One Man’s Opinion: the 2010 season

A wise man once told me many years ago: “Bob, don’t bet on humans. Only bet on animals. Humans will disappoint you every time.”

That idea stuck and with the short exception of a period in college where I thought I was Bobby the Greek, I’ve never wasted a lot of time and especially money picking winners or losers in athletic events. Maybe it was paying off the vig to a couple of well-muscled and connected fellow students that drove the point home.

But people expect picks from the pundits. They want to see how much they agree or disagree. So who am I to deny the visitors to

So what follows are my picks for the final records of all 32 NFL teams, the designation of those 12 teams that will make the playoffs and the two teams that will play in the Super Bowl.

For speed readers, I’ve got the Baltimore Ravens winning the Super Bowl, beating the defending champion New Orleans Saints.

As for the Chiefs, I did not pick them to make the playoffs. I did not pick them to finish .500. I stuck with the gut feeling I’ve had with this team from the start: there’s not enough talent yet. I think the Chiefs will be better, but I think they are a team with 6-10 skill. That doesn’t mean they can’t win a few more games on coaching, playing smart, desire, etc. But if they go 8-8, then Todd Haley should be coach of the year.

Here are the picks, and please, please, please, whatever you do, don’t use these as any kind of road map for wagers of any type. I don’t want to be responsible for anybody’s embarrassment or beat downs other than my own.


Team W L Note
New England* 11 5 Offensive line & defensive concerns will cost Patriots 2 or 3 victories
Miami 7 9 The Fins will struggle to reach this record due to bad offensive line
N.Y. Jets 7 9 Hard Knocks will describe their season; too many giveaways by QB
Buffalo 2 14 Bills struggle all season; odds on favorite for No. 2 pick in ’11 Draft


Team W L Note
Baltimore*** 12 4 Ravens may be the best team in AFC if secondary holds up facing injuries
Cincinnati* 9 7 Keep an eye on Carson Palmer, Ochocino and T.O. & great fire potential
Pittsburgh 8 8 Losing Big Ben for four games only starts Steelers problems; OL concerns
Cleveland 6 10 New GM Mike Holmgren finds out just how much work must be done


Team W L Note
Indianapolis* 10 6 Defensive problems will make life difficult for Peyton and Colts offense
Houston* 10 6 Texans will make the playoffs if defense takes the next forward step
Tennessee 7 9 Chris Johnson can’t do it all, and he won’t get enough help from defense
Jacksonville 6 10 Jaguars continue to tread water as M.J.D. is only offensive threat


Team W L Note
San Diego* 9 7 Chargers window continues to close as defense frays on the edges
Oakland 7 9 Jason Campbell lifts Raiders offense into mediocrity; highest it’s been
CHIEFS 6 10 In the race until December, but not enough talent on defense
Denver 5 11 Broncos house of cards falls apart as all three phases struggle


Team W L Note
Dallas* 11 5 Cowboys want desperately spot in Texas Super Bowl; it won’t happen
N.Y. Giants 9 7 Giants struggle finding reliable weapons for Eli on the offensive side
Washington 8 8 Shanahan does his best coaching job ever to get Skins to the .500 mark
Philadelphia 8 8 Eagles suffer through the inexperience of offense and QB Kevin Kolb


Team W L Note
Green Bay* 12 4 Packers have young, fast, talented team; if they can run the ball they’ll win
Minnesota 8 8 Offense will struggle all year as Favre looks like he should have retired
Detroit 6 10 All the rebuilding starts to pay off for Lions, as Matthew Stafford improves
Chicago 5 11 Bears stumble about on both sides of the ball, as QB Jay Cutler implodes


Team W L Note
New Orleans** 12 4 Saints will get back to the Super Bowl, but slipper will crack in title game
Atlanta* 9 7 Falcons will get Tony Gonzalez back into the playoffs, but won’t go far
Carolina* 9 7 Panthers bounce back and scrape their way into post-season on defense
Tampa Bay 1 15 A disaster waiting to happen for Josh Freeman with the Buccaneers


Team W L Note
San Francisco* 9 7 It will be Niners defense that carries Mike Singletary’s team to the playoffs
Arizona 8 8 Birds will struggle at QB unless Kurt Warner makes a comeback
Seattle 6 10 Pete Carroll finds out there are no Washington State’s on Seahawks card
St. Louis 4 12 The Rams will show improvement as QB Sam Bradford grows into the job

*-playoffs. **-Conference champ. ***-Super Bowl champ.

