Report Card: Chiefs vs. Broncos

From Arrowhead Stadium

RUSHING OFFENSE: B – They finished with 185 yards, which was better than their season average going into the game. But this was not a well-oiled rushing machine. Yards came tough and big plays were few and far between. Jamaal Charles had another 100-yard game, going for 116 on 21 carries. His longest run was 16 yards. Thomas Jones ran 11 times for 53 yards, but he was not a factor in the first half.

PASSING OFFENSE: C – Matt Cassel and Dwayne Bowe had been tearing it up for three weeks so maybe they were due for a slow down. That’s what happened. Cassel completed just 54.8 percent of his passes and averaged only 6.3 yards per attempt. Bowe was shut out by some tough pass coverage from Champ Bailey. Nobody else really stepped forward among the receivers as none had more than two catches. Pass protection gave up two sacks, including one in the red zone. Poor execution all day for the passing offense.

RUSH DEFENSE: D – Coming into the game, the Broncos had the No. 30 running game in the league, averaging just 79 yards per game. Knowshon Moreno finished with 161 yards and he had 85 yards at half-time. Moreno had runs of 24 and 22 yards and he broke at least a half-dozen tackles as the Chiefs defense had trouble handling his quickness.

PASS DEFENSE: A – Even with FS Kendrick Lewis out of the game and CB Brandon Flowers playing but hobbled by a hamstring pull, the Chiefs pass defense turned in its best performance of the season. Kyle Orton completed just nine of 28 passes, for an ugly completion percentage of 32 percent and he averaged just 4.2 yards per attempt. The Chiefs pass rush kept Orton uncomfortable, as he went down four times, including a pass rushers hat trick for OLB Tamba Hali – the sack, the forced fumble and the fumble recovery.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B – The Chiefs did not produce much in the kicking game, but they did not allow much either. When they really needed a special teams play was at the end of the game, and Dustin Colquitt ripped off a 59-yard punt that pushed the Broncos back to their eight-yard line. Ryan Succop hit his longest field goal of the season from 47 yards. In fact, he did it twice making the first one that came after Denver called a timeout.

COACHING: C – Todd Haley was doing crazy things on fourth down again. Given a perfect chance to go for a fourth down in the second quarter, Haley decided to punt. In the third quarter, holding a 10-3 lead and facing a 4th-and-goal at the Denver two-yard line, the Chiefs went for the score, rather than kick a 20-yard field goal and a 10-point lead. QB Matt Cassel was sacked and the Chiefs came away with nothing.

5 Responses to “Report Card: Chiefs vs. Broncos”

  • December 6, 2010  - KC_Guy says:

    Bob, you’re generous with your coaching grade. Those two flaws alone could have been good enough to bust the game (again).

    Special Teams: Both the return and coverage unit took a step back all over the season. They started hot but since … pfftt .. I hold by breath everytime they kick/punt it away. Guess Hoffmann noticed as well, why else would he go for those crazy mortar kicks that often?

  • December 6, 2010  - James says:

    I like Haley’s intensity. But his arrogance/stupidity is going to cost this team a game some day. Hope it’s not one of the last four.

  • December 6, 2010  - el cid says:

    Everyone is starting to notice that the “gambler attitude” of Haley may not be the best for a team that has turned the corner from pretender to contender. Has anyone else noticed that when the defense is on the field and it is 3rd and 8 to 3rd and 23, the Chiefs play the prevent so soft it is not much of a challenge for offenses? Lastly, SOMEBODY decides when the Chief’s offense is inside the 5 of the red zone to ALMOST ALWAYS pass, Iam betting that is why denver sacked Cassel to the 16 yard line, they played for a pass ignorred the run. Coaching Grade – D for dumb moves.

  • December 6, 2010  - Jan in Kabul says:

    el cid,

    You touched on something that has me most frustrated with Haley. It isn’t that we decided to attempt to go for the touchdown on the 2-yard line when field goal was nearly certain…it’s that when you have one RB who makes 6.2 yards per carry and a second RB who averages 4 yards a carry…why does Haley nearly always decides to pass?

  • December 7, 2010  - BigJimInWisconsin says:

    el cid and Jan,

    Didn’t Vince Lombardi say that 3 things can happen when you pass, and 2 of them are not good?

    Run the ball! or in this case, Kick the Field Goal!

    Go CHIEFS!

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