Reports Say Chiefs Deal For Alex Smith Is Done

It’s been talked about and rumored for the last week, but the Alex Smith to the Chiefs trade appears to be real. Fox-TV’s Jay Glazer reported Wednesday that the deal between the teams has been completed and Smith is K.C. bound. Glazer generally has a pretty good lock on NFC news, especially out of San Francisco.

The trade cannot go through until the start of the new league year on Tuesday, March 12th.

What remains unknown is the price tag. Rumors are rampant that it could be as high a choice as a second-rounder in the 2013 NFL Draft, pick No. 34 overall.

35 Responses to “Reports Say Chiefs Deal For Alex Smith Is Done”

  • February 27, 2013  - Tenand6 says:

    We can begin to zero in on the Chiefs #1 pick. We’ll soon see about Bowe and Albert.

    The price for Alex Smith is important. Hope it isn’t a couple of 2′s given his contract.

    Regardless, I like Alex Smith as a Chief but hope the pursuit of a QB in the draft remains a top priority. I trust Reid/Dorsey.

    Quite an off season.

  • February 27, 2013  - el cid says:

    Based on value of any pick and this year’s draft, unless Reid is in love with a particular player why not a #1 for Smith and an extra 3rd coming to KC with him?

    Just see no value pick with first, at least for me.

  • February 27, 2013  - tuan le says:

    A second (34) and a conditional pick next year for Alex smith . I hope the reports is not true. I don’t have any problem for them to trade for A smith but #34 this year is like a late 1st round and another pick next year for him it just sound way too much for a stop gasp QB. unless Andy R think he can turn Alex smith into a franchise QB and sign 4/5 contract with him.

  • February 27, 2013  - Niblick says:

    I agree with tuan le. I read the conditional pick in 2014 is perhaps another 2nd rounder. I hope the report of the conditional pick is not that high. I was hoping for a 3rd round pick this year and a lower pick or so in 2014. Reid must really like Smith. I guess if we pick a developmental QB this year it would be in 3rd or 4th round. We still need one.

  • February 27, 2013  - txchief says:

    I certainly hope that the Chiefs have not given up this year’s second round pick for Alex Smith. He could be a stopgap solution, but the Chiefs simply must draft their QB of the future with the first selection, no matter what all the pundits and draftniks say.

    Letting Brandon Albert go and using the top selection on a LT would be an abysmal, tragic waste, netting ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the franchise and fans. Pure and simple, offensive linesmen do not transform teams into winners, quarterbacks do. How did that Jake Long move work in Miami? I must have missed it when Joe Thomas carried Cleveland to a championship.

    Having the first selection in the draft is a rare opportunity and cannot be wasted. Since they have the pick, the Chiefs must use it to select a player that could truly make a difference. No matter how outstanding, no OL, DL, LB or CB can do that. First round QBs can be a bust too, but the potential reward is much greater when a team hits the mark with a QB in the draft.

    Unless Clark is prepared to face more fans wearing black and aerial banners flying over Arrowhead, his new people had better take the risks necessary to develop a franchise level QB. History has clearly and repeatedly shown that a parade of retreads from other teams has never gotten the job done in KC! If Reid and Dorsey only improve the team to a consistently mediocre level with safe moves like Alex Smith, it could be a lifetime before KC has another chance to have their pick of the best QB in the draft.

    That “always drafting the best player available” stuff is pablum for idiots and talking heads on ESPN. A team’s needs must be taken into account, and everyone with more than one functioning neuron should know that the the missing piece on the Chiefs is a top tier QB. Alex Smith is a technician, but he has not and cannot elevate a team sufficiently to win a championship.

    I pray the Chiefs select Geno Smith with the first pick to develop and that the franchise has not given up more that a couple of mid round selections for another 49ers’ castoff. Nothing about this move excites me or does anything to make me want to show up on Sunday or continue to pay season ticket bills. It could wind up just being another KC Chiefs wimpy move and the harbinger of more disappointment this fall. I’m only feeling the second coming of Steve Bono or Elvis Grbac.


  • February 27, 2013  - BigJimInWisconsin says:

    Well said, txchief, well said. More eloquent than I could muster. Your last paragraph is perfect.

    Sigh, indeed.

    Go CHIEFS!

