The Fresh Start of Free Agency … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs

Chiefs fans have already left Eric Winston highly impressed.

Over the two days where Winston and the Chiefs were putting together the four-year contract that put Winston on the Kansas City roster, he constantly heard from Chiefs fans. Through the social media networks, especially Twitter, followers of the red and gold clogged his Twitter feed.

A contract worth $22 million is what attracted Winston to Kansas City, but it was a big help that his new fans were all in and wanted him on the roster.

“That was something else; my Twitter blew up obviously when I was released and got a lot of messages from a lot of people. I feel like the fans from Kansas City probably blew it up five times more than anyone else’s fan base. Every day, it was, ‘Come to Kansas City. Come to Kansas City,’ and then obviously when it was made known that I was in town, I had hundreds of mentions every day.

“To give you an idea of what that is, I usually have 50 or 75 mentions after a big game, and every day, just random mentions by all the fans, hundreds of them. I was really taken aback.”

For veteran football players, one of the best things about unrestricted free agency is the chance to start anew. As they talked on Monday, one of their first days of their time as members of the Kansas City Chiefs, there was a very obvious feeling that signing new contracts over the weekend had given Winston and QB Brady Quinn clean slates.

Despite the dysfunction that has plagued the building in the last few years, Winston and Quinn found a welcoming new home and a new chance.

“I felt like the opportunity to come play for Kansas City and all that was a better situation for me right now,” said Quinn, who confirmed that he turned down a bigger financial offer from Denver to sign with the Chiefs. “If you look at the Denver situation, there are a lot of unknowns. It’s a great organization, having been a part of it for two years and all that, but I felt like for me personally, it was a better situation to go to Kansas City.”

Winston was looking to get out of Houston. But when his rehab from an off-season ankle surgery didn’t proceed fast enough for the Texans, they failed him on their physical last week and released him.

“I feel like there’s some unfinished business more so than anything,” said Winston of his release after six years with Houston. “But, that’s the way this is. That’s modern NFL and that’s salary cap and that’s the way things go. I feel like I’ll be in a similar situation with a team that is on the brink of breaking through, so I feel like I’m still going to a really good situation where it’s not that much different. It’s a city that wants to win and wants to win badly. It’s a great football city and it’s a team that I think is on the brink of doing it. I wouldn’t have come to Kansas City for any other reason except that, is to win and to be on the brink.”

4 Responses to “The Fresh Start of Free Agency … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs”

  • March 20, 2012  - johnfromfairfax says:

    I like Winston’s thinking and agree. We are a team on the brink. the money they’re paying him spoke to him but he had other options. What he says is a pretty honest assessment of the team and its fan base. We’re off to a good start but need to keep the momentum going forward. I like what we’ve done to this point but does anybody think we’ve addressed all of our needs? As Marty used to say keep chopping wood.

  • March 20, 2012  - Justin Dyer says:

    JFF, I agree this is just a good start. We need depth at a ton more positions and upgrades at more than a few.

    As Big Tom Callahan said: “You’re either growing or you’re dyin’. There ain’t no third direction. Right Tommy Boy?”

  • March 20, 2012  - Johnfromwichita says:

    It’s my birthday and I’m pumped. My wife gave me tickets to Nickleback. And the Chiefs? I haven’t been this pumped up since Marty left town. After a couple of years of timid free agency, they went bold and filled some holes that were essential. Now we’ve got a draft coming that could be the differnce of almost there and there. Yes, I’m pumped. Yesterday Arrowhead Addict had a very good story about the pros and cons of Pioli and Hunt. Each point was equally compelling: I agreed with both sides. The important thing is not if I like them, but what kind of job they’re doing for the Chiefs. Right now they have me pumped. Have I mentioned that before?

  • March 20, 2012  - cychief24 says:

    Bob- again the dysfunction reference.
    Teen Haley is gone and he took his foul-mouth, immature, bi-polar behavior with him.
    We now have a mature team in Pioli/Crennel that is clearly working together moving our Chiefs forward.
    The improvements to the offensive staff and hiring an actual special teams coach (instead of a kicker adviser) was the first evidence. Going out and getting the raidas #1 CB to be our #2 for #2 money was the next. Now filling the huge gap at RT with one of the best RT in the league, then adding a 2nd TE, a 2nd RB with a different skill set than Charles. and finally a talented QB that the donkees offered more $$$ to keep.

    Niblick, thanks for the update on RAC’s domination of Manning on the other article.

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