NFL Values Decline; Chiefs Drop As Well

On the day that Stan Kroenke spent hundreds of millions of dollars to buy 60 percent of the St. Louis Rams, Forbes Magazine came out with its annual valuations of the 32 NFL teams.

According to the magazine the average value of an NFL team dropped two percent last year, the first time in 12 years that there was a drop in value. Through the Forbes accounting 21 of the teams lost value, some by as much as 15 or 16 percent.

That group losing value includes the Chiefs, whose value dropped six percent to make the team worth $965 million. That ranks the Hunt Family operation at No. 20 in team values, between Seattle and New Orleans.

Forbes says the most valuable NFL franchise is the Dallas Cowboys, at $1.8 billion. That’s a jump of nine percent from last year. The Cowboys, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers all saw their value increase.

Among the 21 teams that lost value according to the magazine, the Jacksonville Jaguars and St. Louis Rams dropped 16 and 15 percent respectively. The Buffalo Bills value fell by 12 percent and the Minnesota Vikings went down 7 percent. That puts the Chiefs drop of six percent as the fifth highest in the league.

A general reminder on stories like this one – it’s all a guessing game. Only the Green Bay Packers financial information is made public. But Forbes has been doing this for 12 years and they have a pretty good track record on stories like this.

Plus, Kroenke’s purchase of the 60 percent of the Rams that he didn’t already own went down on a team valuation of $750 million. Forbes pegs the Rams worth at $779 million. At least they were in the ballpark.

Here’s the Forbes story on the team valuations.

And here’s the chart with all the details.

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