Peyton Place? Arrowhead … Thursday Cup O’Chiefs

Under the direction of Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli the Chiefs have not been prone to bold, showy moves when it comes to player acquisition.

That should end over the next few weeks – the Chiefs need to make a play for Peyton Manning.

Seriously, they need to pull a red No. 18 jersey out of the closet and get it ready. Yes, he’s 36 years old and he missed the entire 2011 season with a neck injury that’s not completely healed.

Ordinarily, it’s not the type of move that I would recommend to any team. Picking up an injured veteran QB at the end of his career usually doesn’t work out so well. The exception was Joe Montana, who still had enough left in his engine to get the Chiefs to the AFC Championship Game after the 1993 season.

But at this time, Hunt and Pioli need to saddle up and get into the Manning Derby when the quarterback and the Colts officially part ways. By March 8, Indy must either pay Manning $28 million or release him. Hunt and Pioli must quickly become part of the race. The phone number for Manning’s agent, former Chiefs G Tom Condon should be programmed into the No. 1 speed dial button.

The Chiefs need Peyton Manning. They need him badly.

More so than helping them on the field, the Chiefs need the superstar status Manning holds in the world of sports. They need the spotlight he can bring to Arrowhead Stadium. They need the Manning brand to re-energize the Chiefs brand.

As we have learned over the last three years, Hunt and Pioli run the franchise with an eye on the bottom line. They’ve spent money on contracts; a lot of money when you total up guaranteed dollars that have gone to players like Tyson Jackson, Eric Berry, Tamba Hali, Brandon Flowers, Derrick Johnson, Matt Cassel and Jamaal Charles. But they’ve left a lot of money and salary cap space on the table to the point where they have $63 million to spend under the 2012 cap; nobody in the league has more to work with when it comes to player acquisition.

That would allow them to be very creative in the types of offers they can make to Manning. Whether it’s a short one-year deal with a chance to negotiate something longer once he plays; or a two or three-year deal that pays him at the level he’s become accustomed too, the Chiefs can make it happen.

The bottom line that Hunt and Pioli live-by is created from two factors – money going out, money coming in. Expenses (out) and revenue (in) create the number. Hunt and Pioli have done things to effect the money-out spigot by limiting their fishing trips to free agency waters. Plus, Pioli has outlawed the use of the color copier and he’s recycled pens and turns out lights around the building after 5 o’clock. That’s all about dedication to controlling the money going out.

Peyton Manning would give them money, but his arrival would also allow a chance to open up the money-in chute.

Hunt and his minions deal every day with diminishing interest in their inventory of game tickets, club seats, luxury suites, sponsorships, etc. The 2012 Chiefs do not have a superstar on the roster to help sell tickets. They have changed coaches twice in five years. They made the playoffs in 2010, but all momentum from that season was frittered away thanks to the NFL owners’ lockout and then the poor start in the 2011 season.

Hunt and the Chiefs need Manning to generate interest and sell tickets. Maybe more than anybody involved, Pioli needs what a healthy Manning can bring to the team in the fashion of offensive yards, points and victories.

Yes, Manning is 36 years old and yes at this point no one is sure if he can get back to 100 percent because of the problems with his neck. He’s been rehabbing for months now and how far Manning is away from being able to play remains unknown.

If he can play, and if Pioli goes out and gets help in blockers and weapons, Manning could be a major force with the Chiefs and in the AFC West for 2012, 2013, maybe 2014. But what matters most right now for both Hunt and Pioli is 2012 – they must increase revenues and victories and it has to happen sooner rather than later.

I’m a Matt Cassel fan and I think if given more help, he’s good enough to help lead the Chiefs into post-season games and success. But Matt Cassel is not Peyton Manning. He doesn’t send fans rushing to buy tickets and club seats. Tap room conversation concerning Cassel centers on how much longer he should be given the opportunity to be the team’s starting QB, not how far he can take them into the playoffs.

Clark Hunt has already proven he’s an impatient owner. Scott Pioli understands he’s not bulletproof.

Peyton’s place should be Arrowhead Stadium.


