Seattle Leftovers On The Half-Shell

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It was on third downs where the Chiefs had one of their biggest advantages in Sunday’s victory over the Seahawks.

Offensively, the Chiefs moved the sticks 11 times in their 17 opportunities or a conversion rate of 65 percent. Defensively, they limited the Seahawks to just three conversions in 12 third down plays, a 25 percent conversion rate. That’s the major reason that the Chiefs had such a huge advantage in time of possession, of 22 minutes, six seconds. That’s how they got in 29 more offensive plays than Seattle.

“The time of possession was ridiculous,” said Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. “I think it was 40 minutes or something, but that goes back to third downs on both sides. We didn’t convert on offense and we couldn’t get off the field on defense. They did a great job of moving the ball and taking control of it, and they controlled the football game.”

On third down, Cassel was eight of 12 for 83 yards.

“We kept ourselves in manageable distances on third downs,” said Cassel. “We didn’t get in bad situations and that always makes it easier. We developed a rhythm and we were able to keep it going.”

On average, the Chiefs were 3rd-and-five yards away from moving the sticks. That’s where they can keep a defense honest because the play may be a run or a pass.

“We couldn’t rattle him on third downs,” Carroll said of Cassel. “We couldn’t get to him enough. They nailed us on those third down conversions.”

It was another example of how far the Chiefs offense has come in the 27 games where Todd Haley has been head coach. Last season there were several games where their conversion rate was atrocious. Against Philadelphia they were 0-for-11. When they played the New York Giants, they converted two of 15 tries and later against Oakland they had just one conversion in 1 5 snaps.

At this point they have converted 37.8 percent on third down.


Over the first 10 games of the season, the Chiefs had eight offensive drives of 10 plays or more. Against Seattle, they had three possessions that went 10, 11 and 15 yards. That’s also how they chewed up the time of possession clock. Of the six touchdowns, only one came in quick strike form; that was a three-play, 22-yard possession that came after the Chiefs recovered a fumble by QB Matt Hasselbeck.

The other five were play, yardage and/or clock eaters:

  • 7 plays, 72 yards, 3 minutes and 29 seconds, Dwayne Bowe 7-yard TD catch.
  • 15 plays, 74 yards, 8:13, Shaun Smith 1-yard TD run.
  • 6 plays, 80 yards, 2:38, Bowe 36-yard TD catch.
  • 11 plays, 71 yards, 6:06, Jamaal Charles 3-yard TD run.
  • 10 plays, 80 yards, 6:40, Tony Moeaki 6-yard TD catch.

Each one of those scoring possessions was noteable for different reasons, none more so that the first and last ones. The seven-play drive was the opening possession of the game and it got the Chiefs off to a fast start.

“Any time you can start with an opening drive and go down and score seven points, I think that gives you momentum and sets the tone for the day for the offensive group,” said Cassel.

But it was the last drive that ate up 6:40 on the clock was possibly the most impressive drive of the season considering the circumstances.

“Any time you can go on a big drive and grind it out, go six minutes and finish the game off with a touchdown, it’s big,” said Cassel. “At that point we were all pretty confident we were going to win.”


Carroll has a TV show that runs a few hours after the end of the game. On this Sunday, Carroll was unhappy about the game’s outcome and the way his team played.

And, he came out of the afternoon as a big fan of Jamaal Charles.

“He makes them a very fast team,” Carroll said of No. 25. “He’s a very dangerous player. He can just run around you. He’s done it to everybody in the league, all season long. He just runs around the defense. We tried hard to keep the edges and knock things out of bounds. If you make a mistake and duck your head inside, he’ll go around the edge and turn it up field. That’s their bread and butter and they feed off of that and their play passes come off of that.”


“This is definitely part of the next step for a young team that we are in that we learn how to win on the road. This is a hostile environment, a first place team in their division, so they had a lot to fight for. To get the win and win in the fashion in which we did, it wasn’t perfect, but we were able to overcome those mistakes. That’s a big step for a young football team.” Chiefs LG Brian Waters.

“We’ve not been able to stop the running game and everything starts there. We haven’t really regained the play at the line of scrimmage that we had about a month ago. We just have to keep working. We don’t have any other choice but to keep working at it and do things to help our guys. They got knocked around today.” Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

“We just know we’ve got a good offense and we’ve got to keep that up. It comes from practice. If you don’t work hard in practice, don’t show up on Sundays.” Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles.

