Ravens Rally Around Reed

From Arrowhead Stadium

It’s the playoffs and emotions are always running high, but never higher than with the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday in Kansas City.

That was due to the family situation involving Ravens FS Ed Reed. His brother is missing in Louisiana after jumping into the Mississippi River supposedly to escape authorities who were chasing him. He’s not been found.

Reed played Sunday and while he didn’t get one of those patented Ed Reed interceptions with a TD return, he was active all day in the Baltimore defense, finishing with four tackles.

After the game, his teammates awarded Reed the game ball. Once he got showered, Reed took that ball and grabbed a private jet that took him to Louisiana.

“For Ed to do what he did under the circumstances and to play the way he played, to lead the way he led, that’s just an incredible thing,” said Ravens head coach John Harbaugh.

“I think what Ed’s going through, what the Reed family is going through, is a big part of this victory. That’s what will be remembered by our players. We’re a family, and the Reed family is part of the Raven family. And the Raven family is part of the Reed family. That’s the way it works with our team, our organization.”

His younger brother Brian has been missing since Friday. After he was stopped by police in response to a stolen car report, he apparently jumped into the Mississippi River. Investigators found his shoes and jacket. Authorities have called off the search for him.

“It’s a child’s game we play,” Reed said after the game. “It’s not tough to focus on this stuff. Being around these guys helped me stay focused and going forward in life knowing God has got everything. I’m not worried about football. That’s the least of my worries.”

Reed’s teammates rallied around him, especially his fellow defenders like LB Ray Lewis.

“It kind of hard to speak about that,” Lewis said. “It’s one thing to speak about a teammate. It’s another to speak about a brother. Anytime you lose someone like that it just draws every one of us closer.”

Reed’s decision to play the game and then head south to be with his family did not come as a surprise to his teammates.

“He didn’t have to play today, but he chose to play,” said LB Terrell Suggs. It was the simple fact that we wanted to give him three hours of peace. Let’s go out there and have fun with your football brothers and we started doing that. We were like ‘We’re going to have fun out here. We are going to let go of everything that we are dealing with and will deal with after the game.’

“It definitely was an emotional win for him and the rest of us, too.”

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  • January 10, 2011  - Donald says:

    Thoughts and prayers to Ed Reed and his family.

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