Teammates Give Palko Passing Grade

From Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts

One thing came through clearly in the Chiefs post-game locker room Monday night:

If there were any doubts about Tyler Palko’s ability to handle the starting quarterback job, they were dispatched by half-time. Even with the 34-3 defeat and his three interceptions, the first-time NFL starter impressed his teammates, just as he did all week during practice.

“He did fine,” said veteran C Casey Wiegmann, who generally throws around bon mots after a loss as if they were manhole covers. “He was making sure everything was going smooth in the huddle. I’m sure there were some jitters for him; if there weren’t then he’s not human. But he did a good job.

“He put in his time over the years, he’s done the work and now it’s his opportunity and I think he took advantage of that.”

WR Steve Breaston has known Palko since they were high school quarterbacks in Western Pennsylvania and they played together in the state all-star game.

“I think he did a great job,” Breaston said. “We’ve got to help him out more. That’s a tough situation to come into and I thought he handled himself well. We were the ones who let him down. As receivers, there are certain plays that we have to make when we are out there. But I thought he did a fairly good job in the huddle. He was prepared, he wasn’t flustered, he knew how to communicate, he was encouraging; he did all the things a quarterback needs to do in that huddle.”

Even after throwing a hat-trick of interceptions?

“He hung in there,” Breaston said. “We know the situation. You can’t make mistakes in there and he knows that, we know that. But you can’t dwell on those, or you talk yourself into more of them. The key for us was all those turnovers were preventable, that’s what hurts. It wasn’t like they (New England) went out and made some great plays on those. We have to help him out more.

“He did a great job of executing the plays and we need to help him more.”

Veteran RB Thomas Jones was impressed by the calm that Palko displayed in the huddle in his first NFL start.

“I thought he handled himself great,” said Jones. “He was poised. He knew the offense and he ran the offense well. The guys responded to him and he led the offense. Obviously there were a couple of plays we wish we could have had back.

“But I thought he did a great job, especially in this environment. There’s a lot of pressure on a guy at a decision making position and he handled it well. I was proud of him.”

Proud says Jones and not surprised but what he saw from No. 4.

“We play with him every day in practice,” Jones said. “I’ve been with him now for two years and it’s the same way in practice. He takes it all very seriously, he’s in early, he leaves late, he knows the offense and he knows what he’s doing.

“He finally got an opportunity and I think he did a great job.”

8 Responses to “Teammates Give Palko Passing Grade”

  • November 22, 2011  - Tim says:

    Poise doesn’t score a lot of points now does it boys? Talent, arm strength & accuracy do. Granted, it was his first start, but his arm isn’t going to get stronger. Those DBs closed on that ball like Babe Ruth salivating at a hanging curve ball.

  • November 22, 2011  - ED J says:

    LOL you’re right Tim. I think everyone was so impressed because expectations were so low. But doesn’t excuse the fact the he doesn’t have talent to play the position at an average to good level. Of course teammates going to have his back that’s what they suppose to do. Bottom line though he doesn’t have what it takes in terms of talent of sticking the ball in tight spaces or geting the ball accurately down the field to stretch the defense. I’d rather see Stanzi in there with a dummy down playbook vs watching Palko who knows every play in the playbook but lacks the talent to excute it. I guess another blowout loss in Pittsburg and some boo birds from the fans next Sunday will probably finally get Stanzi on field the following week

  • November 22, 2011  - el cid says:

    I agree ED J. I expected so little from this game, it was watchable at least the first half. No matter what, the lack of talent on this roster as a whole is an issue that will not change the rest of this year.

    PS A “legit” national media type was so pleased with what is on this team. “every team should have a McCluster on it”. Got to say I disagree.

  • November 22, 2011  - brainsmasher says:

    Palko is a backup–just like Matt Cassel and Trent Green and Damon Huard and Elvis Grbac and Rich Gannon and Steve Bono and Steve DeBerg and Bill Kenney and Steve Fuller and Mike Livingston. You can surround those guys with talent and get by.

    I have no confidence that the present leadership can or has the license to do that.

    The Chiefs has a chance to draft Jim Kelly or Dan Marino, but drafted Todd Blackledge–the only quarterback in the class to flame out.

    There is a nice group of quarterbacks coming out next year. I have no faith in Pioli to pick the right guy.

  • November 22, 2011  - leonard says:

    Ahh the whiners. Truth be known take any team, lose your TE, your pro bowl safety, You pro bowl RB, and yes your startying QB, and mix a whole slew of injuries, and see where you get. Bash Palko all you want. Remeber Carson Palmers first game back. You should, we shut them out. Same Team, same players. Palko did a respectable job for his first start. Is he Brady? No. So what. It wasn’t his fault that Pope should be gone by now.
    Baldwin tips balls to defenders like Manna from heaven. Where was the help to Palko. The play calling was good, and they moved the ball, and then shoot themselves in the head. WTF. Hey, do you miss Carl now?

  • November 22, 2011  - Tim says:

    Leonard…not whining. You’re correct about our situation w/ our losses, etc. The issue I point out is that there are other guys that were on the market back before the season that had better talent than Palko to be our backup. My displeasure is with those that keep getting the talent evaluations wrong, not all the time, but too many times.

  • November 22, 2011  - rufus says:

    I liked the way Palko ran the offense. He’s got direction and leadership skills. Considering the circumstances, he did okay. Needs to get that ball out quicker though or those INT’s will happen and I’m certain he knows that. He’s got a few games to show he can step up. I’m looking forward to watching it happen.

    One thing I know as a former college WR is that lefties have an opposite spin to their passes and the ball is different to track and catch. Those WR’s also need to get better – the INT Baldwin tipped was his fault as he did not turn inside to the defensive hole Palko threw at.

    Should be an interesting finish to this season.

  • November 22, 2011  - el cid says:

    leonard, you might look up the GB team of last year to see how many starters they lost on the way to winning the superbowl.

    I believe it is ok to state ones dissatisfaction over the direction the Chiefs seem intent on going. Based on your comments, why bother to worry about the Chiefs or their “whining” fans, surely you can find another team on the internet with happy, happy fans.

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