39 Responses to “Peyton Place? Arrowhead … Thursday Cup O’Chiefs”

  • February 16, 2012  - James says:

    Have to disagree with you Bob. Enough of the retread QB’s. Fix the OL, sign Bowe and Carr, bring in a NT in FA and draft for depth in the middle and late rounds of the draft. Then next year do what it takes to trade up and get that franchise QB. I want no part of that chicken necked Manning in KC.

  • February 16, 2012  - johnfromfairfax says:

    I think it’s an intriguing idea but I don’t see Hunt and Pioli pulling the trigger on it. If the Colts release him and we can get him for monetary compensation alone I’d be all for it. If he is recovered from the injury he is a tremendous HOF quarterback coming back under similar circumstances to Montana. I remember distinctly what Montana did for us during his time in KC. Manning could do the same thing. He is a tremendous football player at the most important position. If you can acquire him you spend the dollars and do it. Are you listening CH?

  • February 16, 2012  - txchief says:

    I definitely agree with Bob on this one. Peyton can put butts in seats, and he instantly catapults the Chiefs into being the favorite to win (at least) the division. The big IF is his health.

    Only the Chiefs, Jaguars and Bengals may really be in a position to pay him. I don’t think he would want to go to Jacksonville as they are rebuilding and have too few offensive weapons. Cincinnati is terribly dysfunctional, and they are probably pleased with Andy Dalton at this point. The Chiefs have the most cap space and should be in a position to win immediately with the return of injured players and just a few key FA or draft pickups.

  • February 16, 2012  - RW says:

    Thinking that the tight fisted and myopic Hunt Jr. would pony up the $$$ for Peyton Manning is about as likely as expecting a pro bowl season out of Tyler Palko.

  • February 16, 2012  - Chuck says:

    BOB; I usually agree with you about 98% of the time. But not this time. I look at Peyton as a 2 year bandaid and not really a fix. We need to get RG3. I know it won’t happen but thats what we need to do. I have no idea what it would take to trade up to #2 draft spot but I can still dream about it. Until we get an elite type QB we are all just going to keep wishing. Again, I ask you all if we had everybody healthy (including Cassel) could we have beaten the Giants in the Super Bowl this year???? Thats what everyone needs to ask themselves. I think the Giants would have put tremendous pressure on Cassel and would have gotten about 3 sacks and forced 2 interceptions. The score would not have been even close. No thank you to Peyton.

  • February 16, 2012  - Tenand6 says:

    A contract could be structured not to pay Manning if he can’t play.

    Totally agree, Bob. The Chiefs need Manning on so many levels. And, we’d be a very good fit for him.

  • February 16, 2012  - Michael says:

    Yes, absolutely agree with you, Bob. If healthy, Manning is only a 2 to 3 year fix, bandaide, whatever you want to call it? So? Two or three years of success is an eternity in football, and because it would only cost money it would still allow the Chiefs to continue building the rest of the team over that 2 to 3 year period. They could really use that time to set the team up for life after Manning. Acquiring RGIII on the other hand would cost the team dearly. That’s not to say I would be against it because I might do it anyway. I just like the Mannning move better. I’m not a Cassel basher either; it just feels like a bold move at QB would really help KC right now.

  • February 16, 2012  - txchief says:

    Hey RW and Chuck, at this point I believe most Chiefs fans (including myself) would take a two or three year Band-aid (R) at QB over what we have now. Cassel has shown time and again that he is not the answer. He’s somewhat lacking in physical skills, is indecisive and cannot read through his progressions. The draft offers little or no help to the team at the QB position this year, barring an incredible expensive and risky trade up to the second or third pick to get RG III.

    Although KC has some needs along the OL, Peyton really never had elite blockers in Naptown. He makes incredibly quick decisions and knows how to get rid of the ball. His play improves the OL and doesn’t force the linemen to hold their blocks forever. He’s also the best offensive coordinator in the league. Daboll can call what he wants, and Peyton can audible what will work.

    Peyton might like KC, the city, too. It would be an upgrade over Indianapolis. Given his overall demeanor, he might not want to be in a huge metropolis with all of the “bright lights, big city” issues. He just wants to win, and the Chiefs probably offer more of that opportunity than elsewhere in the league in 2012. Even if he did return to the Colts, they are now in rebuilding mode, and several of his familiar weapons won’t be around anymore.

