Super Selections

From Indianapolis, Indiana

The game is today, Giants vs. Patriots and it’s customary for everyone who has paid attention to the two weeks of pre-game hype to make a prediction. Here are ours.


Right off the bat, this much I can tell you…

– Do I believe that Rob Gronkowski’s ankle will hold up just fine on Sunday? Yes.

– Do I believe that the Patriots are pretty motivated to avenge their Super Bowl loss from four years ago to these very New Yorkers? Yes.

–  Do I believe that the Giants incurred in one of those almost-unavoidably-damaging, textbook-karma-altering mistakes that an organization can commit prior to the Big Game, by showing in the team’s website (on Saturday) that the G-Men already think of themselves as NFL Champions? Yes.

– Do I believe that Myra Kraft’s memory has indeed lifted the Patriot organization to these, dare I say, celestial heights? Double yes.

– Do I believe that Bill Belichick is a better coach than Tom Coughlin; and that he’s specially charged to get one more Championship Ring against his former team, in the House That Manning Built, because such feat would provide him with the best scenario to call it a career (a possibility that has grown bigger in my eyes after watching him get uncharacteristically relaxed –by his standards– during this past few days)? Yes.

Then why the heck I am gravitating towards the Men in (Giant) Blue for Super Bowl XLVI? Well, believe it or not, only because of the signal-callers.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have the utmost respect for one Tom Brady, and I really found it hard to pick against him in this, his return to the Zenith of the Football World, since I’m positive that he’s remained as hungry as ever – especially after 7 years of going ringless in his trade. But one of the things that have decidedly puzzled me about one the liveliest, fiercest, and more passionate competitors that I’ve ever seen suit up in a football field, is that he doesn’t respond very well when his opponents have punctually stood up for themselves and applied pressure when the stakes are highest (both tangibly and metaphorically). Just like it happened prior to Super Bowl XLII when Plaxico Burress predicted a NY victory; or when the Jets visited Foxboro in the 2011 playoffs; or just like it started to happen this very week.

So…is that a good reason to give Eli Manning (and his team) the nod over the more decorated pro in their rematch? Absolutely. Because in the same line of thinking, if there’s something that the younger Manning has sufficiently displayed in the course of the 2011 campaign is intestinal fortitude. Heck, even BEFORE the season started. And you won’t let me lie. Because you know that it certainly took guts for Manning to say that he felt that “he should be included the same upper NFL QB echelon as Brady. You can recognize that he needed guts to lift his team from a 7-7 record and into the playoffs. And notwithstanding what some voices are saying, you cannot deny that it took guts once again for him, to knock down the NFL’s best team (The Packers) and one Cinderella story (the 2012 49ers) in their respective turfs.

And sometimes in these stages, while playing for the Lombardi Trophy, just like Sgt. Hartman said once upon a time, guts is truly enough. At the very least, to make quite a determined Super Bowl pick.

Enrique says: Giants 25 – Patriots 19


Bob Gretz

My grandfather used to say never bet on humans … you can’t trust them. That’s why Papap only bet on the ponies and only occasionally. They were trained by humans he would say.

I’m not sure Tom Brady is human. From pick No. 199 in the 2000 NFL Draft to another Super Bowl this year, Brady is in the discussion of the greatest quarterback in pro football history. When a team has a leader and offensive force like Brady they will always compete for championships.

But Brady is human. The last time the Patriots were in the Super Bowl, they lost. A few months later, Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard dented his force field with a hit on his knee that knocked him out for the season.

As good as Brady and the Patriots are, I’m going with the Giants. I just think they are the tougher team. Their ability to win and win on the road has been remarkable. Eli Manning may be the league’s best clutch quarterback right now. That front four is pretty impressive in putting pressure on the passer. If New England can’t run the ball, they have no chance.

Bob says: Giants 28, Patriots 17.

7 Responses to “Super Selections”

  • February 5, 2012  - Chuck says:

    Let me give you the “achilles heel” of the Pats and why they probably won’t win this game. (I do reserve the right to be wrong). The Pats “secondary” is very vulnerable without a doubt. The Giants have great receivers and I don’t think the Pats secondary can keep up with their speed. There’s your achilles heel. Also I think there is a good possibility that the Giants rushers will get pressure on Tom Terrific all day and make it tough on him. But FATE has a way of doing her thing so you just never know on “ANY GIVEN SUNDAY”.

  • February 5, 2012  - Johnfromwichita says:

    I’m going for the Giants simply because I’ve grown weary of the New England way and Scott Pioli. If the Chiefs don’t go at least 12-4 next year, and Clark Hunt keeps Pioli, my season tickets are for sale. Even with that said, I’m still paying more attention today on the ads, beer, and finger foods.

  • February 5, 2012  - Craig says:

    Pats win in shotout. Vince Wilfork is unstoppable and causes havoc with Giants pass Blocking. Im pulling for Brian Waters he got the boot and deserved better and maybe today he will get it.

  • February 5, 2012  - Niblick says:

    Craig-I think Waters wanted out more than getting booted out. Anyway, I’m with you on your pick. I think the Pats and Brady will find a way and get a close win 24-23. I think they can slow down the Giants rush just enough to get the win.

  • February 5, 2012  - Johnfromwichita says:

    Whool hoo. Giants won. Take that Pioli. Go make your own path.

  • February 6, 2012  - Doug says:

    Congratulations to both of you on not only calling the right team, but getting close to the right score.

  • February 6, 2012  - Enrique says:

    Thanks Doug. We tried our best.

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