Leftovers From Oakland

From Oakland, California

The Chiefs spend a lot of time practicing “situations.”

They send the offense or defense on the practice field, and give them the factors: time, score, timeouts remaining, where the ball is placed and what the Chiefs have to do to win the situation.

One of the most practiced situations with the Chiefs and around the NFL is this one:

Four minutes to play, your team has the lead and you want the offense to milk the clock and walk off the field with the ball.

It’s not always an easy thing to do the four-minute drill, but it’s vital for teams to be able to close the door on any comebacks.

The Chiefs did not get that done on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders. They were set up exactly as they’ve drilled many times in the off-season, training camp and regular season practices.

“We just couldn’t get it done in that situation,” said QB Matt Cassel. “We do practice that and we didn’t get it done. That’s why the outcome of this game hurts so much.”

The Chief led by three points, with 4 minutes, 4 seconds to play when they took over possession at their 45-yard line. Oakland had a pair of timeouts left, plus the two-minute warning, so the Chiefs knew there would be those stops of the clock. But, if they could string together four first downs and move the ball, they could either run out the clock or set themselves up for another Ryan Succop field goal.

It didn’t happen because the Chiefs couldn’t execute well enough to keep their hands on the ball. Things started out well, as they picked up a first down on a seven-yard run by RB Jamaal Charles and then a four-yard run by RB Thomas Jones. That’s when the mistakes started.

With a 1st-and-10 play at the Raiders 44-yard line, the Chiefs had to call timeout because the play clock had rolled down to three seconds and they were not ready for the snap. MISTAKE No. 1.

After the time out, Charles ran for six yards, but the play was nullified due to a holding penalty on FB Tim Castille that cost them 10 yards. MISTAKE No. 2.

Charles ripped off a 12-yard run on a 1st-and-20 play and got the Chiefs rolling again as Oakland called timeout. But on the next snap, Jones ran left and was stopped for a three-yard loss. MISTAKE No. 3.

The Raiders called their final timeout and there was 2:20 left on the clock. A first down could drain the clock to the two-minute warning and from there just one more first down would ice the game.

On 3rd-and-11, Cassel went back to pass and threw a strike to WR Dwayne Bowe. The ball went right through his hands, bounced off the front of his body and fell incomplete. MISTAKE No. 4.

That’s just a 109-second segment of the game, but four mistakes cost the Chiefs dearly.


He was the fastest man at the NFL Combine last February, running the 40-yard dash in 4.28 seconds.

No surprise there, because all during his college career at Clemson, Jacoby Ford ran fast – very fast. As a track sprinter he turned in career best times of 6.51 in the 60-meter dash indoor, 10.01 in the 100 meters outdoors and 20.88 in the 200 meters outdoors.

Ford put that speed to good use on Sunday, running away from the Chiefs with a 94-yard kickoff return for a touchdown and then six catches for 148 yards. Overall, Ford touched the ball 10 times for 306 all-purpose yards, or over 30 yards every time he touched the ball.

So was his performance against the Chiefs an announcement to the NFL that he’s here and ready to go?

“It could be a statement,” Ford said. “I look at it as just a good opportunity for me. I just went out there and did what they got me here for. Anything else, I don’t know.”


“At halftime, we’ve kind of come up with this deal that to compromise is to fail. I really felt like there on the sideline in the first half, that we really were compromising ourselves. We were not playing to the standard of which we’ve set for ourselves the last few weeks. And that’s what we challenged them in the second half.” – Raiders head coach Tom Cable.

We were sitting there at half-time with a 10-point lead and come in here on the bus if you had told me it would be 10-0 at half. I would take it. It just comes down to the things that will get you beat.” – Chiefs head coach Todd Haley.

“Some of it was by design, some of it was No. 91 Tamba Hali to be quite honest with you pushing him (Jason Campbell) out the pocket. Tamba’s a heck of a player and showed it today.” – Cable.

OVERTIME, OVERTIMEThe Chiefs have now played back-to-back games with an extra period, the first time that’s happened since September 1995, when they had victories over the New York Giants and Oakland.

The franchise is now 13-16-2 in regular-season overtime games. It was their first overtime game against the Raiders since that now infamous Y2K game on January 2, 2000, when Oakland grabbed a 41-38 victory that knocked the Chiefs out of the playoffs.


Takeaways – S Jon McGraw had his second interception of the season and the seventh of his career. DE Wallace Gilberry recovered his first career fumble. LB Derrick Johnson forced his third fumble of the season and the 14th of his career … Bowe has caught a TD in four straight games, tying as the third-longest streak in Chiefs history. He has seven TDs on the season, tying a career high he established in 2008 and giving him 23 career TD receptions … Sack Stats – SS Eric Berry recorded his first two career sacks. OLB Tamba Hali has 8.0 sacks on the season and 35.0 for his career. DE Wallace Gilberry now has 4.0 sacks on the season and 8.5 for his career … Close Calls – the Chiefs are 3-2 in games decided by seven points or less this season.

12 Responses to “Leftovers From Oakland”

  • November 8, 2010  - RW says:

    A game of two halves with ironic twists. In the 1st half they were the old Raiders with dumb mistakes and a satchel full of penalties, shooting themself in the foot.

    In the 2d half the Raiders morphed into the new Raiders while the Chiefs morphed into the old 2007-09 Chiefs. Result? Predictable.

  • November 8, 2010  - Butler says:

    The worst penalty game I have ever seen
    how we ever got caught up that penalty FIASCO
    is beyound me we had been doing so well in not having penalties we got sucked up IN THE BLACK PENALTY HOLE we can’t ever play like that again
    PERIOD !!!!!!!!!

