but not slowing down Bowe at all. He was wide open, juggled the ball a bit at the 22-yard line before securing it. S Jamarca Sanford came over and made a weak attempt at a tackle, and Bowe shrugged him off. Griffin came back into the play, but Bowe put a move on him and then ran untouched into the end zone. That was a 30-yard pass and 22 yards of YAC.

“It was a simple hitch and go,” said Bowe. “They were rolling the coverage. Once I got off the line, I saw that Matt threw a remarkable ball. He gave it some air and I just came down with it and ran.”

Cassel gave all the credit to the Chiefs coaching staff for making an adjustment on the passing play.

“They saw Minnesota jumping some intermediate routes and we thought e had an opportunity,” said Cassel. “We didn’t have it in the game plan; it was put in on the sideline. They said he (Griffin) was jumping, so I pumped him.

“Sure enough it opened up just like we thought it would and Swayne did a great job. Once he gets that ball in his hands, there is no refusing him when he tries to get into the end zone.”

It was a tough pill for Griffin to swallow.

“The Chiefs just made a play on that play,” Griffin said. “I didn’t make a play. The Chiefs did. The quarterback and the receiver made a play for their team. And I didn’t. Good play for them.”

5 Responses to “The Play of The Game: Cassel to Bowe TD”

  • October 2, 2011  - ED J says:

    If we’re going to be productive on offense this season then we’re going to have to switch gears. Right now Bowe and Breaston are the best two players on offense. So instead of using the run to setup the pass its going to have to be vice versa. Cassel is going to have to play with that same passion all season long in order for this offense to go. He acts like he plays better when he’s fired up. So whatever it takes to turn this thing around. I think the turning point in the game was Haley lighting a fire in his butt on the sidelines. Because the 1st half was starting to look alot like the first 3 games of the season. After Haley’s tirade he brought the pro bowl version of Matt Cassel out of him. Hopefully just hopefully Cassel can make me look like an idiot for doubting him and carry this team to back to back division title

  • October 2, 2011  - Tenand6 says:

    I believe Baldwin will be a huge help. Just let him play “jump ball” and there is no way to defend him. The Chiefs will have the receiving corps they planned on after the draft. All three receivers have unique skill sets.

  • October 3, 2011  - Victory Finally Visits Chiefs : says:

    [...] SIDEBAR: Play of the Game/Cassel to Bowe TD. [...]

  • October 3, 2011  - Nathan says:

    Hate to be nitpicky after a nice win but why can’t Bowe just catch the ball. Throws to Bowe are too much of an adventure.
    I love the fact that KC finally has a receiver that can run after the catch. I would like to see more surehanded catches though.

  • October 3, 2011  - TDKC says:

    I wonder if English is Griffin’s first language.

    Tenand6 I agree. Baldwin will be a nice addition when he gets up to speed. Too bad we never got to see Moeaki,Breaston,Baldwin,Charles and Bowe on the field at the same time.

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