Senior Bowl Leftovers … Saturday Cup O’Chiefs

Saturday afternoon the Senior Bowl will kickoff at 2 o’clock in Mobile, Alabama at Ladd-Pebbles Stadium.

Too bad that the television broadcast is only on the NFL Network, because this is the one all-star game that history shows has the best players and the best performances. Last year, 83 of the players in the game were drafted and all 100-plus ended up going to an NFL training camp.

In three seasons, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has drafted 24 players. Four of those were players that had eligibility remaining and did not participate in the Senior Bowl. Of the other 20, nine took part in the game, including eight in the last two seasons. When the Senior Bowl selected its all-time team for its 50th game a decade ago that group included LB Derrick Thomas, CB Albert Lewis and CB Dale Carter.

Here’s the roster for the North squad, and here are the players for the South team. There’s a good chance several Chiefs draft choices are on those lists.


I gave you the best looking players during the practice week on Friday. But there were also some disappointing performances in the practices.

Let’s start with QB Kellen Moore from Boise State. He won more games than any quarterback in college history with a 50-3 record. Moore threw for almost 15,000 yards in four seasons with the Broncos. But he’s just under 5-11 and weighs only 190 pounds. On the practice field he looked like a junior high player that was working with the varsity. He didn’t display much athletic ability, especially under duress. Some have compared him to Doug Flutie, but he did not show anything during the week that looked like Flutie.

Every team has OLB Courtney Upshaw out of Alabama among their top 10 players, maybe even top five. Upshaw is quite a physical specimen at 6-1½, 273 pounds, but he was either disinterested during the week, or practicing with an injury that he didn’t reveal publicly. Upshaw showed quite a burst off the edge in the pass rush, but he never showed a second move at any time. It was just bull rush, after bull rush. League observers kept waiting to see more, but it never came.


There were two dozen players that tipped the scales at over 300 pounds, but after seeing them all parade around in their shorts during a weigh in and then on the practice field, there did not appear to be players badly overweight or packing a big belly.

In fact, there were offensive linemen that were more lean than big. Michael Adams for instance is 6-7, 323 pounds but he looks more like a basketball player. Even Georgia OT Cordy Glenn at 346 pounds did not appear out of shape.

One of the things that has changed with the players is that as soon as their college seasons are over, they head off to workout facilities around the country. They work there until the Senior Bowl, and will return to those places after the game is completed to continue to preparing their bodies for the NFL Combine at the end of February.

2 Responses to “Senior Bowl Leftovers … Saturday Cup O’Chiefs”

  • January 29, 2012  - R S says:

    I’m not praising Kellen Moore, but if i recall correctly he was the only QB in the game that didn’t throw a pick & he had TD passes dropped on consecutive plays by McNutt & Herron. The balls weren’t stripped from them by defenders, they simply dropped them. I agree with your take on Upshaw, other than a couple of good moves in 1 on 1 drills, he looked pretty unenthusiastic all week.

    One more thing about Moore, the Senior Bowl official weigh-in lists him as 5′ 11 3/4″ 191. Russell Wilson was the one under 5′ 11″ at 5′ 10 5/8″. I’ll bet both make NFL rosters as #3 QB’s.

    I love Doug Martin as a backup to Jamaal Charles & while you’re at it, give me Alameda Ta’amu at NT too.

  • January 30, 2012  - Devin says:

    QB Kellen Moore from Boise State…but in the game he played well, as he always does. In fact he threw two strikes in end zone, right in the hands of two different receivers who promptly dropped them.
    Kellen is not a physical specimen and anyone who would compare him to Flutie has never watched one of his games. He is more like Brees. He moves well enough in the pocket to avoid most pass rushers and always keeps his eyes down field and knows where all of his receivers are located. In the game he was usually under pressure, still he played well. In the one long pass he had, before the snap he had to help the receivers figure out where to line up and still got the pass off in time.
    Kellen needs to increase his arm strength, it is his one glaring weakness. He needs a year or two to sit, get stronger and learn the game.
    If given the chance, he will be a great QB in the NFL. I just don’t think he will be given that chance.

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