Keys To Winning For the Chiefs In Jacksonville


Get the running game up and moving

Andy Reid said the pre-season was for looking at the Chiefs pass offense because “the Chiefs have always been able to run the ball.” That’s not exactly a good attitude for a coach to have; that’s assuming what happened in the past is going to happen again, and heaven knows if that’s true. Jamaal Charles is a year older; can he maintain the outstanding production he’s shown in the last four seasons? The offensive line remains a work in progress, especially with it unlikely that right guard Jon Asamoah will be a full-time participant because of injury. Next to his spot is rookie right tackle Eric Fisher. The Chiefs offense needs to run the ball, if not so much for this game as games in the future. It’s time to see if Reid is right and the Chiefs can always run the ball.


Make Blaine Gabbert and/or Chad Henne very uncomfortable

It would appear that Gabbert will start the game, but the Chiefs must do something to make sure he doesn’t finish, whether it’s a big hit that takes him out or a poor performance calls Henne from the bullpen. In this day and age it has become harder and harder to get a sack as offense work hard at getting the ball released quickly. Defensive coordinator Bob Sutton must come up with ways to get Gabbert moving out of the pocket, something he does not do well. It’s tough for good quarterbacks to throw when their feet are not set; there are very few unproven passers that can have the type of accuracy and velocity on their passes when they can’t plant.


Produce big plays on defense and/or special teams

This is a simple equation of football math – the Chiefs must finish plus in turnovers, sacks and in touchdowns allowed. There’s nothing about the Jaguars offense that screams explosive, so the K.C. defense has to make things happen by their own initiative. Same with the special teams; points from either unit would be a major key to victory. A major pothole to defeat would be if they give up something that reaches the end zone on a big offensive play or a big return or block from the Jacksonville kicking game.


Score touchdowns

When you consider that Thursday night Peyton Manning threw for as many touchdowns in one game as the Chiefs quarterbacks did last year in 16 games it presents the major problem that Reid and his coaching staff has faced in remaking the Hunt Family franchise. All the fancy plays and plans mean squat if the Chiefs can’t get the ball in the end zone. We think they are better this time because of Alex Smith at quarterback, but there’s not a lot of hard evidence to substantiate that belief after the pre-season. There was too much tinkering, too little time spent on making the offense a balanced attack. All that ends with Sunday’s game, and it must end up in the end zone.

2 Responses to “Keys To Winning For the Chiefs In Jacksonville”

  • September 7, 2013  - jimbo says:

    Geeesh Bob, your killing me with your constant reminder about last years ineptitude & using last year as a barometer for this year. In case you did’nt notice. Matt Cassel…Gone!!. Brady Quinn…Gone!!. Romeo Crennel…Gone!!. Scott Pioli…Gone!!. 23 players from last years squad…Gone!!. Your skepticism is warranted and probably more true than my liking. I’m glad you are impressed with Peyton Manning and the Donkeys. However I’m not impressed with your constant harping about how inept our offense was last year. Get over it Bob… This is a Chiefs blog… You know the drill, only lollipops & rainbows allowed.

    Sometimes I just wish you were not entitled to your own opinion. Anyhow, Thanks for giving me the platform to vent. Peace Bro….
    Go Chiefs.

  • September 8, 2013  - Bryon Day says:

    Bob has been burned too many times to drink the punch. This team is a mystery right now. I could see anywhere from 5-11 to 10-6. My prediction is 8-8 +/- 1 game. With a new coaching staff and philosophy, and 30 new players, it may take them awhile to mesh (especially on offense). It’s a major break to start w/ Jacksonville, and to have a relatively easy schedule the first 8 games. By the second half of the season, we might be pretty good. And if we can be 4-4 or 5-3 at the turn, we’d have an outside shot at the playoffs.

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