Pryor Heads Supplemental Possibilities

At noon CDT, the NFL will drop the starter’s flag on the league’s 2011 Supplemental Draft.

It figures to draw more attention than any Supplemental Draft in sometime because of the presence of former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor. (That’s Pryor to the left, throwing at his workout.)

MONDAY UPDATE – Pryor was selected in the third round of the Supplemental Draft by the Oakland Raiders. It’s the first time in franchise history that the Raiders have used a choice in a supplemental draft. By making the pick, the Raiders give up their third rounder in 2012.

Over the weekend, Pryor held a workout at a high school near Greensburg, Pennsylvania and his hometown of Jeannette. Reports out of the event say there were 17 NFL teams represented there, including the Chiefs. Indianapolis Colts owner Jimmy Irsay was there, along with Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and a host of personnel types and scouts from around the league.

Pryor was timed in 4.38 seconds on the artificial turf at Hempfield High School. He also did 31 inches in the vertical jump. He was measured at just a sliver under 6-5 and weighed 231 pounds.

There seems little doubt at this point that Pryor will be drafted, even with the five-game suspension handed him from Commissioner Roger Goodell. He made it plain to reporters on Saturday after his workout that he planned to play quarterback.

“I’m not open to other positions, at all,” he said. “When I get on a team going in, I want to be a quarterback. But if there were to be a change, because there’s another quarterback on the team that’s been there and I need to go somewhere to win, just for me sacrificing myself to help the team win, I’ll do that.

“I’m a quarterback at heart. Like I told the guys when they were interviewing me, give me a chance and I don’t think I’ll let you down, and I don’ t think you’ll be disappointed in me at quarterback, at all. That’s exactly what I told them.”

There are six players eligible for the Supplemental Draft. They are:

CB Torez Jones, Western Carolina – 6-0, 175 pounds. Jones left the Catamounts program voluntarily after playing 3 seasons, including 10 games last year.

RB Caleb King, Georgia – 5-11, 218 pounds. In July, King was declared academically ineligible for the 2011 season by Georgia.

DE Keenan Mace, Lindenwood – 6-4, 313 pounds. Mace played just one season over the last three years at Lindenwood. In the spring he signed and played indoor football and originally signed a contract with the Dallas Cowboys. But that contract was declared void because Mace wasn’t eligible to be signed at that point.

DE Mike McAdoo, North Carolina – 6-7, 245 pounds. McAdoo was declared permanently ineligible by the NCAA for academic cheating. It was all part of last year’s Tar Heels problems with suspensions.

QB Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State – 6-5, 231 pounds. Pryor’s involvement in so called “Tatoo Gate” with the Buckeyes had him headed for a five-game suspension to start the ’11 season.

S Tracy Wilson, Northern Illinois – 6-1 ¼ , 203 pounds. Three years removed from high school, Wilson battles injury problems last season and decided to jump into a possible NFL career early.

The draft will be conducted via email at noon Central time. Each round takes ten minutes. Teams have the option of submitting a claim on a player or passing on the round. Teams can also pass on all rounds prior to the draft.

The selection order is a bit different than for the regular draft that is determined by winning percentage. Teams are lumped into three groups based on their percentage from last year, and then a lottery is conducted.

Will the Chiefs be interested? That’s doubtful. GM Scott Pioli values draft choices too much to use one for anybody in this group, save possibly Pryor.

4 Responses to “Pryor Heads Supplemental Possibilities”

  • August 22, 2011  - colby says:

    Perhaps Pryor would be a good option for the Chiefs as a PROJECT. No more than a 5th rounder though. Maybe if King has some ability they’ll use a 7th there because we don’t have enough RBs for the preseason. Jones and Charles don’t need to be toting the ball any more than they did against Baltimore. 4-5 touches each and then done. Keep em healthy for the regular season!

  • August 22, 2011  - Niblick says:

    I just saw on Twitter that Pryor was taken in the 3rd round by the Raiders.

  • August 22, 2011  - Haley's Ego says:

    Which leaves them with no 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round picks next year. Gotta’ love that Al Davis.

  • August 22, 2011  - el cid says:

    Like King as a 5th rounder, got the cash but doubt Chiefs will spend any more money. Barring injury, the Chiefs have spent all they intend to and will probably ride with what they have.

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