11 Responses to “One Man’s Opinion: the 2010 season”

  • September 11, 2010  - el cid says:

    I hope some of the marysunshines read this article. Bob is saying 6-10 and he has spent more time inside with the Chiefs than most combined. 6-10…..not the playoffs, not the superbowl, not 10-6…..NO 6-10 AND 8-8 would be wonderous. Sort of sad because Pioli will be satisfied with that.

  • September 11, 2010  - Michael says:

    I agree with Bob, and look for the Chiefs to be better and win 6-8 games, with an outside shot at 9-10 if everything went perfectly-few or no major injuries, lots of injuries for their division rivals and other opponents and some good luck.

    It’s not that this will make me happy, but I am feeling more positive about the team’s direction. I haven’t felt that way about the team in a long time.

    The way Pioli and Haley are going about this is slower than I would like, but I do think it will succeed if given enough time. By that, I mean the Chiefs should be in the playoffs in 2011.

    I was seriously PO’d with many of the personnel moves the Chiefs didn’t make this offseason, both in the draft and free agency. I have a huge list of players I thought the team could and should have acquired, and I’m still not happy about that. But, I do understand their plan and reasons for doing what they’ve done. I just don’t agree with a lot of them because you don’t have to do it one certain way. To me, though, they’ve done enough right to warrent a chance to see their plan through.

  • September 11, 2010  - JB says:

    Bookmarked for future reference…..

  • September 11, 2010  - cychief24 says:

    Well, Bob hasn’t been to the Raidas camp. I do think we will finish 2nd ahead of those bums.

  • September 11, 2010  - Nate says:

    Bob I respect your writing and your opinion. the chiefs won 4 games last year and finished 3 wins and 5 losses in the second half of the season, so you 6 wins would not be any gain in wins over what they accomplished in the 2nd half of last year. Now I have been watching the game for more than 50 years and I realize that teams can backslide, however when I add up all of the things that in my opinion are better this year (coaching,draftchoices,improving 2nd and 3rd year players,schedule) I think 8 wins is achieveable and with few injuries possibly 9W-7L. If we only win 6 games I think it will be because of too many injuries, and as we all know we lack depth at a number of positions. Just my 2 cents worth. Nate

  • September 11, 2010  - JohnNdallas says:

    “and please, please, please, whatever you do, don’t use these as any kind of road map for wagers of any type. I don’t want to be responsible for anybody’s embarrassment or beat downs other than my own.”

    That one got a pretty hearty giggle snort Bob.

  • September 12, 2010  - Brandon says:

    As far as the Chiefs are concerned it sounds like el cid, Bob and myself are in agreement. I expect 6 or 7 wins this season with a small chance to break even at 8-8. No chance at playoffs unless we really pull some close games out of our ass (act of God?). It would be nice to finish higher than the Donkey’s and Raiders.

  • September 12, 2010  - Tracy says:

    Somehow the Ravens’ seem too star crossed to make it to the Super Bowl, although their woes might be the ultimate spur.

    Still, Sergio Kindle’s skull fracture, Mount Cody’s excess weight and their CB problems seem like quite the hurdle.

    8-8, 9-7 seem quite achievable for the Chiefs. A win in the opener would change some opinions.

  • September 12, 2010  - RW says:

    Hard to argue with any of Bob’s predictions which to me, are all on the mark, with one small exception: I think the Lions will be the surprise team of 2010 by going 9-7 and finishing 2d behind the Pack in the NFC Central.

    Back to the Chiefs. I wonder how a 6-10 season will set with the impatient Clark Hunt who is already on record for having stated that he expects to be in the hunt (no pun intended) for a playoff berth in 2010?

  • September 12, 2010  - Russell says:

    NFL is now becoming a cultural phenomenon, which is kinda scary- meaning the Professional Game(at least by media standards)occupys a great majority of the citizens’ attention every day and twice on Sunday! Don’t despair I love it too, but it is just a game. I talk from personal experience. Family had season tkts since ’67 and the evolution since then is quite astounding. GOOD? In some ways, yes. Other ways(financial)has created a watershed moment. What if it all blows up in March? SAD. I don’t believe it will, because greed will lose out to natural law – Good Will because of the joy of the Game and there is plenty of revenue for everybody…BUT be aware the MONSTER luking behind the curtain(Players or Owners). Mr. Clark of course is anxious, he should be, he has invested all he knows into this(DAD). I am sure he wont sell the team if they dont make the playoffs…. GO CHIEFS=:)

  • September 12, 2010  - Carl says:


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