Leftovers From Friday: Chiefs Need Points

The Chiefs are 0-3 in the pre-season. The St. Louis Rams are 3-0.

There’s a simple explanation – points make all the difference in the world. The Chiefs have scored 23 points, with just two touchdowns, an average of 7.7 points per game. The Rams have put 64 points on the board, with seven TDs.

Points on the board will always be the most important stat in any sport. Right now, the Chiefs are minus-47 on the point differential. The Rams are plus-28 points.

The Chiefs are the lowest scoring team among those clubs that have played three games so far. They also have the worst point differential of the 32 teams.

Thus the 0-3 Chiefs’ record against that 3-0 mark of the Rams.

But does any of this matter in 14 days when the regular season begins. With some teams it does; with others it does not. Established teams with solid offensive performers can overcome pre-season difficulties in scoring points very quickly. Teams with young players, trying to establish themselves can often carry over the lack of production in to the regular season.

“You can never say you have to do this or that or the other, but I would like to start to see some success offensively,” said head coach Todd Haley.

Last year, the Chiefs scored 59 points in the pre-season or an average of 14.8 points per game. They were minus-14 in point differential.

Yet, in the 2010 regular season they averaged 22.9 points per game and finished at plus-40 on the differential.

In 11 pre-season games under Haley, the Chiefs have averaged 11.3 points per game. Their point differential in that period is minus-83 points. Thus they are 1-10.

“When you’re not putting points on the board, you’re disappointed,” said QB Matt Cassel. “But at the same time, this is pre-season and we’re trying to figure things out. We’re trying to figure out an identity.”


For a lot of reasons, including the fact that Jared Gaither did not play last season due to a back injury, Haley has been treating the offensive tackle with kid gloves.

And Gaither has answered by spending most of his time in the rehab area, trying to get into football shape and dealing with what appears to be a right knee injury.

“I told him to report to me after each stage of his progress, because I wanted to know where he was,” Haley said. “I was excited that he kept coming to me and saying he was ready. He was throwing some guys around out there. We’ll have to watch the tape, but I was excited.”

Gaither gave up a sack in the third quarter when Rams rookie DE Robert Quinn beat him to the inside and brought Ricky Stanzi down. Gaither was called for holding on the play. Other than that, he looked pretty good in his work at left tackle.


It’s only the pre-season, but give credit to the Rams – head coach Steve Spagnuolo is developing the necessary personality around that team to be a consistent winner.

He sent the Rams out on Friday night against the Chiefs with specific goals, and they responded.

“We had a mindset going in as a coaching staff and a group of players, if we weren’t able to play physical to stop the run and run the ball on offense, it was going to be a long season.

“We needed to get it straightened out as soon as we could.”

5 Responses to “Leftovers From Friday: Chiefs Need Points”

  • August 27, 2011  - Tenand6 says:

    The fact that the Chiefs offense hasn’t performed well in practice is reason for concern. Cassel needs to step up. The offense needs a leader and an above average QB. Let’s see how Cassel responds in practice. No more reports of the defense dominating when he’s behind center.

    “We’re trying to figure out an identity,” is one of the lamest things I’ve ever heard. He needs to figure out who is open and quickly deliver the ball between the numbers. That’s a winning identity.

  • August 27, 2011  - Rob says:

    I am worried about the lack of a fast start, but at the same time i know that the lions averaged 20 points a game in the 2008 preseason. They were 4-0 and i’m sure somebody wrote “lions are growing into winners”.

    0-16. its still preseason ball.

  • August 28, 2011  - Milkman says:

    No offense to Matt Cassel- I’m sure there is nobody on the team who works harder, he seems to be a classy ambassador for the team, and he is just simply what seems to be a likeable guy. But I, like a lot of other fans, am starting to seriously doubt if he will ever be one of the “difference makers” that all the major contending teams seem to possess. If he doesn’t step up and show something more spectacular this season, I think the Chiefs will need to go in a different direction. He may just be a very good back-up quarterback.

  • August 28, 2011  - ChuckP says:

    I can’t help buy stare at this years schedule and say “ITS NASTY”: Vikes, Colts, Pats, Steelers, Bears, Jets, Packers, Chargers twice, Going to be a challenging year.

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