Poe Is One of 8 Unsigned Draft Picks

GM Scott Pioli still has not gotten first-round draft choice Dontari Poe signed to his first NFL contract and reporting time for training camp is now less than 24 hours away.

It’s in those last 24 hours that plenty of contracts get finalized, so Pioli could still bring the big man in on time. Poe is one of five first-round choices and eight draft picks overall that are still without contracts as more and more teams report for training camp. Five of the nine are supposed to report on Thursday, including Poe.

Calls to Poe’s agent Jimmy Sexton of CAA went unanswered, as they have throughout the negotiating process. Poe faces no penalties from missing training camp time, other than how it hurts him making the transition to the NFL. The likely negotiating point that’s keeping these deals from getting done more than likely is over guaranteed money, how much and who is responsible for that bonus if the draft choices leaves the team.

First Round

  • 4-OT Matt Kalil, Minnesota (Thursday).
  • 5-WR Justin Blackmon, Jacksonville (Thursday).
  • 8-QB Ryan Tannehill, Miami (Thursday).
  • 11-NT Dontari Poe, Chiefs (Thursday).
  • 20-WR Kendall Wright, Tennessee (rookies reported Tuesday).

Third Round

  • 78-TE Michael Egnew, Miami (Thursday).
  • 95-OL Tony Bergstrom, Oakland (Sunday).

Fifth Round

  • 168-WR Juron Criner, Oakland (Sunday).

2 Responses to “Poe Is One of 8 Unsigned Draft Picks”

  • July 26, 2012  - ChuckXX says:

    I truly hope Pioli stands his ground and doesn’t cave. Somebody has to stand up to these greedy agents and players and say “enough is enough”. I still say that Poe will turn out to be a bust. But we won’t know that for about 2 or 3 years. People always say well in college he had too many different coaches or he played out of position at times. REALLY???? How about the player taking some “responsibility” for his playing skills instead of always blaming it on somebody else. These guys are starting to sound like the 35 million people on welfare. “Its always somebody else’s fault”.

  • July 26, 2012  - SteveO says:

    Bob – I heard a report this morning that said the teams that haven’t signed the first round picks are trying to get contract language that allows them to cut the player after 3 years and not have to pay the 4th year money. Have you heard anything about that?

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