REPORT CARD: Chiefs vs. Ravens

From Arrowhead Stadium

RUSHING OFFENSE: D – At half-time, RB Jamaal Charles had run seven times for 87 yards, including a 41-yard TD scamper. By the end of the game, he had nine carries for 82 yards. So that’s two carries for minus-5 yards in the second half. At the start of the game, there weren’t enough plays for the run game to get moving. In the second half, the Ravens pushed the lead forcing the K.C. offense to look at the pass rather than the run. They had 12 yards on seven carries in the third and fourth quarters. RB Thomas Jones was not a factor nor was WR/RB Dexter McCluster.

PASSING OFFENSE: F – QB Matt Cassel had a terrible afternoon, one of his worst performances in two years as the team’s starting quarterback. Cassel was able to complete only half of his passes and none went for more than 22 yards and only two went for more than eight yards. His pass protection broke down in the second half when the Ravens were going full bore with the rush and the lead. Cassel’s three interceptions were all poor decisions on his part. WR Dwayne Bowe was not only shut out, but he wasn’t thrown to in the entire game. That just can’t happen. Only McCluster caught more than one pass.

RUSH DEFENSE: C – The Ravens ran 40 times for 142 yards, but broke only one run of any length when RB Willis McGahee ripped off a 25-yard TD in the fourth quarter. Baltimore RB Ray Rice ran for 57 yards on 17 carries, and never broke free for the type of plays that can hurt a defense. QB Joe Flacco hit them for 26 yards, including a nice 13-yard run in the first half. On a bad day, it was probably the best part of the team.

PASS DEFENSE: D – Flacco was unflappable even though he saw some pressure from the Chiefs defense, specifically OLB Tamba Hali who had two sacks and caused a fumble. But Flacco hit 73.5 percent of his passes and did not throw an interception, finishing with a 115.4 passer rating. The Chiefs tried numerous coverages to try and slow down TE Todd Heap but nothing worked and he caught 10 passes for 108 yards.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D – As usual, the Chiefs got nothing in the return game and that hurt them again. The only splash there was a 36-yard kickoff return by McCluster. The coverage units did a good job overall and did not let anything get away from them. Punter Dustin Colquitt had a good day, averaging 51 yards on three punts. But his net average was only 37.7 because of a pair of touchbacks.

COACHING: F – The poor performance started early when Todd Haley challenged a call on ball placement in the first half. The call was upheld and he lost a challenge and a timeout – it was way too early for him to be using the red flag. He did successfully get a call changed on his second challenge, but then he was out of red flags. The inability to get the ball into the hands of WR Dwayne Bowe is a coaching failure as well. If the original game plan didn’t work, then there has to be changes. And then there was Haley’s fourth-down decision. No surprise there, but the play call on the gamble was horrendous.

3 Responses to “REPORT CARD: Chiefs vs. Ravens”

  • January 10, 2011  - Carl says:

    Congratulations,Charlie. You came up with a great game plan to get you to Florida as soon as possible.

  • January 10, 2011  - el cid says:

    Usually I agree with you, Bob, not so much today. This was the playoffs, a one shot affair for most teams. Unfortunately, this could have been written everytime the Chiefs played a team with a winning record or the AFC West. I know it is painting with a broad brush but just how good is the entire organization? Take away the toughness of the schedule, Haley’s inability to get along with coaches and players or controlling himself during games, and all the gaps in talent, and is this rebuild working? I could go either way. Followed the falcons/aints when in those areas and it was all about the future. Archie Manning never, NEVER had enough guys around him to say he was any good. As long as Haley can win 10 games a year and the playoffs, I guess we will all stand around in wonderment. But is this team moving forward, not so sure. Sort of like following the royALs, it always about next year which never shows up.

  • January 10, 2011  - Flyboy26 says:

    Hey Bob, you were a bit too lenient in your grade for pass defense. That grade should have also been an “F”. I didn’t see many coverage changes thoughout the game, but maybe I missed some. Berry and Lewis, as good as they played, need some work in pass coverage, especially the slant. The TE made Berry look like the rookie he is, and the two deep safeties, for most of the game, was a poor plan. McGraw was totally mismatched. Several times this year, I’ve felt that Crennell needed to rethink his defensive strategy and adjust to the game and situation. As for Weis…..good riddance. I feel sorry for the gators. So many say “look were we are”. I say “look were we might have been with better play calling”.

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