    Heck, let’s go ahead and rename the stadium “Peyton’s Place at Arrowhead” in his honor to entice him here. I’ll even offer to buy him dinner at the restaurant of his choosing after every game, win or lose. Ooh la la! I can barely wait!

  • February 16, 2012  - Tim says:

    With our line needing 3 quality players, he’d probably end up w/ a broken neck. Get real. They guy’s health is questionable. I don’t want to see him hurt on the turf. He needs to retire. He doesn’t have anything to prove. I’d rather see us continue to build the team, but they have to get a QB for more than a rent-an-arm.

  • February 16, 2012  - the other dave says:

    Our best chance to bring back the Arrowhead of the 90′s is with a superstar and some wins…Peyton can give us both.

  • February 16, 2012  - Petey says:

    I would love to see it, if healthy enough to throw a ball. It would bring national exposure back to the Chiefs and it would put butts-in-seats. I agree w/ Michael and TX that I would take 2-3 years of excitement right now, knowing that we do not have a top-tier QB walking thru the door (we aren’t trading up for RGIII or Luck, draft picks are better than gold to Pioli.)

    Nice line Bob…I definately laughed…”Plus, Pioli has outlawed the use of the color copier and he’s recycled pens and turns out lights around the building after 5 o’clock.”

  • February 16, 2012  - the other dave says:

    Also, thanks for this article, Bob. I’ve been interested in your opinion on this subject for a while now.

  • February 16, 2012  - Niblick says:

    I totally agree. If Manning is healthy, I would take the two or three year window to try and get a champonship. He wouldn’t cost any draft picks and we could still fix the O-line through the draft and free agency. I would love to see us trade up for RG3, but I think Manning would be a better option short term. I’m not sure where we are on Peyton’s radar. I would imagine we are pretty far down. Who knows. Maybe with our cap space and a lot of young talent, he might see it as a potential champonship team. I can at least hope.

  • February 16, 2012  - Charles Nielson says:

    Hey Bob – I couldn’t agree more. Of course this is assuming he’s pretty healthy, but it’s hard to see a team that would match up better, with a continuing question mark at quarterback, some nice offensive weapons, and up and coming defense, several key playmakers returning from injury. Yes, both lines are problematic, and should be addressed in the draft. As has been noted above, Manning would not cost draft picks, and, if he doesn’t work out, would not slow down efforts to build through the draft. Granted, I’m not the one spending the money, but given the bucks to be made in licensed merchandise, and a calculated gamble on increased exposure from increased wins, this should be a no-brainer.

  • February 16, 2012  - el cid says:

    Just do not see it happening.

    Manning, if healthy, is his own OC, Daboll lives with that? Irsay just said tuesday, Manning is welcome back next year if contract can be worked out, does Manning want to be one of the last to finish an entire career with one team or has his ego been bruised to much? If he wanted to play on a team not the Colts, would he pick KC? Clark would get involved in this signing, would he favor it? Pioli same thing, does not fit the NEway (as I understand it)? What about Cassel, everything offensive seem to be designed to hold up Cassel, why would they dump that to get a “if” on Manning (I know it sounds stupid, it did to me but consider Pioli and the NEway)?

    To many questions and other than being a HOF QB, I see no connection to the Chiefs.

    To many questions

  • February 16, 2012  - Petey says:

    I don’t see it happening either Cid, but it sure would be fun to see. Might even knock timmytebow off of sportscenter for a couple of weeks.

  • February 16, 2012  - Flyboy26 says:

    Well said, Bob. I couldn’t agree with you more, especially if Manning is healthy. Too many people are worried about 3 or more years down the road when lots of things can happen to derail future success. I’ve been waiting 42 years for a sucessful return to the Championship and Super Bowl by the Chiefs. Acquiring a healthy Manning and being able to shore up the weak areas will give the Chiefs a great chance to return to greatness.

  • February 16, 2012  - Blake says:

    I agree with Bob. I don’t think it will happen, with Pioli being so secretive, it would just point too much of a spotlight on the Chiefs and I’m not sure that Pioli would like that. Even if Manning is here for 2 or 3 years. He would give us a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl. Some say they don’t want a band aid, but if it got us to the Super Bowl or even better won us one then I would agree with the move 100%!

