OK, the evaluations are complete and on Friday afternoon the Chiefs are slicing and dicing that 80-player roster and trying to get their number down to the league limit of 53.

This is one man’s look at the roster and what I think will happen. Going into the discussions on Friday, I think 40 players are locks including the three special teamers and three quarterbacks.

That leaves 40 players fighting for those last 13 spots. Position-by-position, here’s the lay of the land and thoughts on where the Chiefs may go with their decisions. 


Running backs
Roster locks: Jamaal Charles, Thomas Jones, Dexter McCluster, Jackie Battle, Le’Ron McClain.
On the bubble: Shane Bannon, Mike Cox
Chatter: Bannon can go on the practice squad, but Cox cannot, so that may factor in the decision. Also remember that Cox played for Chan Gailey at Georgia Tech and the Chiefs maybe worried that cutting him loose the week before the opener against the Bills maybe an invitation for Gailey to bring him to Buffalo. There’s also the chance that Haley carries only one fullback. With TE situation (see below) he might go light.
Roster deletion: minus-2; total-2.
Tight ends
Roster locks: Tony Moeaki, Leonard Pope
On the bubble: Jake O’Connell, Cody Slate, Anthony Becht, Charlie Gantt.
Chatter: Moeaki (knee) and O’Connell (injuries) may force the Chiefs to go heavy at this position for the first week or so. Gantt doesn’t appear to figure in the equation. Slate got a lot of playing time against Green Bay and was moved up to some No. 1 special teams units – a good sign for him. Becht is a solid veteran, but has no upside.
Roster deletion: minus-2, total-4
Wide receivers
Roster locks: Dwayne Bowe, Jonathan Baldwin, Steve Breaston, Jerheme Urban.
On the bubble: Keary Colbert, Terrance Copper, Jeremy Horne, Zeke Markshausen, Verran Tucker.
Chatter: Haley figures to keep six WRS and Colbert looks like a solid No. 5. It’s going to be Copper and Tucker fighting it out for the last spot. Horne and Markshausen do not appear to figure in.
Roster deletion: minus-3, total-7
Offensive line
Roster locks: Branden Albert, Jon Asamoah, Jared Gaither, Rodney Hudson, Ryan Lilja, Barry Richardson, Casey Wiegmann.
On the bubble: Bobby Greenwood, Darryl Harris, Chris Harr, Mike Ingersoll, Butch Lewis, David Mims, Lucas Patterson.
Chatter: The number on the O-Line figures to be eight or nine on the active roster. Lewis has the best chance of the bubble players of sticking, as he’s shown he can play both guard and tackle; he got a lot of playing time against Green Bay. Mims is an interesting prospect and a bet for the practice squad, as would be Ingersoll
Roster deletion: minus-6, total-13


Defensive line
Roster locks: Allen Bailey, Glenn Dorsey, Wallace Gilberry, Kelly Gregg, Tyson Jackson, Jerrell Powe.
On the bubble: Harold Ayodele, Brandon Bair, Dion Gales, Amon Gordon, Anthony Toribio.
Chatter: Figure six possibly seven on the defensive front and that leaves the coaches looking for a guy who could play inside and outside. That looks like Gordon. Figure Toribio to IR, Bair to the practice squad.
Roster deletion: minus-5, total-18
Roster locks: Jovan Belcher, Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, Derrick Johnson, Cameron Sheffield, Andy Studebaker, Demorrio Williams.
On the bubble: Justin Cole, Cory Greenwood, Micah Johnson, Amara Kamara, Gabe Miller, Pierre Walters.
Chatter: Special teams work shows itself here as the team will carry anywhere from seven to 10 linebackers give roles in the kicking game. Figure Greenwood and Cole as good, so that’s nine. Miller to IR with his hamstring injury. Johnson to practice squad.
Roster deletion: minus -4, total 22
Roster locks: Javier Arenas, Eric Berry, Jalil Brown, Brandon Carr, Brandon Flowers, Kendrick Lewis.
On the bubble: Travis Daniels, Reshard Langford, Quinten Lawrence, Jon McGraw, Sabby Piscitelli, Ricky Price, Demond Washington, Donald Washington.
Chatter: Normal number would be nine, five corners and four safeties. That would leave room for one more corner (Daniels) and two safeties (McGraw and somebody else.) Figure Demond Washington to the practice squad.
Roster deletion: minus-5, total-27


  • September 2, 2011  - Blake says:

    I agree with all the locks, for the bubble guys I think KC will put Anthony Becht, Colbert, Copper, Lewis, Gordon, Cole, Greenwood, Daniels, McGraw and Piscitelli as the bubble guys that make the roster. O’Connell, Toribio, and Miller go to IR.

    hardest decision is the last S spot, Sabby or Washington, the last WR spot Tucker or Copper, and the TE position, how injured is O’Connell, does Becht or Slate make the roster?

  • September 2, 2011  - Blake says:

    Bob you have 43 locks with the 3 QB’s and 3 specialists. So that only leaves 10 spots open!

  • September 2, 2011  - el cid says:

    Heard Kevin Harlan to say he talked to scouts last nite and they say some of the lesser teams will cut to 50, not 53. Teams like Jets, NE, GB have players better than are on some rosters, ie the NT that crushed Cassel is 3rd stringer and as many as 10 cut from GB may be grabbed by other teams. The question I have is will the Chiefs jump into the fight for better players than are on the current roster? Do they need to?

    He also said it would be a “shame” if Palko was the backup to Cassel. Don’t kill the messenger.

  • September 2, 2011  - Kyle says:

    “NT that crushed Cassell”??? BJ Raji is not a 3rd stringer… he is the guy we should have taken with the third pick the year we drated Tyson Jackson(Bust).

  • September 2, 2011  - Kyle says:

    My bad it wasnt Raji. Sorry

  • September 2, 2011  - ed says:

    Agree with your assessment Bob. Im hoping we keep Tucker he brings everything Copper brings on special teams and is better receiver with alot more upside. Copper dropped 3 straight passes ridiculous for a vet. Tucker needs to be kept hate to see him go somwhere else and produce

  • September 3, 2011  - Anonymous says:

    disagree Copper is a main stapple in the kickoff return, also recently signed a 3 year deal.I think they will keep everyone except zeke and place horne back on practice squad

  • September 3, 2011  - josh says:

    yeah agreed also they kept 7 last year 1 at least will go to the practice squad

  • September 3, 2011  - TDKC says:

    I guess Palko is their man at backup QB. Can’t believe they didn’t play Stanzi more. Any chance he goes?

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