Mini-Camp Update 6/6 P.M.

From the Truman Sports Complex

Practice No. 4 went down Saturday afternoon, as the Chiefs wrapped up Day No. 2 of their three-day mini-camp.  I’m going to bet head coach Todd  Haley wasn’t very happy with his offense when this one was over.

The team got on the field earlier than expected because their annual meeting with NFL Security was over quicker than scheduled.  Somebody must  have forgotten to tell the offensive side, because they were out of synch and out of sorts throughout the session. 

In the seven-on-seven passing drill, the football was on the ground more than it was in receivers hands.  CBs Maurice Leggett and Ricardo Colclough both had interceptions.  It was the second time on the day that Leggett had picked off QB Matt Cassel.  There were several other near interceptions, a handful of dropped passes and what seemed like plenty of mental mistakes from the offense.

Things got worse in the teamwork portion of the practice.  The Chiefs ran 12 plays and only three gained more than a few yards.  There were two near interceptions by the defense, which twice snuffed out screen passes behind the line of scrimmage.  The last play of teamwork and the practice ended with a shotgun snap from C Rudy Niswanger sailing over the head of Cassel.

There were 83 players on the field for the afternoon session; LB Monty Beisel was missing again as he was attending the wedding of his brother.  Absent from the afternoon session was TE Tony Curtis, who was getting married Saturday evening.  Congratulations to Curtis!

From that group, 79 took part in the practice work, as the rehab brigade continued on another field.  It’s no picnic on the sidelines during practice for the injured.  Those who are far enough along in their rehab to be able to move about are put through extensive drills by the strength and conditioning coaches.  Sometimes, it looks like they are getting more work in than the guys who are actually practicing.

Some other observations from the afternoon session:

– On special teams, the club worked on field goal situations including what he defense should do after a blocked FG goes across the line of scrimmage or stays behind the line.  The defense also worked on reacting to fake field goals.

– Kickers Connor Barth and Ryan Succop were both four-for-four on FGs from 32, 39, 43 and 45 yards.  That was a pretty good effort given that there was a strong wind out of the southeast blowing into the practice fields.  It was at the kickers back, but blowing from left to right.

– The Chiefs worked more on throwing the ball in this session than running.  RB Larry Johnson ran several very nice routes, including one where he badly beat S Jarrad Page.  But Johnson couldn’t pull down the high throw.   RB Dantrell Savage got behind LB Corey Mays with a burst of speed on a long pass that was overthrown. WR Rodney Wright had a nice play, beating CB Brandon Flowers on a deep ball.  FB Jed Collins made a real nice catch down field.

– Veteran RG Mike Goff again schooled No. 1 pick DE Tyson Jackson in the one-on-one pass protection drill, easily handling the younger player on three consecutive snaps.  But third-round pick Alex Magee had three nice pass rushes going against LG Wade Smith.  Things were different later when Magee went head-to-head against Brian Waters.

13 Responses to “Mini-Camp Update 6/6 P.M.”

  • June 6, 2009  - alex k says:

    Once again, thanks for the update.

    Good to hear Succop continues to not miss.

    Glad Magee is flashing

    Congrats to Tony Curtis-

    My question has to be why is the offense so confused, is it that the D knows what is coming and has improved, or is it moreso that the line cant protect cassel or the recievers arent running good routes.

    From what I read, drops, bad snap, etc…sloppy.

    Great update-

  • June 6, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Brian Waters schools the defensive linemen – how do you like him now, ‘check’!?

    He’s not just “any” old “22″r you know…

    heh heh heh


  • June 6, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Waters 1 – ‘check’ 0 – and Magee who got schooled 0


  • June 6, 2009  - anonymous says:

    Screwing the pooch on occasion, is all part of the learning process.

  • June 6, 2009  - findthedr says:

    Generally in non-contact drills, the offense has the advantage.

    I’m not worried right now. The offense needs to work on their timing and they have plenty of time for that.

  • June 6, 2009  - ED says:

    Offense will improve more as summer go along i’m not worried bout that.