  • November 8, 2010  - Joshua says:

    The first half of the season finished 5-3, of we can go 5-3 again in the second half. I’ll be very happy. I’m just not sure where those 5 wins will come…

  • November 8, 2010  - Pat says:

    At 5-3, the Chiefs are still far better than I expected them to be at the beginning of the season. Even once they established themselves as a much improved team, I still expected us to lose games against good teams. I just never would have guessed one of those teams would have been the Raiders. I would gladly go back and trade ANY of the other wins they’ve had this season for a win against Oakland. Really, I can live with the Chiefs being a mediocre team, but only if they are still better than the Raiders. They definitely didn’t play like the better team yesterday. I hope this loss was finally the wake up call they needed to start getting their heads back in it. These last few weeks have seemed like consistent steps backwards–but while they were still pulling wins out of their butts it didn’t seem like they were taking it very seriously. Now maybe that will change.

    I was really hoping the Chiefs would be the ones to burst Oakland’s bubble from the past few weeks. No dice, there, but, with luck, we can stomp the Raiders around when they come to Arrowhead.

  • November 8, 2010  - Niblick says:

    If we can win our four remaining home games and steal one more on the road, I think we can get to 10 and 6. I think at worst that would tie for the division. It would come down to tie breakers. I still think San Diego will be our main competition. The Raiders have a brutal schedule remaining. They have to go to Pittsburg and Jacksonville. They still have Indy and Miami at home. The Chiefs and Chargers have much easier schedules. That doesn’t mean we are going to get to 10 and 6, but I think we have a real good shot.

  • November 8, 2010  - dan in joplin says:

    niblick, I agree that we have a shot, but we HAVE to play better than we did the last two weeks, especially yesterday.
    Here’s my question, what fans should be the most upset right now, chiefs or cowboys? Could imagine being a cowboy fan right now????

  • November 8, 2010  - Edward says:

    NO question the Cowboys there 1-7 we’re 5-3 still in first place. Come on Man

  • November 8, 2010  - Edward says:

    Good to see DJ got a 5yr extention. Studebaker got an extention I think a month ago. Now we need to renew Flowers, Carr, Charles, and Tamba. Now I see why Pioli wasn’t chunking money around like most fans wanted him to do the last 2 offseasons. He knew we had core players that needed to be resign and under contract before we just go spending money like a drunken sailor. Once again proves we got a GM who knows what he’s doing.

  • November 8, 2010  - robotfighter says:

    The Chiefs played well enough to win and they coached well enough to win. A lack of focus on the part of a lot of individuals cost the Chiefs the game.

    Arenas finally reappears as a force in the return game only to fumble and muff kickoffs.

    Sure handed Tony Moekai drops some easy passes; but I also saw Tony Gonzalez drop a gimme yesterday.

    Succup does what he is supposed to do by taking the right angle on the return man; but maybe next time he should at least touch him.

    Brandon Flowers got beat a couple of times; but he did not get burnt. He did the right thing going for the interception; but the other guy got it.

    I am not going to come down too hard on the coaching decisions because I know they are thinking long term. I agree with the way they are using the running backs. Jamaal Charles is effective in the changeup role and hopefully we will see him get a big fat contract extension and finish his career in KC.

  • November 8, 2010  - Michael says:

    Oakland and KC appear to me to be about equivalent teams, give or take a few things, and the score bares that out.

    One of the differences, I thought, was the Chiefs being the tougher team, mentally and physically, and the more disciplined. I was massively dissappointed in KC, though. You could see they were playing hard, but penalties, tunrovers, lapses in critical situations, and not being able to run out the clock and close out the game were straight killers. Cassel’s pick in the red zone, Arenas TD being called back, Flowers and McGraw missing sure interceptions, Bowe’s drop. There’s more, but that list is even way too long.

    And something ain’t right with KC’s short yardage schmemes on offense. I don’t know exactly what it is, but with their OL and guys like Charles and Jones it shouldn’t be that hard to get 1 or 2 yards. Maybe they should try Battle sometimes. I know they missed Mike Cox at Fullback in the Oakland game. I think they should only use Castille in games in which they plan to pass a lot; he’s a pretty good reciever and pass blocker, but Cox is more of a hammer when it come to run blocking. Whatever it is, they better fix it. It’s a drive killer.

    Oh boy, there’s a lot to for them to work on this week. McCluster getting back in action would be nice; he’s a huge sparkplug for the team. As far as I can tell Chambers is done. Might as well bring up Horne from the PS, and work on developing he and Tucker now.

  • November 9, 2010  - Todd says:

    I’m going to be stubborn with my expectations. I stated we would go 3-1 in each quarter this season. With 2 quarters down, we’re 1 game short of that.. so.. to make up for it, the Chiefs need to be 4-0 in this next quarter. We play Denver twice, the Cardinals, and the Seahawks. I think it’s doable. Am I crazy?

    I’m trying very hard not to look at the last quarter.. (at Chargers, at Rams, Tennessee, and Raiders)

    Go Chiefs!

  • November 9, 2010  - jim says:

    Todd, I really believe that’s do-able. Although it’s tough to beat a divisional rival twice as close together as these games are, I think we can do it.

    The fourth quarter scares me too. Chargers gettin better, and don’t laugh at me, but the Rams are a real Jeckle/Hyde sorta team. We kill the Raiders, and squeak by the Titans.

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