Looking Down The Road For bobgretz.com

It can’t possibly already be the middle of February, can it? Where does the time go?

It’s time – long past time actually – for an update on the site. First, tell friends and those who might visit the site only occasionally, that new material posted for the month of February is available to everyone. Call it a taste of the site where they can see all they’ve been missing. That will change in March, with details to come later.

Keeping this site running is something I enjoy doing; the not so fun days are few and far between. Financially, it remains a struggle and web life beyond this year is up in the air. With the exception of subscribers that signed on at the end of the 2012 season, all other subscriptions have expired. Don’t worry, you’ll soon have a chance to renew. For those who signed on late, I’ll be in touch to provide options. The details are being pulled together and we’ll let you all know very soon.

Right now, I’m busy getting prepared for the upcoming NFL Combine. We’ll have our boots on the ground next week in Indianapolis with full coverage. Our free agency/draft coverage started last week and will grow in the next few days, especially with free agency.

Football never sleeps. Neither do we.

10 Responses to “Looking Down The Road For bobgretz.com”

  • February 13, 2012  - Michael says:

    Bob, Mi dolar es el dolar.

  • February 14, 2012  - Chuck says:

    Bob; YOU are the Man. Keep up the great work. Iam with you all the way.

  • February 14, 2012  - johnfromfairfax says:

    Your site is the only sports site I pay to read. I will continue to do so as long you continue to offer your insight and expertise. Best of luck in this and any other endeavors that you undertake.

  • February 14, 2012  - jim says:

    Bob, pretty much what the other guys have said. Some say they can get the same info by trolling the web, etc., but you summerize it,analyze it, and personalize it (God, I sound like Jesse Jackson, Lord help me)and that’s what I like. Plus, the other areas for info. don’t have the passion for our Chief’s as do you.

    You pretty much had me a “Chiefs”.

  • February 14, 2012  - jim says:

    to moderator: Please edit my last line to say “at” chiefs rather than “a” chiefs. thanks

  • February 14, 2012  - BigJimInWisconsin says:

    I am still here. You can’t get rid of me. Well, you can but I pay on time!

    I support BobGretz.com. Like others, this is the only site I pay for because your insight and information I can not get elsewhere. Being unemployed (again), my money is carefully doled out. This is less than beer money per month.

    Count me in for Premium subscription, even though the draft info is not my cup-of-Chiefs.

    Hey Mr Hunt, I’m tired of my adopted Packers being the only contenders. My only true love are the Kansas City Chiefs. Make it happen!

    Go CHIEFS!

  • February 14, 2012  - Josh says:

    You’ve got my subscription again this year, as long as you don’t hire Whitlock. I hear he’s in the market.

  • February 14, 2012  - Donald says:

    I’ll echo the comments from the others. I’ll subscribe as long as the site exists. I enjoy the thoroughness and insight you provide.
    Keep up the good work!

  • February 15, 2012  - RW says:

    Yeah, I’ll support Bob for many reasons, even if I jump ship to my new home area team. The fact that I’m seriously considering this is testament to the mis-handling ineptness of the Jr. Hunt/Pioli regime. Seems to me, Bob is of a similar mindset.

  • February 18, 2012  - txchief says:

    I frequently criticize Bob’s articles, but I enjoy the site. I enjoy some honest debate about Chiefs issues. Bob, I know you and some of the old guard feel that you were treated unfairly by the organization. We understand that. Time to concentrate on the players and fans.

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