  • June 6, 2009  - Scott says:

    Rin Tin Tin says:

    “Brian Waters schools the defensive linemen -”

    “Waters 1 – “˜check’ 0 – and Magee who got schooled 0″

    It was Goff who Bob said “schooled” Jackson. He never said ANYTHING about Waters “schooling” anyone…only that “Things were different later when Magee went head-to-head against Brian Waters.”

    Get it right…or give it up. Your point means NOTHING when you’re mis-quoting.

    Besides…a Pro-Bowler getting the best of a third round pick rookie? Well…I’d certainly hope so. What were the odds?

  • June 6, 2009  - Mark says:

    Tyson Jackson isn’t a pass rusher, so no surprise he’s handled in pass rush drills. He’s a run stuffer and hold the point of attack guy. If Jackson was beating him, I’d be worried that Goff is more done than I already thought.

  • June 7, 2009  - Rip 'em a new one says:

    A special thanks again, to Bob who is providing the most meaningful coverage of the Chiefs by any media outlet that I have access to.

    You may not hear it often enough, Bob, and I’m fairly certain that you don’t but your dogged work ethic and reports are very much appreciated.

  • June 7, 2009  - Kevin B says:

    Well if as coach Haley says, no one has secured a starting job I hope that remains true at the quarterback position. I think Cassell was a player put in the best possible situation he could have been in at New England. The Chiefs don’t have these tools.

    Furthermore some no name out of Coastal Carolina got behind the worst offensive line in football, and did really well for a rookie from a no name school and a horrendous o-line. I wonder what Thigpen would have looked like in New England. My guess is that towards the end of the season he would have looked better than Cassell.

    I hope Thiggy gets his chance. /Cassell says that he has proven he can play.. Yeah at new England. Well see how he does in KC. KC didn’t win the superbowl last year though, we went 2-14….different story Ms. Cassel

  • June 7, 2009  - arrowhead1978 says:

    I want to know was it Cassel who was overthrowing the ball to open receivers??

    Im glad to see Waters still is in game shape to take care of his position. He should be the starting left guard by the time preseason starts, it sounds like wade smith wont help to solidify the O-line if he is the starter, since Magee is taking advantage of him and most teams wont have a rookie starting opposite of him.

    Well it’s good that Jackson is getting handled, it didn’t say anything about how well he is shedding the blocks though, if he is being handled he wont have a chance to make a tackle either.

  • June 7, 2009  - colby says:

    Thigpen is likable enough, but the only reason he had any success last year was because they changed the entire offense into a gimmicky pistol style. A good second QB for sure, but I’m willing to wager that he was the one over throwing open receivers. A familiar sight if you watched him play last year sober. It’s hard to believe that the Chiefs went out and got a real QB this year and so many fans are bitching.

  • June 7, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Scott says:

    “Rin Tin Tin”

    - yes, what is it now “I’m done responding to you Rin” aka Scottie?

    “It was Goff who Bob said “schooled” Jackson.”

    - and it was Rin who said Waters schooled Magee…

    “He never said ANYTHING about Waters “schooling” anyone…only that “Things were different later when Magee went head-to-head against Brian Waters.”

    - you’re reading is coming along fine… you repeated that almost verbatim; comprehension however remains the stumbling point, yours…

    “Get it right…or give it up.”

    - deal with Rin or live in sin…

    “Your point means NOTHING”

    - your inability to discern the gist of anothers scribe is boundless; you do however imagine some wondrous mountains where molehills but be…

    “when you’re mis-quoting.”

    - is whenever you’re unable to read between the lines and raison…

    “Besides…a Pro-Bowler getting the best of a third round pick rookie?”

    - well, if you’re not certain…

    “Well…I’d certainly hope so.”

    - hope not- ra’her, know what you speak of afore you assume your customary stance, misperception.

    “What were the odds?”

    - we’re none; Waters was the prohibitive favorite against both ‘check’ & Magee and won both matches decisively…he schooled them both.


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