  • February 16, 2012  - Niblick says:

    I’m not sure if the New England way would play a factor in this decision. NE has always had their franchise quarterback and other positions were more in question. I think other factors mentioned such as staying in Indy with a cap friendly contract would play more of a factor. I’ve always felt Pioli traded for Cassell hoping he would be the franchise QB, because there were no other options available. He is definitely not one.

  • February 16, 2012  - ED J says:

    Two points when it comes to Peyton Manning one its his choice to make not Clark or Scott. Second point is his health. Peyton will choose his team. He is free agent not draft pick he is going decide who is best fit for him. I think weather roster and coaching staff play huge part in where he goes. We have roster and coaching staff but i dont think he would like thought playing in Kc weather. Thats why Cards and Dolphins probably is where he is going. Then their is his health. I hear his arm strength isnt there and no gurantee its ever coming back. I still we will try get like most teams will but i think its pipe dream right now. As for Pioli not wanting him here because he is a mega star that just stupid. Pioli job is to build a winner which in terms will sell tickets. To say he is so secretive he wouldnt sign Manning because of his star power is just being ignorant

  • February 16, 2012  - Johnfromwichita says:

    No…no…My lasting memory of Joe Montana was him laying in the snow at Buffalo in the AFC championship game. In a fetal position. Please, no more ageing QBs on the way down. Not sure I could handle another one. And why? One or maybe two years. Not worth the cost. Go sign Carr and forget Manning.

  • February 16, 2012  - David says:

    Pardon me for switching sports, Bob, but I have two words for you: Mike Sweeney. Sweeney was a terrific ball player, consistent as all getout, who never missed a game, and was a fine public-spirited human being. He signed a huge (by Royals standards) contract; got hurt soon thereafter; and never was the same player again. Because the Royals at that time were operating on a razor-thin budget, they had all of their money locked up with Sweeney, and their roster simply stunk, for years thereafter.
    Here, the problem is only slightly different. If it were just a matter of money, an astute owner or GM would probably say, heck, we have plenty of cap room, let’s pay him $25M, and if he doesn’t perform, well, he sold some more tickets, we’re “out” what we paid him, and we’ll move on. But the Chiefs are in need of players at about 6 different positions, and if – as is likely – we would need to give up 2 or 3 high draft choices to land Manning, we’d be crazy to do so. It would mean not filling other urgent roster needs; and if Manning doesn’t play well or gets hurt again, it means we’re back to square-1 at QB, AND we have gaping holes throughout the rest of our lineup. He’s 36 years old; suffered severe injuries; and could have his career ended with one hard hit. Way too risky.

  • February 16, 2012  - BigJimInWisconsin says:

    No No No. There are a number of convincing arguements here, but I just don’t see his neck in shape for football. This morning I heard about a secret 4th procedure. Does anyone remember Priest Holmes coming back from his neck injury? Didn’t work out.

    I see the reasons regarding money stream and national exposure. I am all for it. That’s business. But can Peyton play? If not, that can lead to negative exposure. “The Chiefs being dumb and desperate enough to sign a Peyton Manning who can’t play anymore.”

    A positive that I thought of just now is in regards to Matt Cassel. If not dealt elsewhere, he could learn from an elite QB who knows how to prepare and what to look for during the game. Matt may not have the same physical skills, but the mental part of the game is just as important. Who better to learn from than Peyton Manning?

    My one-cent, idiot opinion.

    Go CHIEFS!

  • February 16, 2012  - Petey says:

    What I believe is ignorant edj is that you seem to think you know Pioli better than anybody else does. Why don’t you take a look JiminWisconsins reply and take a note on how to have a differing opinion without belittling others…I don’t know why I keep replying to you because you obviously don’t care what anyone else has to say. You really need to look yourself in the mirror when slinging your accusations and know-it all opinions.

  • February 16, 2012  - RedandGold says:

    I agree with Bob completely. Where ever Manning goes he will be great. He is a workaholic and will make everybody on the offensive side of the ball look great including the OC. In fact I predict that he wins one more SuperBowl before he is done, no matter where he goes. Some of you guys talk out of both sides of your mouth, you want a Super Bowl but you don’t want a QB that has been there-done that-bought the t shirt and will do it all over again.