“(Jamaal Charles) is quick, he’s fast and it’s just something that you have to be aware of. Any back that has that type of qualities, there’s certain ways you have to contain him. He did some great things leaking out, getting out on us and we’ve got to go see film to see what happened.” Seahawks CB Kelly Jennings.


CB Brandon Carr was the selection of head coach Todd Haley as the extra captain for the game. Carr called heads on the opening coin flip and it turned up tails … the victory was No. 400 in the history of the Texans-Chiefs when counting regular and post-season games. Right now the franchise’s record is 400-376-12 … the Chiefs defense allowed just 20 rushing yards, tying for the fifth-lowest single-game total in team history and the fewest since the club allowed eight yards at Oakland in December 1995. The Chiefs are 89-0 all-time when holding opponents to 65 rushing yards or less, including a 9-0 mark against Seattle.

9 Responses to “Seattle Leftovers On The Half-Shell”

  • November 29, 2010  - Edward says:

    Charles emerging as the next great Chiefs running back. Pioli lets get that contract done this kid is only what 22 or 23? We can have this guy around at least 6 to 7 more productive yrs. He’s not even in his prime yet. Holmes, Johnson, and now it looks like Charles. We’re very fortunate to keep finding great backs.

  • November 30, 2010  - Todd says:


    I can’t believe I am saying this (since I’m usually the positive spin cheerleader in the comments section), but hey.. it was only Seattle. They are not a good team right now. Of course our stats were great against them. Is it just me or are you also worried about how well we will do against the good teams coming up. I’m looking at our remaining schedule vs. the Chargers remaining schedule. Look at what they did to the Colts. Unless we are very careful, they will take the division lead away from us.

  • November 30, 2010  - mike says:

    There is a very good chance San Diego will win the division. However, who would have thought we would be where WE are right now? Yes it was “just” Seattle, but didn’t they have every reason to play well? And can we honestly say Indy is the same caliber team we are used to seeing? We almost beat them ourselves at the beginning of the season before all of their injuries. The odds are probably in the Chargers favor, but I am still enjoying the ride our Chiefs are giving us. And who knows- Maybe the Chargers won’t run away with it the way all the national media seems to think.

  • November 30, 2010  - aPauled says:

    San Diego can’t “win” the division, only the Chiefs can “lose” the division. We have a game lead and a matchup remaining with San Diego. If San Diego gets the division, it will be because the Chiefs lost it. We control our own destiny.

  • November 30, 2010  - Edward says:

    I’m shocked some of you are overrating the Chargers. Seriously this is the same team that lost to Seahawks and now you’re just saying its just the SEahawks really. Seahawks aren’t a very good team but at home their very formidable against other teams at home. As for San Diego they beat the Colts. They always beat the Colts to me their win over Indy is more overrated than our win over Seahawks. That was game we could’ve easily lost if not for this progressing as the season went on. Everyone know that is a tough place for any road team to get a win and for us to go their and blow their doors off speaks volumes for this team. As for San Diego beating Indy who cares. I mean they’ve beating Indy 5 or 6 out of the last 7 or 8 times they’ve played. So its not a big deal that they beat Indy. Indy is beat up no running game. No surprise.

  • November 30, 2010  - Edward says:

    As for Chiefs they control their on destiny. I think too many fans view this team as the previous teams last 3 season. Wake up people you actually have a good team now its ok to be optimistic. You have a dominant run game. You have your starting QB playing at a high level along with plethora of top draft picks producing at a high level. DJ, Charles, Bowe, Dorsey, Flowers, etc all are playing at a good to pro bowl level. Then you also have one of the best draft classes this season. Majority of rookis are producing. Stop selling the home team short they’re good enough to go on the road and beat San Diego. Not to mention we have one of the best coaching staffs in the league. So please I hear enough of the San Diego garbage don’t need to hear it on here its not the same team from year’s past and neither are the Chiefs.

  • November 30, 2010  - Jimbo says:

    You tell em like it is Edward. I’ve got your back.

  • November 30, 2010  - Rick says:

    Is it Sunday yet? Can’t wait for the trip to K.C. this weekend!! Wish before the game the cheerleaders would get one side of the stadium to yell GO and the other side to yell CHIEFS. That use to be so damn loud it wasn’t even funny

  • November 30, 2010  - Ernie says:

    I say play the War Chant more over the PA and bring on The Chop when the D is on the field kickin some Donkey’s donkey! Want to bring back some of the “same soul”? That’s my suggestion.

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