  • February 27, 2013  - Niblick says:

    This was a good post by tx. I just don’t see them taking a QB at 1-1. Perhaps they could swing a trade to get back into the middle of the 2nd round, and get another QB there. I don’t know what QB might be be available at pick 65.

  • February 27, 2013  - tuan le says:

    I’m with you Txchief. another 49rs retreat, we been there before, more than once. I understand they try to win game and win the fans back but a lot of us fan just don’t get it. okay so assuming we got alex smith ( wows ) that’s a great move to give up a high 2nd round pick. so let see, we will be 5 game better then last year (7/9) and then the year after we be (9/7) or maybe (10/6) just good enough to get bound in the wildcard game , and might be a few year from now or QB will be Colin kaepernick. just a through, and that will get a lot of chiefs excited .

  • February 27, 2013  - tuan le says:

    Typo. I means it will get a lot of chiefs fan excited.

  • February 27, 2013  - txchief says:

    Niblick, why settle for what is left over at QB after trading down when you take take the best prospect? The facts are that the Chiefs have a good deal of talent on the roster, and their most pressing need is at QB. Use the opportunity to take the QB that has the best chance of improving the team. There is no need to settle for less. With the new rookie wage scale, there is no punitive financial reason not to take the pick either. I cannot believe anyone would really want to have a second tier QB prospect and some other role player rather than the best chance to have a franchise QB. It just does not make good sense to me.

  • February 27, 2013  - David says:

    The last time the Chiefs had an outstanding offense, they had a good, steady, smart reliable QB (Trent Green; read: Alex Smith); a terrific running back (Priest Holmes; read: Jamaal Charles); and an epic offensive line (Roaf, Shields, Waters, Wiegmann; today’s team: a work in progress).
    It would make great sense to add either Joeckel or Fisher alongside Albert and Winston, which would be a step in the right direction toward a good O-line. And give the Chiefs a chance of fielding a good offense. A good O-line matters. A lot.

  • February 27, 2013  - el cid says:

    All well and good but before this trade, we had no QB to start the year. Cassel, Stanzi, and Tanney….not a starting QB in the bunch and to say OK Reid, make one of these three work until Geno is ready – seems a bit out of sorts to me.

    First, do the Chiefs have any interest in Geno at all?, No one knows.

    Second, the Chiefs will play in 2013, at least I hope so. And we will expect Reid to be better than Crennel by a long ways, toss in Dorsey over Pioli also.

    Third, Alex Smith may not be the answer but so what we watch Matt (he’s good enough) Cassel for 3 full seasons even though the backups were better on the field. What if Smith works out?

    Lastly, most of us will be jumping with joy if Smith gets us a playoff win this year. Elequent or not, he is coming and Reid will have to get whatever there is out of him as a starting QB.

  • February 27, 2013  - Niblick says:

    tx-I agree with you. I just don’t think they will take a QB at 1-1. I wast just posting what I think they will probably do, not what I want them to do.

  • February 27, 2013  - Randall Krommenhoek says:

    Everything points to a 2nd round pick for another retread. Here we go again, retread coach, retread QB and a never before GM. I didn’t want Reid, would take A Smith for 3rd or less as no one was after him except us and AZ and the 49ers would not have traded him there. Why is it that everone picks on the Chiefs to unload there garbage. If A Smith is so good how is it he could not regain his starting job. A 2nd year guy blew him away. Did we take him because he is a nice guy?

  • February 27, 2013  - R W says:

    As previously stated, bad year for holding top pick and taking over a 2-14 team if you’re Reid/Dorsey. Look thru the game..will Canty be a barometer now that KC has gone deep for a vet QB?

  • February 27, 2013  - txchief says:

    The last time the Chiefs had a “steady, reliable” QB they could barely sniff the playoffs, much less the Super Bowl.

  • February 27, 2013  - Johnfromwichita says:

    Another word for retread is veteran. Trent Green was a retread when we got him and we know how that worked.

    I think Reid/Dorsey made the best possible choice considering all other options. If 2nd round this year and next is correct than the price is higher than I’d like, but, WTH, so is the price of good beer.

    I feel for the Geno Smith fans; he looked great against Baylor. I can’t get the vision of what K-State did to him out of my mind. He is not an answer.

    David, I agree with you on the O-Line. That is where the offense starts, despite who the QB is.