    Pioli – Peyton we would love for you to come play for the Chiefs (your helmet will be bugged of course). How much money do you need?

    Peyton – Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, you mean the New England wannabes, ha ha ha ha ha ha you guys should be called the Patriochiefs ha ha ha that is a funny one Pioli.

  • February 16, 2012  - txchief says:

    Man, the negativity about Pioli and Hunt on this site continues to surprise me. I don’t believe that there is any conspiracy about bugging anything or anyone, and I’m certain both Clark and Scott have much more business savvy and a more detailed plan to improve the team than many around here are willing to admit.

    Just because the Chiefs didn’t make a big splash in free agency last year doesn’t mean that Pioli and Hunt won’t go after an incredible talent like Manning if he’s healthy and available. Because of the labor dispute last year, there was little time to evaluate the available players, and as a whole, I don’t recall alot of movement of star players last year to ANY team.

    The situation is different this year, and the teams now know well in advance of the beginning of the season what they have to spend under the cap and what the long-term consequences of contracts will be. More than a week ago, Clark Hunt announced that the Chiefs will carry over the entire available amount under the cap from 2011. To me, that indicates that the Chiefs organization is serious about drafting, otherwise acquiring and PAYING key players to improve the team. If all Clark cared about was profit, he could have pocketed the $20+M for himself. Had they blown all of the money last year on big dollar free agent disappointments, the same detractors around here would be busting the organization’s balls for making poorly considered signings. Your mom was right, sometimes it is better to save your money for a rainy day.

    As well, I don’t believe that Pioli would pass on a great player because he wasn’t part of the Patriots organization or a disciple of the “Patriots’ way.” Pioli is now part of the Chiefs family, and although he undoubtedly learned much when with New England, I’m sure he has ideas of his own about how to mold the best team he can. Hunt and Pioli have expressed admiration for the accomplishments of the Patriots and Steelers organizations, but that does not remotely mean that they are trying to create a carbon copy of either.

    If Pioli bugged anything, I hope it was the surgical hardware in Peyton’s neck. That way we’d know what he was saying about the teams he would play for, and what his doctors, trainers and coaches were saying about his recovery!

  • February 16, 2012  - Michael says:

    I don’t want the Chiefs to go after Manning unless he is released by the Colts, and he appears to be healthy or well on the way to being healthy. The Chiefs would have to spend some money, but not give up any draft picks or players and would still have plenty of money to sign free agents. If he can be successful for two or three years for KC, it’s well worth it. Pioli may go for it; he may not.

    My lasting images of Montana are not of him lying on the turf in Buffalo. I remember the way he played getting the Chiefs to the AFC Championship game, and I also remember that Monday night game when he beat Elway. And I remember how fun it was watching a master QB operate the Chiefs.

    There may not have been a ton of star players changing teams last year, but plenty of players changed teams, made their new teams better or provided depth when needed. Pioli mostly sat and watched, just as he did the previous year. He’s too cautious, which leaves the Chiefs frozen while others take advantage of opportunities. He’s got a good group of players to build on right now, but the clock is ticking.

    I believe Hunt and Pioli want to win. I think they have huge egos, and want to be known as top-notch Owner/GM in the NFL. Thus far, they’ve simply made some really bad decisions and bumbled their way through some situations. Neither has been the head guy in charge that long, so all we can do is hope they will learn and get better the longer they are at it.

  • February 16, 2012  - ED J says:

    First off Petey wasn’t bashing someone comment only pointing out obvious that its shows lack person knowledge about football to say their not going to sign HOF QB because Gm worried about how big star player is. Pioli was the GM that drafted Tom Brady who as popular as Peyton. LIke i said us talking about Chiefs signing Manning is irrelavent point because its going to be Peyton decison on where he wants to go. Much like Lebron James in NBA when he was free agent. However the elephant in the room is his health. CAn he hold up for 16 games, will his arm strength ever come back, etc. Chiefs need be more focus on upgrading depth at tight end this free agency, resigning Bowe and Carr, and also upgrading nose tackle in free agency more so than they do in trying sign Peyton. IF Peyton wants to come here he’ll be here.

  • February 16, 2012  - el cid says:

    Gosh txchief, did you miss Pioli’s first two years? You point out lack of activity last year, hell Pioli has not been very active with veteran free agents for THREE years.

