Satisfaction, Not Vindication

From Reliant Stadium, Houston

Bernard Pollard wore a smile, but not one that spoke of revenge, or vindication. It was the smile that comes from being 4-2 on the 2010 NFL season and the bye week coming up.

“This wasn’t about me,” Pollard said after helping his new team the Texans beat his old team the Chiefs 35-31 on Sunday afternoon.

“This was about this team getting another win and getting to 4-2 and having a week to rest up and get prepared for the rest of the season. Anything to do with me was a small little deal.”

Maybe small, but it was still big for a prideful young man like Bernard Pollard. That pride was badly dented when he was released last year by the Chiefs on the final cut before he starting of the’09 regular season. Even though there were problems with the new Arrowhead regime, it did not seem possible that they would cut a young starting safety and get nothing in return.

But they did, Pollard was crushed and then three weeks later he found a new home with the Texans. And now for the first time since their inception in 2002, Houston is 4-2 on the season. They are competing in the tough AFC South with Indianapolis, Tennessee and Jacksonville.

“That’s what mattered to me was getting another “W” so it would help us down the road,” Pollard said. “Maybe there was a little extra, but I’ve tried to move past that.”

There was certainly a little extra in the fourth quarter when he chased Chiefs RB Thomas Jones out of bounds and then gave him a shove. That drew a 15-yard personal foul penalty, the type that drives coaches of all types crazy.

“It wasn’t like it was pre-meditated,” Pollard said. “We were not doing a very good job tackling and he (Jones) had gotten away and I was just frustrated. It wasn’t smart and if we had lost I would be telling you now it was a play that helped kill us.”

Even though Jones scored on the next play, it didn’t kill the Texans. When it was needed, their offense came forward and scored two touchdowns in the last seven minutes of the game and the Houston defense held the Chiefs offense to 19 yards on seven plays.

“We’re not playing well on defense,” said Texans head coach Gary Kubiak. “We’re struggling. We’ve got to tackle better, cover better and we got to do everything. I can’t hide it from myself or anybody.”

Pollard was thinking more about the future, than the past as he spoke wearing a t-shirt that read simply “Defense” in big block letters.

“It was great to see my old teammates and talk with some of them and catch up with what’s going on in K.C.,” said Pollard, who had lengthy pre-game conversations with Ron Edwards, Brian Waters, Dustin Colquitt and Jamaal Charles. “That was fun. But once the ball was kicked it was another day where we needed to go win the game.”

“If we are going to keep doing winning games, we need to do a better job tackling. We had way too many missed tackles and M.A.’s (missed assignments) today. That’s why it’s good we have this bye week so we can work on that stuff.”

Pollard had six tackles in the game and allowed that he missed a few as well.  He said defensive improvement is key for the Texans as they chase their first trip to the playoffs.

“Everybody saw what our offense is capable of today. We have to make sure defensively that we are doing everything we can to help them and contribute to this team winning more games. We are ready to create something here and we have to carry our water.”

One Response to “Satisfaction, Not Vindication”

  • October 17, 2010  - Kenneth says:

    The Texans reminded me of the Vermeil’s Chiefs, a very active offense and a defense that is going to have trouble stopping nearly everyone they play.

    I wish good luck to Pollard in the future but quite frankly the Chiefs aren’t missing him on defense, he is (IMO) part of the reason the Texans secondary is at the bottom of the NFL.

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