    And the line starts with the center. Last year we played most of it without one.

  • February 27, 2013  - Dio says:

    If the reports are true – I read 34th pick this year and a third in 2014 that could upgrade to a second, I’m throwing in the towel.

    A better option would be to sign a Jason Campbell type for one year and stink it up but be in position for a blue chip QB in the 2014 draft. I fear that Alex Smith will lift the team to mediocrity and out of range for the blue chip QB’s in 2014. Plus, if Dorsey and Reid gave up two premium picks to get Smith – they won’t take a QB high most likely anyway – they’ve already invested too much in this QB.

    Same mistakes all over again. Can’t see Alex Smith bringing the Lombardi Trophy to Arrowhead. Just don’t see it. We’re wasting our time. Again!

  • February 27, 2013  - TimR says:

    I understand the thinking, but don’t like the price of our 2nd rounder this year. If this price is correct (in addition to an additional conditional pick), the smart thing to do is to trade down from 1-1 to acquire another pick. After trading down, THEN maybe you take an OL. If it were me, I would try to manuever to obtain either Tyler Eiffert, Fisher or L. Johnson (other OT from OU) OR one of the beasts on D. THEN, I’d try to manuever to get a young QB (perhaps Manuel, Bray) at some point. We really do need another OL. We still had problems with big fronts because both Hudson & Lilja were small (one reason). I really like that guy from Alabama…Barrett ? C/G. If Albert or other is in the fold, then Stephenson would be swing OT & we have enough young size & depth on the interior. We really need a bigger CB opposite Flowers with all the bigger receivers to shrink the “windows”.

  • February 27, 2013  - David says:

    Re Trent Green: not a “retread”, and in fact, a very sound QB. When he joined the team in ’01, first season was 6-10. Following seasons were 8-8, 13-3, 7-9, 10-6, 9-7. Those teams were consistently among the better offenses in the league. But the defense was invariably as bad as the offense was good. Early in Green’s tenure, the team’s defensive coordinator was Greg Robinson – he of the “32 defense” (i.e. it ranked 32nd in the league); and the team would win games by scoring 30-40 points. And lose games – like the infamous Colts playoff game (38-31 loss) in the 13-3 season – by letting the other team march up and down the field, never having to punt.
    Had those offenses been matched by respectable defenses, the words “Chiefs” and “playoffs” could have been mentioned in the same sentence.

  • February 27, 2013  - txchief says:

    All we have ever had to watch as Chiefs fans are retreads and rejects at the QB position. Look where that has gotten the team in the 38 years since Len Dawson retired in 1975. ABSOLUTELY FRIGGIN’ NOWHERE!!!

    Turd Blackledge was a bust, and it was the Chiefs lousy scouting that had them select him over Dan Marino or even Tony Eason or Ken O’Brien in 1983. At least Tony Eason went to the Super Bowl. Blackledge put Kansas City in the toilet bowl! Still, that was thirty years ago, and the Chiefs have NOT EVEN TRIED to draft and develop a QB since. That HAS TO CHANGE!

    The Chiefs must realize that they cannot build a winning organization using QBs that have been cast off from other teams. There were reasons why the other teams moved on! Taking a risk on drafting a QB high can pay HUGE DIVIDENDS. It seems that nearly every other NFL franchise knows this obvious fact.

    There is no “sure thing” when drafting any player, it is just less obvious of a whiff if a team misses on a player at a position other than QB. How come no one is saying that Luke Joeckel isn’t worth drafting because he’s not as good as Jake Long or Joe Thomas?

    The Colts and Redskins were extremely lucky with the rookie seasons of Andrew Luck and RG III, but neither one has proven himself to be a long term success yet. And for all you naysayers, it is even less likely that there is another Russell Wilson in this draft class or the next or the one after that.

    It should not and does not matter if all of the so-called “experts” say that Geno Smith does not possess exactly the same skills as any QB drafted in another year. It also does not matter what he did or did not do in any particular game during his college career. He can make all of the throws, does not toss many interceptions, and he seems to have a good work ethic and mental make-up. He did not complete over 70% of his passes by accident.

    If the Chiefs believe that Geno has the tools to develop into a top tier QB, they should and MUST take him with the first selection in April. Clark needs to clearly understand that his fans are not going to keep paying through the nose for more decades of poor, and at best mediocre, football. All of the goodwill earned by Len Dawson, Marty Schottenheimer and Lamar Hunt has been exhausted.