    Actually after listening to an outsider about Pioli and NEway. I understand some of his thinking. The guy said Pioli is modeling the Chiefs exactly after NE. The problem for this guy was, could Pioli be flexible enough to make it fit KC? No Brady here, remember.

    Not a lot of love for Pioli, but he will do it his way, that includes no Manning, I suspect.

  • February 16, 2012  - Craig says:

    Hi Bob. I hope you are feeling the luv. Great article. More comments than any posting in awhile. If If If we can get him, If he wants to come, If Pioli will shell out some money? IF IF IF. He would be great. He would bring the crowds back to arrowhead. Great upside, minimal downside. Structure deal so it is a win-win for both parties.Go get Manning. He is a quality guy and if he cannot play he will not mislead people. We always got Cassel as a backup!

  • February 16, 2012  - txchief says:

    El cid, you seem to have forgotten Cassel and Vrable. They seemed to be pretty big veteran signings at the time.

    I’ve been waiting months for you or someone else to tell me who the Chiefs should have signed over the past couple of years that would have made a big impact.

    Every offseason is different. It has been many years since an opportunity like Peyton Manning has presented itself. The team needs a leader, marketing star power and a chance to win. Peyton gives the Chiefs all of those things. It’s the right time to make a serious move, and he wouldn’t cost a boatload of draft picks to acquire.

    Since you said it, I suppose I’d settle for an exact copy of the Patriots in KC. It would be better than anything the Chiefs have had since the early ’70s.

  • February 16, 2012  - johnfromfairfax says:

    Not sure how many remember the Montana years in KC but that was an unbelievably fun time for Chiefs football. I remember telling my wife every week how incredibly enjoyable it was to watch a HOF quarterback carving up the other team’s defense again in KC. Manning could do the same thing. It’s a great thought and I know a lot of Chiefs fans would be happy for a legitimate shot at a SB or three. Sure it’s a risk but he’s been healthy throughout a distinguished career before this and is a pure football player. If it’s possible to come back and play he will do it and at a high level. I’d even pick up the pens for Pioli and Junior if they could make this happen. Hey, we can all dream, right?

  • February 16, 2012  - Mark Blue says:

    Manning would generate a buzz. And a potential short term fix. But RG3 is what we need to generate more buzz, and a long term fix. Make it happen Pioli. Be bold.

  • February 16, 2012  - Duke says:

    Totally agree with you johnfromfairfax, I was there for every home game of Joe M’s 2 years with the Chiefs, and in the nearly 20 years since then, there’s been nothing approaching the excitement level of those times. If Manning’s health allows, and there’s a mutual interest in making it happen, why not? Some folks aren’t paying close enough attention to the Manning situation; this scenario only plays out if/when the Colts release him, which in all likelihood, they are going to. This won’t, and shouldn’t happen if it takes a trade to acquire him, and that’s not going to be the case. If he opts to come to an agreement to stay w/ the Colts, then that’s what he’ll do, stay. As a 40 year hard core Chiefs fan and a 25 year season ticket holder, my view, and my desire, is that the Chiefs go all out each and every year to make the moves necessary to reach and win a Super Bowl; if it materializes, this isn’t the kind of opportunity that comes along every year; as history shows, it’s more like every 20 years.

  • February 17, 2012  - Petey says:

    edj…you were bashing when you tell anyone that has a differing opinion that they are ignorant….second do you REALLY think anyone on here thinks Pioli wouldn’t sign Manning because he is to big of a star? REALLY? Or do you think maybe someone was taking a shot at Pioli.

    And us talking about signing Manning is not irrelevant, it’s what football fans of teams do in the offseason…we dream of what could be. Do I actually THINK we will sign Manning? No. But would I love to see it, yes. IF Manning was healthy enough (there are now reports that Manning was throwing at 85% last month). I still remember watching Montana run out of the tunnel for the first PRESEASON game he played and Arrowhead was electric…I’ve never heard something like that for a preseason game and I wasn’t even there.

    You’re right, Pioli DID draft Brady….in the SIXTH round (behind 6 others), so it’s not like Pioli was some kind of genius (if you are going to give him credit for drafting him, then you also have to think he wasn’t that smart for the first 5 rounds). Drafting Brady and hitting would have been like us drafting Stanzi and hitting…dumb luck.

