Raiders Stop Chiefs Run Game

From the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

All season the Chiefs have been able to run the ball. In four of their first seven games, they had over 200 rushing yards. It’s what led them to the No. 1 position in the NFL in rushing yardage last week with an average of 190 yards per game.

Things were not so successful on Sunday in Oakland. The Raiders did the best job of any opponent this year in keeping the Chiefs running game contained and it helped them grab a 23-20 overtime victory.

“We can’t just run the ball to win,” said Thomas Jones after the Chiefs ran for 104 yards on 34 carries against Oakland. “We have to make plays in the passing game as well. It’s a total team effort. I think a lot of people build up a certain part of your team and are disappointed when it doesn’t work. We are the Chiefs offense, not the Chiefs running game. It’s a team effort. That’s how we look at it.”

The offensive team effort wasn’t very good and it started with the running game, because that’s where all things start with the Chiefs offense. They had 34 carries, and only one went for more than 10 yards. That was a 13-yard run by Jamaal Charles in the third quarter.

Of those 34 carries:

  • Three went for negative yardage, a total of minus-11 yards.
  • Seven went for no yards.
  • Three more carries went for just one yard each.

That’s 13 carries that produced a total of minus-8 yards. There was more given the three holding calls the offense added as well.

“They were loading up the box and they were in zero situations where they didn’t have anyone in the deep middle of the field and there’s just an extra body you cannot block,” said head coach Todd Haley.

With the middle of the field open, the Chiefs should have been able to take advantage of that, but that didn’t happen much either. QB Matt Cassel averaged just 6.2 yards per passing attempt in the game, and the longest pass play was just 23 yards.

And the running game just kept spinning its wheels.

“Without guessing, when you have penalties it puts you in situations a little more difficult to run,” said Haley. “The field didn’t seem to be helping us too much. We had too many guys on the ground and allowing penetration at times. I’ll have to look at the tape to give a really good answer. I don’t want to guess. At times it felt like we could make a little progress and at times we couldn’t.”

The Rush Brothers of Jones and Charles combined for 85 yards on 29 carries, a average of just 2.9 yards per carry. That’s so unlike what they’ve been able to do all season.

“We just couldn’t get going,” said Jones. “They played a great game. It was a defensive struggle. We played pretty well against their run early on and they played pretty good against our run.

“It was just one of those games. There were a lot of penalties. The weather the ball is wet. It was just one of those games. The Raiders came ready to play and we came ready to play, they just made a few more plays than we did.”

11 Responses to “Raiders Stop Chiefs Run Game”

  • November 8, 2010  - Chuck says:

    Did you guys notice how Richard Seymour tossed our O-Linemen around like RAG DOLLS???? “WHY” can’t we get a guy like that?????? He is a FORCE.

  • November 8, 2010  - el cid says:

    We do not want guys with character issues, we want the right 53, remember half of you saying that for 18 months now. Well, Waters was a probowler and he played like a 139lb weakling against a guy with character issues.

  • November 8, 2010  - dan in joplin says:

    Ya chuck, I did! especially waters! we have to get asamoah in there.

  • November 8, 2010  - Tim says:

    Waters was whipped big-time in this game.

  • November 8, 2010  - dan in joplin says:

    el cid, there are alot of “character” guys that can play, we just don’t have enough of them yet. I don’t remeber seymour being a “bad” character guy if thats who you are referring to. Btw, sorry your dog ate your cake, that must have sucked!

  • November 8, 2010  - el cid says:

    Thanks dan, shot the dog…..just kidding, only character who will watch the Chiefs play with me. Seymour was rated a questionable with his last team, took plays off. Did not happen sunday. Disappointed in myself, I bought into this team and there is not a W left on the schedule, if you can stop the Chiefs running, you win. Sort of like watching a one-armed man in a fight. If the one fist can hit you, ok. If you can duck, you kill him.

  • November 8, 2010  - dan in joplin says:

    Hope PETA isn’t reading! :) Hate to see you give up so quick, it’s the NFL and you lose some are “suppose” to win and win some you are “suppose” to lose. I have been disapointed in our play the last two games and it is obvious we are “there” yet, but we have made improvements this year over what we have been and I think some of those improvements aren’t evident, YET! You have made it clear, we still have alot of holes to fill and I agree, the difference is you want to do it with anybody to make it happen NOW and I’m willing to wait it be put together for the long haul.

  • November 8, 2010  - dan in joplin says:

    sorry meant to say “aren’t there yet”

  • November 8, 2010  - el cid says:

    Dan, what if the “long haul” does not come? I believe you only get so many grabs at the golden ring. Age, injury, and retirements can hit you between the eyes and you are reloading all over again. Like Cassel, well if he does not get a whole lot better we will be rebuilding with a new QB til 2016. Is that the long haul? What if Chambers is done and Bow cannot be counted on for clutch catches, sets back rebuild til 2012. If Vrabel retires, no body is there to replace him, a 2011 draft pick and after 2012 to do the job correctly. Just what is the long haul??

  • November 8, 2010  - dan in joplin says:

    Its the juggling act of trying to win now with the guys you want/have, but not losing sight of the future I guess. I think that at this stage of the team, when they are looking @ paying money for a player or giving up picks, it will be for someone that will fit now and give us a chance to be good down the road. I would say that @ this point they have done a pretty good job with who they had and with who they have added. I guess it comes down to how many holes can you fill @ one time? Bob is right, they don’t have enough talent yet, but I believe they are going about it the right way. Last game was a huge disappointment, but they have been winning and they have been IN every game they have played this year.

  • November 8, 2010  - dan in joplin says:

    We have been doing alot of “reloading” the past few years, but hopefully this time it is right. If not, then it will be back to the drawing board I guess! We could be the Cowboys, w/ all that talent and no direction or coaching! Their fans have a legitimate bitch for not doing it this year! Chief fans (who are the MOST passionate) have no room to complain @ this point. This team is winning games and are better than we have been in a long time! I’m not totally sold, but for the most part, I like what I’m seeing! Pissed about Sunday, but still encouraged.

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