    If all the Chiefs get from the first pick in this year’s draft is exchanging one left tackle for another, I will 1) puke, 2) demand a season ticket refund and 3) enlist donations for the next series of aerial banners to be flown over Arrowhead this fall.

  • February 27, 2013  - jimbo says:

    I wanted Alex Smith on this team. Just not at the currently perceived draft price. Maybe there is another player involved with the Smith trade. We won’t know the exact deal until March 12th or so.

    Like many have said we need a first round 1-1 QB even if the pundits scream that we are crazy & foolish. After 40 years of futility searching for that franchise QB, we need to address it in April. We all know that it’s slim pickins in this draft so I don’t care which QB we draft. I don’t envy Reid & Dorsey, they are in dire straits with this rabid fanbase & every decision they make will be scrutinized & analyzed. Gosh, I hope they know what they are doing.
    Go Chiefs.

  • February 27, 2013  - TimR says:

    We’ll all just have to see how it plays out. Remember…I believe Dorsey was around in Green Bay when they had Favre & drafted Rodgers. Same could happen here, if they like on of the QBs that much.

  • February 27, 2013  - ChuckXX says:

    Bill Parcells always said:”You are what the numbers say You are!!!!” So HERE are the NUMBERS of one Alex Smith. In 80 career starts he has thrown 2,177 passes and completed 1,290 of those throws for a 59.3% completion percentage. Pretty “pedestrian”. He has thrown 81 touchdown passes and also thrown 63 interceptions in those same 80 games. He has a career QB Rating of 79.1 over his career. Again pretty medocre and pedestrian. Over those 80 games he has “averaged” 178 yards per game in the air. He also tends to be “somewhat” injury prone. Here’s proof. In 2010 and also 2009 he only played 11 games each season. Again in 2008 he never played a game and in 2007 he played in 7 games. He was drafted number one in 2005. Personally I think the “compensation” was way too high. I heard it was a second round this year and potentially a second round next year. That will truly set this franchise back a long ways if true. I also agree with “txchief” on everything he said. I don’t mind getting Alex I just hate the compensation we gave up. Oh by the way, Alex’s lifetime QB Rating is a very average 79.1. From everything I’ve heard so far on NFL Sirius Radio and also NFL network the 49er’s really got the better end of this deal by a large margin.

  • February 27, 2013  - txchief says:

    Hell, the 49ers would have otherwise had to release Alex Smith. And you know what, the Chiefs have the first priority on the waiver wire. Fail.

  • February 27, 2013  - DanO says:

    I agree with TX. Terrible move. We would have first shot when he was cut. I don’t think any other team would have given up as much as we did. We have to build our future QB eventually. I just see this as pushing it back yet again.
    Boo… Dorsey first major move!

  • February 27, 2013  - txchief says:

    …and there’s another “inconvenient truth.” Geno Smith, Matt Barkley and none of the other possible QB prospects this year will make it down to the Chiefs selection in the third round.

    All of you “trade down” advocates need to take a long inhale on the smelling salts. NO OTHER TEAM IS GOING TO GIVE KC A BOATLOAD OF PICKS IN EXCHANGE FOR THE FIRST PICK THIS YEAR!!! No one wants Joeckel, Milliner or one of the defensive linesmen that much.

    If this trade goes down, the Chiefs have tipped their hand to all. They now have no option other than to sign Bowe and Albert, and the price of both just went up. As stated previously, an exchange of one LT for another is the worst possible outcome of having the coveted first pick in the draft. ARRGH! ARRGH! ARRGH!

  • February 27, 2013  - traumaman says:

    Dorsey and Reid just allowed the 30 year old, wet behind the ears GM at SF to mug them, as is clearly demonstrated by what they gave for, statistically, a piece of junk.

    What a couple of unsophisticated idiots when it comes to negotiating.

    Based upon the value scale of this trade, every GM in the league will be lining up to do business the new Mr. Haney’s-type brain trust, well not so much brains, that is now calling the shots for the franchise.

    If this trade is any predictor of future transactions, these two just made Pioli look like a genius and that is very…… hard to do.

    What a dark day for the Franchise.