    Of course we have holes to fill, but you of all people (the person screaming the loudest all year how terrible Cassel was and that Stanzi needed to play) know that we could use an upgrade at QB. And of course it’s ultimately Mannings decision but what Pioli/Hunt could do is help it be an easy decision. Again, I don’t think it’s going to happen, but is this discussion really any different than us talking about Carl Nicks coming to KC? The comments alone in this thread show that it’s anything but irrelevant….

  • February 17, 2012  - el cid says:

    txchief, sorry for our private conversation but Cassel and Vrabel was a TRADE. Vrable played out his NE contract and Cassel got a new one in KC. And how is that working out for you, lots of playoff games or superbowl appearances??

    Sorry cannot comment about “who” the Chiefs should have signed, a rather garden variety comment from Pioli fans or the like. But the 4X exec of year should of found a use for 90+ of player salaries banked into the Clark bank account over the last 3 years. Think that money in Clarks bank makes fans feel all warm and fuzzy come playoff time and the Chiefs get to buy tickets for the games?

    As for Manning, fun to talk about but not going to happen. There is no reason on earth for Manning to want to come to KC for any reason unless it is to say “I got my career finished by being crushed by DL running over the Chiefs OL for a year”.

    Lastly the NEway has NEVER been transplanted to another team. I suggest because they have a guy named Brady to cover up the mistakes and NO other team can find that guy. Check out Altanta, that GM went his own way and is knocking at the playoffs every year, not so much wth 3 years of Pioli.

    Apologies to the rest.

  • February 17, 2012  - txchief says:

    The great thing, el cid and others, is that we shall see what happens during the upcoming months. It must be hard to see only darkness and have no hope. I have no desire to see Peyton crippled on the turf at Arrowhead. However, neither you nor I have any direct knowledge of his real health status. If you (el cid, et al.) can only find fault with the Chiefs, perhaps you might find cheering for another team to be more to your liking. You may have been propped up on your horse a bit too long. The smell is becoming unpleasant.

    Please refer to my comments above as well as Clark Hunt’s 2/16/2012 interview on as evidence of the organization’s intentions to spend signing draft picks and free agents. In terms of the “mistakes” in New England, they seem to have found a way to overcome them. The presence of a franchise QB obviously covers up deficiencies in other areas.

    I’ve been waiting a very long time to see the Chiefs make a serious run. The timing and finances are right to bring in some outside talent. If Pioli fails to take action this year, I believe a great number of fans may decide not to attend games and purchase Chiefs merchandise. Count me amongst them.

  • February 17, 2012  - ED J says:

    Petey read what I wrote before you decide go off deep end and be critical. I said us discussing whether Pioli or Hunt will go after Manning was irrelevant not that discussing whether Manning would be in Chiefs uniform was irrelevant. My point was its not up to them whether he comes here or not the decision belongs to Peyton. So for us to try say Pioli and Clark should go after Manning was irrelevant because its not going be there decision whether he comes here. Dang dude read the blog before being critical. Next it is ignorant to think Pioli wouldn’t sign franchise guy because he’s worried about star power. Look up what word mean people take word ignorant as dirty word. It means since you act like you don’t know having lack of knowledge. So my thing was I felt person that says that has lack of knowledge when it comes to football if he thinks professional GM wouldn’t go out sign HOF QB regardless of his star power.

  • February 21, 2012  - Cheb Ornek says:

    @ johnfromfairfax, I remember those days. Montana had a top 20 defense & decent special teams to lean back on. He had a pretty good offensive line to protect him. Alt, Shields, Grunhard, Szott & Valerio/Siglar with John Hayes, Kimble Anders & Marcus.

    Montana had no wide outs that can compare to what KC has now, yet Montana made those guys in ’93-94 play above their talent level.

    But you can’t live in the past or expect Manning to come back as Montana did. Montana had already won at least one other SB after his back surgery.

    We don’t know how Manning can move, throw or take repeated hits ‘after he releases the ball’.

    Manning might sellout the stadium, but he might also get crumpled in the 1st game. Then we’d be back to SandCassel.

    I’d rather see KC reach for Weeden and open up the QB competition for real this summer.

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