Replay Changes Will Be Discussed

The NFL annual owner’s meeting will begin over the coming weekend in Palm Beach, Florida.

Along with enjoying the amenities of the classic Breakers resort, the league will be discussing business of all sorts. That includes possible changes in rules and procedures. Here are a few of the items that are being pushed into the voting session by the league’s Competition Committee. They are:

REPLAY – The Buffalo Bills have made a proposal that would eliminate the on-field referee as part of the decision making on instant replay. The Bills want the decisions to be made by the booth official. Also, there has been a suggestion that the booth official review all turnovers. Currently, the booth reviews all touchdown plays.

OVERTIME – On a suggestion by the Pittsburgh Steelers, the overtime rule for the playoffs would go into effect for regular season games as well.

INJURED-RESERVE LIST – A change has been suggested where the team can designate a player to go to the injured-reserve list at the start of the season and be able to restore him to the active roster for the eighth game of the regular season. Currently, a player that goes on IR in camp is done for the season.

TRADE DEADLINE – There’s a proposal to move the trading deadline from the sixth week of the regular season to the eighth week.

PRE-SEASON ROSTER SIZE – Currently its 80 players. This proposal would enlarge that to 90 players, counting unsigned draft choices.

HORSE COLLAR TACKLES – The Steelers proposal would penalize the defense for tackling the ball carrier inside the pocket. Right now, it’s not a penalty inside the pocket for a defensive player to pull down the quarterback by the back of his neck. Outside the pocket it’s a 15-yard fine.

MOVED FINAL CUTDOWN DATE – Because the season opening game this year was moved to Wednesday night from Thursday, the league wants to move up the final cutdown date to Friday, August 31.

INACTIVE SPOT FOR CONCUSSION – The proposal would allow teams the opportunity to designate one player each week that’s recovering from a diagnosed concussion as inactive for game participation. This would allow them to bring a player onto the regular roster.

One Response to “Replay Changes Will Be Discussed”

  • March 22, 2012  - cychief24 says:

    It will be interesting to see what gets passed.
    My biggest problem is with replay.If they can’t make a decision in 90 seconds then it’s suppose to be the call stands. They should shut the equipment off at 90 seconds like they cut the helmet speakers with 15 seconds before the delay. It’s really irritating in my seats waiting for the zebra to just camp under the hood obviously wanting to overturn the call.
    I would also like to see OT changed to the playoff rule.

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