  • February 27, 2013  - johnfromfairfax says:

    I’ve made my feelings known in the past. I’ve watched Geno Smith play in person throughout his college career and watched him develop as a player and individual. I think he has as good a chance of developing into an outstanding NFL quarterback. I’d love to see him do it with our team and provide our answer at the position for the next decade plus.

    On the other hand I’m willing to give Reid and Dorsey the benefit of the doubt at this point and see what develops. I think Alex Smith may not have excelled yet but extenuating circumstances have prevented him from reaching his potential. Reid has a reputation for developing QB’s and if he and Dorsey see Smith having more upside than he’s shown I’ll give them their due for now.

    On the other hand, in my best case scenario we re-sign Albert and Bowe and draft Geno at #1 and have the opportunity to develop him while we see what Alex Smith has to offer. That way we don’t have to rush Geno into the lineup and can let him develop before throwing him to the wolves. I know, I know, probably not going to happen but a guy can dream right? My main concern regarding the trade is a two seems high and the injury concerns are just that. But I’m willing to give Reid and Dorsey an opportunity to build what we all want their way… as much as I’ll be disappointed if we don’t get Geno Smith because I think he’s a great prospect and could be a great NFL QB.

  • February 27, 2013  - txchief says:

    jff, your scenario is the only one that could make sense out of this situation. Buffalo and Jacksonville have publicly stated that they were not interested in Alex Smith, for what that is worth. SF would not trade him to AZ, a division rival. The Chiefs should have waited until the deadline and then make a minimal offer for Smith right before the 49′ers would have to cut him.

    If true, the current trade is a dumb ass move by Dorsey/Reid and immediately calls into question their judgement. I am still holding out hope that all of this is a bunch of premature BS.

  • February 27, 2013  - tuan le says:

    It’s funny how a lot of us ( football fans ) listen to to these ( guys) so call expert. these are the same expert that rated mark Barkley at (sure fire ) can’t miss top five if he come out last year. but then he ( Barkley ) decided that he want to stay in school one more year and now these the same expert don’t think he ( Barkley ) even worth a 1st round pick. it’s just mind blowing how people just base on what these idiot said. I understand a lot of people follow college football but there’s also a lot of people that just turn on their tv and google for the info and listen to these idiot that there’s no good QB in this draft. please, get a life.

  • February 27, 2013  - tuan le says:

    and yes, there are the same bunch of idiots expert that said ( Russell Wilson ) is too short and that why he drop all the way to 3rd round.

  • February 27, 2013  - cychief24 says:

    David- my compliments on a good reasonable post.

    Many on here deal with unrealistic ideas.

    Txchief- where are your seats? I’m looking to add 2 more to my 4.

    Reid/Dorsey have to deal with what real. Today they did that. Did anyone watch the combine? This years crop of QBs are inconsistent at best, pathetic at worst. Alex Smith was the best available QB. Next year’s crop is said to be better. I want a chance to win a playoff game NOW. This trade gives us the best chance for that.

    The criticism of Trent Green is uncalled for in fact. He was fantastic from his 2nd year on. His 1st year he had 2 bad wheels.

    Oh and by the way… my hero Lenny Dawson was a retread.

  • February 27, 2013  - ObscureDave says:

    Txchief, I don’t think the waiver sequence would come into play if Smith were cut. After accruing a certain number of seasons (5 maybe?) a released player becomes an unrestricted free agent able to negotiate with any team. Smith fits that criteria.

  • February 28, 2013  - txchief says:

    Cy, I’ve got three in 245. I’m not giving them up just yet. Lenny is my hero too, but it was fifty years ago when they acquired him. The strategy doesn’t work anymore.

    Trent Green was a good QB. He had injury concerns, and that’s why the Rams let him go and why he had a short shelf life in KC. Green was not capable of elevating the team over Peyton Manning in the playoffs or consistently producing enough wins to contend consistently. Yes, the Greg Williams defense was lousy in 2003, but so was the Colts’. Green could not score more points than Manning. Peyton and the Colts also easily sent Green and the Chiefs packing in 2006.

    There’s no guarantee that the QB prospects in 2014 will be any better and certainly no guarantee that the Chiefs will have a shot a drafting whoever is the top prospect next spring. The Chiefs fans have been waiting for “next year” since Lenny the Cool hung up his cleats in 1975. “Next year” has never come.

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